Orgasm Definition (3) – How it Works

May 22, 2012

A basic, more general parameter is this (quote Lowen): »All orgasm-experiences do share one element of which I believe it offers the key to the understanding of this phenomenon. This element is the physical feeling of satisfaction. To deserve the label «orgasm», a sexual discharge must be physically satisfying.» Lowen states that anyone who experienced «such» an orgasm will be truly satisfied and neither irritable nor sad or aggressive, at unrest or upset.

I understand this satisfaction to be a complete one (for the body AND the mind) resulting from such a mono-orgasm. Further down we will understand why this is possible. – At this point I come to think of anyone who feels NOT satisfied with (or rather from) mono-orgasm. Multiple orgasm is not the answer concerning sexual satisfaction. As we will see further down, multiplicity of sexual climaxes is just another way from complete orgasm to reach satisfaction. The secret lies in the level of energetic charge and discharge of the body!

Probably the most distinct parameter deals with involuntary (!) pelvic movements when the orgasmic reflex takes over. Reich and Lowen differentiate between potent and non-potent orgasm. The complete (body) orgasm is a potent one, contrary to an only partly experienced orgasm (within the pelvis alone or even concentrated within the genitals/reproductive system), which must be inhibited. Hence the complete orgasm features involuntary pelvis/body movements in contrast to the stiffening of the body and the avoiding of free breathing when the orgasm-reflex of an inhibited orgasm-experience is about to occur.


For the better understanding of the involuntarity of movement we need to know that the functioning of the human body is driven by, what Lowen calls, the «I» and the «it». The «I» would be the Ego-Body with its conscious decisions, conscious acting and self-consciousness. The «it» controls the emotional-vegetative functioning of the body like the metabolism or the endocrine system. Impulses, instinct and reflexes are executed by the «it»-body which represents the evolutionary older part of an organism.

What happens at (complete) orgasm is this: the body experiences a profound change of condition when the flow of sexual (electric) energy reverses and brings with it the automatism of body-(pelvic)-movement. Until then the flow is always directed at the genitals. Just before the reflex (=discharge, =orgasm) sets in, the direction of energy-flow is reversed and the excitement flows from the pelvic area back into the body: the movements (the swinging) of the pelvis become smooth and more and more involuntarily. Breathing synchronizes with these convulsive movements.

Eventually the «it» takes over! That’s when the feeling of the energy-flow becomes so intense, that it finally overrules the «I». The loss of the «I»-consciousness means the takeover of a deeper life-functioning («it») now ruling over the organism. At this instance the excitement with its enormous energetic potential spreads out into the whole body. The energetic discharge is happening, the orgasmic reflex is moving body and soul literally. It is this autonomous mega-reflex, which makes the body bounce and spasm uncontrollably. This ecstatic and profound discharge of lust (energy) is releasing ALL of the sexual excitement and tension, followed by the relaxation of the body and the detumescence of the erectile tissue. The whole process always is experienced as being deeply satisfactory.

I briefly want to add two more quite self-explanatory parameters we observe going along with complete orgasm. First: it is the breathing, which will occur deep and free all the way through the experience. Breathing is tightly connected not only to the metabolism (thus the economy of energy), but very much so to emotional experience. Deep breath enhances feelings! And second we know that the heartbeat is significantly speeded up parallel to the orgasmic reflex.

… to be continued!

2 Responses to “Orgasm Definition (3) – How it Works”

  1. trmsomasf Says:

    Really enjoying this series. The pic in this post is so sexy!

    • nandisa Says:

      Thanks for your support, Tom! This topic is not too easy to illustrate, so I am glad you like the pic. I also find that this topic offers few opportunities to crooslink within my blog, since it covers “new” ground. But that is good after all.

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