Milking The Prostate – And Climax

January 31, 2012

When we think of milking, we basically picture the extraction of semen from the glands without relying on, or provoking a climax. We´d think that that´s what massaging the glands is all about. However, this practise (with a focus at the prostate) may deliver a special, unexpected side-effect! Prostate-milking can be a trigger/enhancer for an intense climax, a climax with a distinct quality to it.

Men who are capable of experiencing such, may be rare (as I assumed in this earlier post). Yet I also stated, that I believe that most men will be able to condition (learn) themselves for falling in love with their prostate, so to speak. There is just one prerequisite to make it work: you need to be quite aroused (and certainly willing) for turning your prostate into the trigger-spot (like a male G-Spot) for your ejaculation or even prostate-only orgasm!

Several years ago I found this skill, or rather the experiences with it, described in this Masturbation-Forum (the posts can still be found there!); a guy signing with ilikeitalot shared his observations. Read an abridged version of his postings:

Most of you may not realize it, but you can get some intense sensations (and orgasms) by massaging your prostate. I’m not talking about normal cock-centered orgasms – this is something totally different.

Here’s what’s way different about this type of orgasm:

1. In a normal orgasm, the exquisite feeling is centered in your cock. In a prostate-initiated orgasm (PIO), the exquisite feeling is centered in your prostate. The prostate pulses but your cock does not… so it’s kinda strange watching the cum gush out.

2. In a normal orgasm, the cum squirts out (at least for most people). In a PIO, it tends to gush or kinda “come” out… although you may get an initial spurt.

3. After a PIO, you usually don’t lose your sexual desire, so you can continue on and on. You can start up again with your prostate… or you can switch over to the more standard “jacking off” type of masturbation and be done. Usually, the PIO will empty most of your cum and you will have a dry orgasm after the initial PIO. The first time I had a dry orgasm, I was awestruck. I had all of the normal orgasm and ejaculation feelings, but no cum.

4. PIO cum usually tends to be thicker than regular cum… and there is usually more of it than in a traditional orgasm.

Sometimes it can take 10 or 15 minutes for the really good feelings to come. Just keep at it… not too hard but not too soft. Just keep rubbing it. After a while, prostate fluid may start oozing out of your cock. This is very cool. If you get the ‘peeing’ feeling, go with it, press out as hard as you can. You can actually get a good quantity of cum to come out doing this… depending on how long since your last ejaculation.


If you want some conclusion to the experience, after working up to some intense prostate feelings, take your cock (which will probably be limp) in your other hand and start working it… while continuing your prostate stimulation. Your cock may remain soft during this (mine always does), but this extra stimulation will pretty quickly send your prostate over the edge. (For me, it doesn’t take much cock stimulation, just some light jerking.) Cum will start gushing out of your cock as your prostate contracts and spasms violently in an orgasm-like frequency.

One last thing to note… my first time, I think I was a little too rough (but it felt so good, I couldn’t help it) and my prostate was sore for days. I thought I had damaged it. But I recovered fine and haven’t had soreness since then.

This is all based on my experiences. Your mileage may vary.

Comments and answers after ilikeitalots initial report reflect my thesis for the two (basic) dispositions in men, the group of guys naturally being receptive to prostate stimulation, and the group of guys having a hard time (no pun) to develop sex-positive sensations from prostate milking. Those who can´t get enough of their gland-sensations may choose to access a sex-toy-industries offer. Manufacturers do promote special designed tools for the permanent prostate massage. And those who are challenged yet willing may need a lot of patience in their learning process:

I haven’t gotten any orgasms from [my prostate massagers] alone, but they do provide a very nice feeling in there… But even without that [long-lasting orgasmic sensations], it’s a good way to stimulate the prostate without having manipulate your finger or some other object. Anyone serious about prostate stimulation should look into purchasing an Aneros Prostate Massager

One other comment to those who say they’ve tried it and didn’t feel much… Of course, everyone is made differently… and some may not get the feelings I’ve described. But I mostly think that some people take a bit longer to get the feelings started. Once your body learns this, it gets easier and more automatic. When you try it, just make sure you’re rubbing the right spot… then keep at it for a while. It may take 10 minutes or maybe 20, but the good feelings will start. But don’t stop with these “good” feelings. If you keep going, it should get more and more intense. (did write ilikeitalot)

10 Responses to “Milking The Prostate – And Climax”

  1. Tully Mars Says:

    I’ve been trying to experience this type of orgasm with my Aneros massager. Haven’t been real totally successful yet, but have felt some vibrations after the Aneros is in a few minutes. The key is to be totally relaxed and use enough lube. Still working on both of those.


