Blue Balls

March 24, 2012

The term Blue Balls my be associated with more than one condition. In my personal understanding (and experience) it describes a rather painful feeling within the reproductive system (during high arousal), emanating from or somewhere close by your nut-sack.

I mention this phenomenon in this chapter, because it seems closely tied to the situation of cum-denial, this again being an integral part of the practices of milking and edging. Now, whenever your cum-producing glands run in full mode and you are not able to release the accumulated milk via a full-blown ejaculation (yet strongly believe you are soon going to) you may experience the nasty condition.

In my experience, however, it seems to occur mainly in two circumstances: for one if you are not well experienced with or trained in edging, and furthermore, if you badly needed to fuck someone you seriously like and long for, and just can´t get it done for whatever reason. But let´s see what the books say (rather the net says).

Well, different sources tell us this:

Origin: The term is thought to have originated in the United States, first appearing in 1916 (notes Wikipedia). It is a slang term.

Synonyms: guy cramps; hot nuts; hot rocks; love nuts; stone-ache (stoneache).

Concerning the color in the term: This unpleasant feeling has popularly been called blue balls, perhaps because of the bluish tint that appears when blood engorges the vessels in the testicles.

And: You may have noticed a distinct bluish tinge to your testicles after you “make out” or are sexually aroused for several hours… This is the result of pelvic congestion, when more blood and lymph flows into the genitals (during sexual arousal) than flows out…

Better: Actually, it’s not your testicles that are blue; it’s the skin of the scrotum. When you’re aroused blood flows not only to the penis, but to the entire area. The longer you stay aroused, the longer the blood stays there. Newer blood is red, but older blood, which has less oxygen, is darker red, but not really blue – but that’s why your testicles appear to contain more blue blood.

Anatomy: When a man becomes sexually excited, the arteries carrying blood to the genital area enlarge, while the veins carrying blood from the genital area are more constricted than in the non-aroused state. This uneven blood-flow causes an increase in volume of blood trapped in the genitals and contributes to the penis becoming erect and the testicles becoming engorged with blood. During this process of vasocongestion the testicles increase in size 25-50 percent.

More precise: Blood pressure is increased [with arousal], but the blood vessels that the blood must flow through are constricted (…) by vascular tension as well as muscle tension.

Sensations: In male-bodied people, the primary source of discomfort when arousal is not followed by ejaculation is due to vasocongestive pressure in the penis and testicles and surrounding areas as a whole.

Or: If ejaculation does not occur there may be a lingering sensation of heaviness, aching, or discomfort in the testicles due to the continued vasocongestion.

And: When high blood pressure and high blood volume meet narrowed blood vessels, a little like trying to force the flow of a kitchen faucet through a soda straw, it’s uncomfortable and can be downright painful sometimes.

Wikipedia summarizes: [A] condition of temporary fluid congestion (vasocongestion) in the testicles and prostate region, accompanied by acute testicular pain, caused by prolonged and unsatisfied sexual arousal in the human male.

When I read these explanations I notice that the circumstances supposedly responsible for the condition of Blue Balls are just what many of us like best in our sexual routine! Even more so I for my part enjoy the sensations of heavy vasocongestion in my reproductive system both from blood flow and the build-up of seminal secretions in my glands. This gives me a sensation of feeling engorged (my genitals), full or filled (seminal fluids in my system) and heaviness of my plumbing. These sensations add to my arousal and make me anticipate my pending release (while not bothering with the bluish complexion of my scrotal skin). Still, I did – at times – experience the mentioned acute testicular pain! – Why?

It really seems like a small mystery and I guess Blue Balls are not very well-studied scientifically. I assume that the prolonged and unsatisfied sexual arousal are key to the puzzle: when you really want to get off fast, but remain kept from it while your arousal is on a high level, then pain may prevail.

Now you may wonder why then and not during extended periods of edging or long milking sessions? Note the following remark at Wikipedia and take a look at the drawing:

Some urologists call the condition “epididymal hypertension”.

My thesis is this: when your mind or conviction permanently tells you that ejaculation is imminent, I assume your duct-system, especially the spermatic cords propelling sperm from the epididymae to the ampullae, is on alert to get ready to soon perform to the max. When the release does not occur, this may result in a backlock of sperm from the filled ampullae all the way back to the source-glands, the epididymae, while the tight spermatic cords still work hard to move mature sperm in the outbound direction. This conflict would result in acute testicular pain and only one selective measure will bring timely relief: one or (better) multiple ejaculations.

