Popularity-Post Precum

May 13, 2012

This entry is meant to honor the most popular post of this blog, – it though has nothing to do with the current chapter on orgasm. But I thought I let you know where the hits are summing up. And that is somewhat puzzling.

This blog is a good two years in the making now, which justifies to take a look at the statistics, all the while feeling confident that trends are showing which reflect visitors interests. WordPress offers a great statistical implementation making it fairly easy to check with hits over time.

I already noticed that one particular post seemed to have taken the page view lead, and this contribution is a bit of a surprise. Not only concerning the topic as such but also the obvious popularity of this particular entry!

Two years ago I published Precum – Pure Nectar (1). In that post I explain where and why the body produces this substance and I praise the truly wonderful, maybe wondrous fluid. I close with an update mentioning the less known Littre glands lining the penile part of the urethra. The text is illustrated with three pics showing drops of precum leaving cocks (other than the one below).

Precum – Pure Nectar (1), remaining as popular as ever to date, leads the all time viewing ranking by a wider margin. The pursuing posts (all yet a bit earlier entries) are: two clips showing an emission (one post per clip), Ejaculation – From the Books, and The Most Beautiful Moment. From there I do find another significant gap to the succeeding entries of the hit list.

What´s remarkable about the definite TOP No. 1 post of my blog is the topic, given that: This blog is about the male sexual climax with a focus on ejaculation, semen, the reproductive system and the love for it all, as stated below the blogs name. Sure, precum is a very important part of all of that, but I would have considered to find texts on ejaculation (ranking 4th and 5th – see above – with a margin) or entries on semen (ranking 7th and 10th) instead. However, I am happy to learn that my information about emission made it into the TOP 3!

Another intriguing fact is, that Part 2 of Pure Nectar is found way down occupying rank # 28! (Two clips (in one post) showing precumming cover rank 25.) This is curious, not only for the popularity decline of a post providing info about the very (leading) topic, but also because at those ranks the views are brutally diminished in relation to the leading three (like less than a 1000 hits while the TOP # 1 grows at more than 7000 views these days!).

In Part 2 of Pure Nectar I offer some info about how to incorporate precum into (solo)sexplay. I also link to a clip which shows a guy who is really blessed with the ability to produce huge amounts of precum at a time. – The entry For a Closer Look (4) – Precumming contains links to two clips illustrating just that.

Happy Anniversary to this blogs TOP No. 1 entry then! I wonder if the interest for it will remain that high? Maybe there is no other place having taken care of this topic the way I did? This would be a welcomed explanation for its popularity.

4 Responses to “Popularity-Post Precum”

  1. Ben Says:

    Pre-cum is definitely smooth, pleasant to taste and I wonder how at times some people can produce a boat load and other times nothing… would love to write more about this but need to head for an appointment.

  2. Wild ride tonight for hours with precum flowing freely. Thank you Nandisa for this great post.

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