Orgasm Aint Orgasm Aint Orgasm

November 25, 2012

…or in other words: no climax is exactly like another (in the same guy)! Too many parameters play a part in such a complex physical reaction we label sexual climax.

More general parameters are such like your mood, your excitement and arousal-stage before you cum or your privacy while at it. More specific parameters, which will characterize your climax and will make it even more distinct – even if the general parameters remain unchanged – are the (chosen) kind and moment of triggering (foremost so), the (chosen) psycho-sexual setting (i.e. fetish/fantasy-environment, see this map) and if you are doing it solo or with one or more partners.

As I explained in length here it is commonly known, obvious and accepted, that orgasm and ejaculation are different body-reactions, though tightly related to each other. When you look at my poll #29 some time ago you see this notion reflected in the result, as well as that a significant number of participants agree upon the statement, that many different forms of climaxes are possible.

When we consider ejaculation and orgasm being the two main classifications for sexual climaxes, taking into account the above said, we realize that men find a broad range of different sensational qualities in sexual peak experiences, which we can specify as follows:

Emission – is a peak experience, yet neither an ejaculation (rather part of it) nor an orgasm. Guys who can do this have their milk leave their systems (in a flow) while avoiding the triggering of the ejaculatory reflex at all. They have learned to play their PONR.


Edging light is closely related, when men manage to keep themselves very close to PONR and trigger multiple emissions (harvesting cum) in an attempt to stretch the sensations of the ejaculatory reaction (the reflex itself is impossible to be slowed down).

The so-called ruined orgasm is the dark side of edging light, so to speak. Here a partner basically tries to keep a guy away from his climax (ejaculation) while playing with that guys PONR as well. The climactic results are supposed to be frustrating, which may have their own quality of arousal (at least the scenario is, for those men who engage in this).

The ejaculatory reaction can be experienced in a stand-alone fashion. That works because triggering it is a neural affair. Once you pass PONR your system automatically runs its program. You can aim for that and enjoy your reproductive system perform the reflex while you lean back not touching your genitals, just watching your cock spilling your milk.

With a mentally triggered ejaculation some guys are able to reach PONR (and climax) without touching themselves at all the whole 10 yards!

In-sleep climaxes (wet dreams) with or without dreams are another kind of mentally triggered ejaculations, as are neurally pushed and triggered climaxes when we not yet want them to occur, – premature ejaculations are among these.

Since climaxes and its triggers are processed neurally, it is possible to initiate PONR thru manipulating just and solely parts of a guy genitals or even secondary sexual tissue. These are the cockhead, foreskin, frenum, lower shaft, balls, and for the latter: prostate, seminal vesicles, anus and nipples for the most obvious. Different trigger-points will result in a different taste of climax.

Dry climaxes are peak experiences without cum being expelled while still going thru a climactic reflex. Guys experience this because they either have the (internal) control on their system (clenching sphincters) to keep their milk inside while cumming, or because they physically press shut their urethras at the right spot from the outside, or because their glands are depleted when they cum (again).

A more orgasmic approach to climaxes is one that involves a higher and more holistic level of sexual energy built up in your body and circulating there until release. Emotional and spiritual states of mind play a crucial part here while producing milk is of less importance.

Deep edging is a state of maintained high arousal that offer guys an altered state of mind. These men are in control of PONR and ride the edge for extended periods of time finding bliss in their physical condition of almost sparking off a climactic reflex. And this condition is their (perpetual) sexual peak experience!

MMO may be the opposite way of climaxing to deep edging, because it means a repetitive release of sexual energy thru climactic reflexes (with or without spilling semen). Some guys have mastered MO the dry way, with full control over emission and ejaculation (tantric and taoistic approach may be the keywords). Other guys (and I consider myself belonging to this group) are able to cum multiple times in a row performing a mixed series of ejaculation and orgasm.


Again, the other side of this coin may be forced ejaculations where a partner is able to trigger climaxes in his/her «victim» when the climaxing guy has no control and feels he is not capable to repeatedly cum. Also this psycho-sexual scenario can offer a very arousing appeal and distinct sensations of climaxes, and it should be performed under agreement and a set of rules.

The world of fetishes (see this map again) adds yet more spice to any given climax within a respective environment. – What I wanted to show is, that a males basic two sexual bodyreactions for releasing sexual energy, ejaculation and orgasm that are, can be altered in many ways to create quite different sensations and overall experiences. And you can read all about it in my blog! Just follow the links.  🙂

2 Responses to “Orgasm Aint Orgasm Aint Orgasm”

  1. charles norman Says:

    This submission is extraordinarily thorough and deep. I don’t know any fuller treatment online. Thanks.

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