Orgasm & Breathing (1)

June 10, 2012

It´s just fuckin´ great, that we (humans) are able to manipulate certain aspects of our sexual body functions as to improve our climaxes. Among those are Kegel-exercises for muscle strengthening, a diet for increasing the volume of semen, edging for extending arousal-time or learning MMO to overcome MRP, – just to name the basics.

And then there is breathing when it comes to sensation, emotion and biological energy, all of which play a profound part in complete and intense orgasm. Breathing seems to be just all too natural, and that much so, that we don´t pay close attention to our breathing patterns just before and when we climax, being so much involved in savoring the experience. However, we in fact are able to control our breathing, thus we can use it as yet another tool to alter our sexual sensations.

Once more it was Wilhelm Reich who realized that «correct breathing» was a key ingredient for complete orgasm. He found that inhibited breathing was thwarting the full reaction. A disciple of Reichs teachings, clinical psychologist Jack Lee Rosenberg, wrote a book on complete orgasm and explored the importance of breathing for it. I´d like to quote from his insights.

About how tightly connected breathing, emotions and body movement are, he writes:

Every emotional reaction within you will change your breathing pattern. Vice versa you can change your feelings and emotions thru consciously changing your breathing. Many relaxation-techniques (as Yoga-exercises) are based on this principle.“ And: „…both your breathing pattern and the way you move influence the way you feel and vice versa.

Rosenberg explains the physical relations between (different kinds of) excitement, basal metabolic rate, requirement of oxygen and the expression of emotion in motion and posture. He illustrates how much the (unconscious) control of emotions is mirrored by the way we breathe:

Because our breathing is the most sensitive criterion for any emotional experience, it is important to respond to an increasing arousal with a deeper and increased breathing pattern. Instead, many people try to control their arousal, they tend to restrain, even block their breathing, because free and deep breathing will enhance their feelings.

Rosenberg offers exercises to prepare for complete orgasm. He promotes abdominal respiration as optimal way, allowing a maximum of air supply with a minimum of effort, and he emphasizes – just like Reich before – the importance of completely breathing out:

Some people may not have any problem with a unsufficient inhalation, but rather the inability to fully exhale. Exhalation strongly resembles a let-go. It´s a passive act which we let happen in that we relax muscles in our chest and abdomen. Breathing is not just inhalation, it is a circular flow of inhaling AND exhaling.“ And, summing it up: „Being thoroughly alive means to breath deeply, to feel intensely and to move freely.

In my next post I will take a look at two diametrically opposed techniques which do have their effect on climax intensity. One is based on the above introduced findings, the other is known within the realm of fetishes.

2 Responses to “Orgasm & Breathing (1)”

  1. trmsomasf Says:

    Belly breathing can be a challenge for many because our Western six pack culture tends to make many of us tighten/constrict our abdominal muscles, leading to constipated expiration. I think this belly tension can lead to other ailments like esophageal reflux. I have taken workshops that practiced belly breathing and there was a real psychological barrier toward letting go of those muscles. But it is necessary if you are going to fully breath.
    PS: Hot pic as usual. You?

    • nandisa Says:

      Tom, very good point you contribute here! Thanks for addressing this. I know that for all people working in the acting and performing fields abdominal breathing is essential. For the rest of us (at least in the western culture) deep belly breathing may be challenging.
      As for the PS: yes! 😉

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