Orgasm & Anchoring

July 21, 2012

There is one aspect of complete orgasm that is not mentioned very often, at least I have not found it (online). Jack Lee Rosenberg speaks of it a lot in his book Total Orgasm. His book is much about physical exercises for laying the groundwork for experiencing complete orgasm.

Among recommendations for stretching, massages and breathing you find what I refer to as anchoring. Since complete orgasm has a lot to do with pelvic movement and high levels of sexual energy, you could not get the most out of the experience (orgasm) if you were not anchoring your body.

Picture an astronaut-couple fucking aboard the ISS in weightlessness. No good idea unless they do fixate, i.e. anchor themselves somewhere to gain more momentum.

Back on earth we always can ground (anchor) ourselves thru our feet, and we automatically do. Besides while standing (now this is obvious), like when laying in bed or in any other position, we seek something to get a hold of when we reach PONR. You know the movie-scenes with grasping hands in the sheets, just when the reflex sets in.

Anchoring definitely intensifies the experience of orgasm. Ejaculation is a different story, as we know. Here, energy is concentrated in the reproductive system and the reflex makes sure that cum is pumped out. Yet complete orgasm is an energetic reaction of the whole body. When you are anchored thru your feet or (in addition) thru a hand (or both) – think of fucking in the missionary position, you automatically are anchored then – the energy can bounce within you body. The surface(s) serve as a kind of boundary preventing the energy from escaping your body, the surfaces are reflecting your energy, keeping it inside of you until the big discharge.

If you fuck someone in this state of accumulated energy, being anchored, your energy may merge into your partner and vice versa, that´s (also) why we speak of becoming one when fucking and orgasming (possibly simultaneously). However, anchoring does work very well the solosexual way! Some guys say their climax is more intense when they let it happen while standing.

Mind you though, triggering climax while standing up could result in collapse! 😉 I found this in a forum, quote:

…no matter how strong my orgasm is or isn’t: My knees get weak when I come. When I’m jacking off, I can sometimes manage to stand up, if there’s something soft that will save my knees when I inevitably drop to my knees at the climactic moment.

More experiences regarding climax-intensity in my upcoming post.

2 Responses to “Orgasm & Anchoring”

  1. Jay Says:

    Thanks for the thoughtful post on this topic. Been following for a long time.

    As a dedicated edger, this really resonates with me. By far my preferred position when cumming is standing, and anchoring is definitely a key aspect of that. Either holding onto a shelf, shower bar, door knob, whatever… Bracing myself allows for a fuller and more complete orgasm and ejaculatory experience.

    On occasion I do cum laying in bed after a long session and without any anchoring, the body is free to flail and gyrate about, so the energy involved is considerable.

    • nandisa Says:

      Jay, I appreciate your comment very much, not only for realising that readers follow my blog, but also for your feedback on the particular topic. Many aspects of the male climax are worthwhile to explore in detail, for knowledge will be beneficial to the experience of the reaction. Sharing experiences is a great addition to my posts. So, thanks again!

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