Milking – Forced Ejaculations (1)

February 19, 2012

The other style of milking (opposed to cum-denial) is more complex (with a variety of rules) and way more aggressive. The dom/sub-situation or relationship of the partners may be tougher than with the practise of cum-denial (described in the previous post), because force will be applied, as implies the name of the game.

The before mentioned expert on milking, Jeff, explained it all at his formidable web-site (defunct unfortunately):

Milking [the male] or forced ejaculations are in fact orgasm-control, or more accurately ejaculation-control, but take on a different aspect than the prime goal of denial in the opposite direction. Whereas the goal in orgasm-/ [cum]-denial or teasing is to make the man want to ejaculate but not allow him to do so, in forced ejaculations or milking the goal is to make him ejaculate against his will. […]

Here we can branch off in two different directions and agenda’s.

In the first scenario consider causing the man to ejaculate a contest of sorts. You have a man, fully restrained, and unable to provide or stop stimulation to his penis. His goal is to prevent himself from ejaculating at all costs. Your goal is to force him to ejaculate. The man in control provides stimulation to the other man either slowly or aggressively to his body, penis, balls or wherever and tries to induce ejaculation. The man being controlled does everything in his power to prevent that from happening; which is of course difficult to say the least, as he is being stimulated and aroused and has not ejaculated recently.

Usually there is a goal or incentive for the man being controlled to prevent himself from ejaculating. It may be he has to hold out for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour and if he fails to achieve that goal there is a ‘punishment’. The punishment can be wickedly devised, such as if he ejaculates too soon, the head of his penis is aggressively stimulated, ‘polishing his apple’ so that his orgasm is a mixture of intense pleasurable pain. It could also be that if he ejaculates too soon all stimulation to his penis is abruptly stopped as he ejaculates, thus denying him an orgasm to coincide with his ejaculation [«ruined orgasm»]; or any other ‘torture’ the two men agree upon.

In the second scenario, there is no contest, the man is simply submitting to being forced to ejaculate against his will through various methods. […] While it is true, that all men enjoy ejaculating, the activity in milking [the male] does not stop at a single ejaculation, it continues well beyond that point. We all know that following orgasm there is a sharp plunge in arousal, decreasing our desire to engage in anything sexual for a period of time. Each man is different, for some men this refractory period between arousal is a few minutes, for others it is 30 or so minutes and for others its longer; it just depends on the man. Once you orgasm, you want to stop, at least temporarily, but in a milking situation, you are not going to stop; you ARE going to ejaculate again, whether you want to now or not, despite how you felt before the first orgasm [ejaculation].

Whereas the first scenario described by Jeff seems more like a fun game, the second scenario means serious master/mistress-slave business. Read how Rusty puts it:

… It consists of making your slave (or yourself*) cum and then immediately, or very shortly after, beginning heavy stimulation again to make him cum again as soon as possible. The victim is made to cum again and again, over and over, as long as the dominator wants (6 hours, a day, 24-hours, whatever) or for a previously specified number of cummings (5 times, 8 times, a dozen).*Read this post and watch the clip!

Eventually, the bottom [i.e. reproductive glands] will stop producing* ejaculate when he cums (for a young man perhaps after 7 or 8 cummings, for an older man perhaps after 5 or 6). This is no reason to stop the process or cut short the specified time frame or required # of orgasms. You have just been “milked dry“. Hence, the origin of the term, by analogy with the farmer’s milking the cow’s udder dry twice each day.*Well, not stop producing (milk), as we know. Yet the glandular reservoirs will be depleted at some point, depending on the frequency of ejaculation (or emission).

The effect of the immediate repeated cummings can be quite uncomfortable, even painful, for the victim, and it is certainly very vexing psychologically. As long as you are using enough lube, a vibrator, or a gentle tugging stroke, it does no physical harm. It is so annoying for most men, that it is best if you have at least the victim’s hands cuffed or tied down, so that he is less able to resist the “wonderful favor” you are doing for him by making him CUM (after all, isn’t that what any healthy man wants more than anything in the whole world?).

[…] Later he will begin to moan and plead and BEG for you to stop. This can be quite pitiful and endearing. Of course, you would like to be able to stop, but you have YOUR instructions and must continue with the procedure. Some guys will weep real tears, eventually, and some will begin to scream. This is the time to use that gag you’ve had handy since the beginning.

to be continued…

5 Responses to “Milking – Forced Ejaculations (1)”

  1. Tom Says:

    I love this picture in this post. This cock is gorgeous. Are these pics of you?

    • nandisa Says:

      Tom, you guessed correctly. Many, maybe most of the pics within my blog are showing me, including the one you are referring to. So thanks for your praise! It is a nice pic indeed, I like it too. And if you compare the several cock-pics you may notice that they may appear to portrait different specimen (mind you it´s not always me!). This effect illustrates the variability in appearence of one and the same penis, a fact I tried to address in this post!
      Using my own material gives me unworried freedom of utilization. On the other hand I can not avoid to repeat myself, picturewise that is. 😉

      • Tom Says:

        Well this pic is a perfect illustration for the subject of these posts. Your cock looks so red and egorged, like it has been worked for quite awhile and is ready to explode. Plus the color is accentuated by the shiny lube which increases (for me at least) the beauty of it. I particularly love the way this pic highlights your exquisite frenulum. This is a perfect example of that sensitive ridge which is the source of such pleasure. Thank you for sharing yourself in such an intimate way.

      • nandisa Says:

        Thanks once more for your compliments, they are much appreciated!! – I took the freedom to format your comment to highlight your sentiments. 🙂

  2. Tom Says:

    Highlights appreciated!

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