P.S.: It is said that the condition is not universally experienced by all males. And (most) edgers don´t really suffer from this (not that I know or heard of). 🙂  You are invited to comment and tell your point of view.

11 Responses to “Blue Balls”

  1. trmsomasf Says:

    As you mention, I don’t typically get blue balls during a long edging session. That sweet build up of swelling and pressure caused by engorgement of the glands and genitals is the whole point. It would be an added torture if I had to deal with aching blue balls, in addition to preventing myself from cumming.

    However, if I don’t cum after prolonged arousal, I will sometimes feel that incredible, aching soreness that I would call blue balls. I don’t feel it immediately, but perhaps an hour afterward. In fact it can take several hours to develop. It only really happens if I haven’t cum in several days and then have a prolonged period of sexual excitement. I don’t typically experience it if I have cum recently (like the day before); in that case, I can edge but not cum without experiencing it. However, if I haven’t cum for days and edge without cumming, I am so sore afterward. My balls will feel swollen and aching, and be tender to the touch. If I gently massage them, along with my perineum, that seems to provide relief. Perhaps that helps to move some of that built up energy away from my congested testicles and prostate, thus relieving the pain caused by it.

  2. Rok Says:

    Interesting, how I never had any pain during edging and prolonged arousal and masturbation, yet a short making-out session would give me a discomforting pain for two or three hours after without release. I’ve never thought about it really why that happens.
    There is not a hint of pain if i masturbate and edge for a long time, like an hour or so, even though externally there are obvious changes, how the scrotum firms up a bit and no longer hangs as low, later on it darkens and the testicles swell and even towards the edge where the scrotum tightens up really strongly and stiffens, i have never once felt any discomfort, even though i feel and see the swelling quite well. Those are my thoughts and thank you Nandisa for inviting the readers to comment on this topic!

    • Tom Says:

      Rok-so of you edge for a long time and don’t actually cum you don’t experience “blue balls”? I have also had that experience of being aroused for a short period of time (perhaps it’s chatting with someone, or kissing) without any genital contact. Just that swelling feeling in my pants. I leak a lot of precum when this happens. If I look in my underwear afterwards there is a nice big glistening spot. And if I haven’t cum in awhile I will feel that muscular ache afterward. It’s a sweet ache for sure.

      • Rok Says:

        Yes Tom, that’s about right, if i do it by myself! If i stop after an hour of edging i’m left with some swelling but never anything painful. As for the precum, i’m really glad you can produce a lot! I was never able to leak significant amounts, just enough to make masturbation comfortable, usually a drop every fifteen minutes or so. Glad you could share you info on this, i hope the stains aren’t too much of a burden for you!

      • Tom Says:

        Hehe Rok. They are not. Thanks to a very effective washing machine.
        PS The leaking pleasure is worth every bit of stain they produce!

      • Rok Says:

        Well that is very good to hear! You can add that to the overall volume you produce!

    • Tom Says:

      It is so surprising to me how different men are when it comes to producing precum. We all have the same parts. We all have Cowper’s glands. Yet there is so much of a difference in how they work.

    • nandisa Says:

      I still wanted to thank you guys for the nice dialogue you developed here!

      I just re-read my post and think there is nothing to add content-wise. It remains a little mystery for why it can be painful (within our systems) not getting off in a certain time-frame when engaged with a lover, while extended edging (even with a partner) does not result in pain yet pleasant sensations of heavy vasocongestion and lovely anticipation of powerful release!? Is our brain realising what we aim for (a high sperm count or not) and handing instructions down accordingly?

  3. addicted2edging Says:

    just in a edging ritual , where the totally naked masculine body is forced to pratice 57 partial ejaculations in 24 hours and many sessions.

    • addicted2edging Says:

      very good description of results of edging ritual without orgasming . practicing edging results in frustrating the totally naked masculine body by stopping sperm flow at the PONR when the pressure and tension of sperm is at the highest point .practicing this over many hours in many sessions outdoor in cold rain or cold air is totally unsatisfying ritual for the totally naked masculine body. after forcing the male body to practice this in cold air or rain over hours the complete naked masculine body is shivering from cold and gets more and more addicted to this ritual.

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