    • nandisa Says:

      Thanks for your comment Tully Mars. I´m glad you mention the lubing, this really is essential! It can make all the difference. And staying relaxed, becoming immersed in the sensations the prostate gland can provide you with while being highly aroused, is a good base to drift towards climax!

  2. Tom Says:

    I have not experienced an Aneros prostate orgasm so far. Based on website testimonials some can insert it and then magically anal contractions occur allowing the nob to dance on the prostate. The whole thing sounds almost involuntary with little effort on the part of the user. The pleasure described sounds fantastic and orgasmic, but not in the typical cock focused way. For me, the Aneros feels great when inserted, and by contracting my PC muscle I can cause it to hit that sweet spot. However I usually have to stimulate my cock too. When I eventually shoot my load it is cock focused but the Aneros adds an extra dimension as it rubs my prostate while I ejaculate. So the sensation spreads out over my genitals externally but also internally. Fantastic! But I have never experienced that involuntary uncontrolled prostate focused only orgasm that some Aneros users describe.

    • nandisa Says:

      Another great comment, Tom, much appreciated! – Yes, I did read the testimonials. Sometimes I wonder if those claims for a really different kind of orgasm are for real? These prostate-climaxes sure are scarce! I managed to trigger ejaculation while massaging my prostate (and touching my cock as well*) few times and the climax sure feels different from the penile-only triggered ejaculation (like you describe it). But those intense prostate-orgasms must be something else. But then we know: ejaculation is different from orgasm. So, some lucky guys may experience this elusive kind of gland-climax.
      *Opposed to massaging my cock and touching my prostate as well, which surely will serve as trigger-acceleration for ejculation!

  3. Rok Says:

    Having a prostate-only orgasm sure seems to be rare, most men get stuck in the “feels good” area, but then hit a wall for some reason as have I. Having experimented with prostate stimulation on and off for the last couple of years I came to the point where it feels awesome to masturbate just by rubbing my prostate with a dildo and not touching my penis, but I can never roll over to a hands-free climax.
    The excerpts from ilikeitalot are spot-on, usually a few strokes are all I need to push me over the edge into orgasm! Practice makes perfect, the prostate is almost like a totally different set of genitals men have and as an avid masturbator I will continue to use them in the future and hopefully get even better!

    • Tom Says:

      Rok-I consider prostate stimulation a much subtler form of pleasure. We are so used to penis focused ejaculation that I think our bodies just get very used to that required stimulation to achieve ejaculation. It takes rewiring our sexual triggers in order to achieve orgasm through prostate stimulation alone. However, perhaps it doesn’t matter? If the goal is deep pleasure then isn’t simply enjoying the sensation that prostate play can bring you, whether you achieve orgasm and ejaculation with that, or you eventually start to stroke your cock at the same time? Personally, there is no orgasm so intense then cumming while stroking my edged cock while massaging my prostate. I mean wow. Most men miss this experience which is too bad because it is quite incredible.

      • Rok Says:

        Thank you for your input Tom! It certainly seems to take a while to rewire. Also, a few days of abstinence helps, everything just becomes more sensitive and pleasurable, maybe because the prostate is now full? Whatever the case, i’m glad you find those orgasms very intense as well!

    • Tom Says:

      By the way, happy holidays to you!

    • nandisa Says:

      Rok, nice to read from you still this year (same applies to Tom)! 😉

      It seems that some men are more receptive concerning prostate-stimulation than others. And some are even offended by the thought of exploring this/their own gland (or as Tom put it: Most men miss this experience…) – or having it explored!

      Personally I never achieved climax from prostate-stimulation alone. Sometimes I thought I was almost there, but no. Yet the pleasure in those situations is or was quite different and great! It took a while to become acquainted when I started to explore, and yes, practice makes perfect, just as you stated Rok.

      • Tom Says:

        Nandisa: This is such an excellent example of just how much your blog has covered over the years, touching in all aspects of male sexuality in such an open way. I am glad that Rok commented so I could look at this older post again.

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