Do You Rope Or Do You Spray?

January 31, 2013

Depending on many parameters, the ejaculatory performance can be basically sorted into two groups of guys, those featuring cum-ropes and those spraying their milk. The difference will be most obvious in men who are able to forcefully shoot a big load. I prefer to watch ropers, not least because I consider myself belonging to that group.

Why is there a difference, when it cums (to in-flight behaviour of semen)?

The main factor is the composition of your produce. If your juices are highly cohesive (and appear well mixed at ejaculation) you will rope (be it in smaller spurts or distant shots):


The texture of roped milk is creamy, soft and sticky.

If your juices are runny and/or non-cohesive you will spray your milk in larger or smaller droplets:

cum sprayed

This beautiful pic perfectly stands for sprayed cum, although the spray-splatter we see here may be rather a result from the ricocheted milk bouncing off her cheek! However, the guy certainly shot runny jizz!

Mind you that even the most beautiful ropes shot forcefully in high trajectories will most likely rip apart in mid-flight, obeying plain physical rules. The cohesiveness of your milk is pulling within the strand, transforming the cumstring into a series of solid drips while long enough airborne:

rope-tear1 rope-tear2

rope-tear3 rope-tear4

Now, there is a simple way to determine the group you belong to. Just take a look at the cum-landing site and you know what you featured!

If you painted strings on the ground, then you roped:


If you splattered your milk all over the place, then you sprayed your juices:


If you wetted the floor like a string of pearls, then most likely your ropes tore apart before reaching the ground:



The following pics show the cum in flight, respectively:


Watch a clip of this roper (obtain here).

Two screenshots of a second rope example:


And the clip (obtain here). This guy performs an outstanding multiple peak experience producing a spectacular milkload!


Now check two pics of the guy spectacularly spraying his increased volume of semen (shot #1 and shot #6):



Watch a clip of this outstanding sprayer (obtain here). This scene perfectly illustrates what spraying cum means!

Finally watch a clip of Kroogas rare shooting ability (in volume and distance!) – (obtain here) – as a sample of forcefully shot ropes of milk which get ripped apart while airborne (see the four screenshots above plus the string of pearls landing site).

There is an anatomical factor which affects your spurting performance, but probably less so concerning roping or spraying, rather the trajectory of the jizz you send flying. Depending on the design of the end section of your urethra and the width of your piss-slit, the direction and exiting of your cum (and piss) will be determined. Take a look at these simple cross-section drawings of different cockheads and you get the idea:

meatus anatomy

Most of all enjoy cumming, in what ever way!

40 Responses to “Do You Rope Or Do You Spray?”

  1. Jay Says:

    I’ve always been pretty ropey myself. However, the longer the edge session, the thinner and more watery it gets. But it still manages to be pretty ropey on emission.

    Thanks for this excellent study on the subject. I enjoyed the videos, esp. the copious milk that is produced on the red desktop.

    • nandisa Says:

      I was hoping for a comment like yours, Jay! I can see that this post is getting attention right now, but unless readers comment, I never know how well I did. 😉 Thanks!
      The subject is endlessly fascinating and scientifically uncovered, at least in parts. I try to shed light on certain aspects in this blog and sure appreciate feedback.
      As for the guy cumming on the red desktop I agree with you. Not only does he cum multiple times in short succession, the volume of his ejaculations is outstanding!

    • Matt Says:

      Check this one out:
      Talk about a massive load…..

  2. BG Says:

    can’t open any of the videos

  3. Tom Says:

    Definitely a roper here, even when I have edged for a long time. My cum is almost always creamy when I finally ejaculate, and the ropes are usually very thick. Great post.

  4. dannyfrigginkay Says:

    Reblogged this on Danny Kay and commented:
    Great question! I’d say I’m a roper…

  5. chas Says:

    Sorry I’m late to the party. Better late than never?! I myself am a roper. Sometimes if I change my diet for a few weeks or don’t cum for a few more days than I normally do, the consistency might change a little. But all in all I shoot ropes.

    And like someone else said, Great subject!! Enjoyed reading and liked the videos too.
    I’m always very “curious” to hear and see about others.
    Just something about Ejaculation, gets me every time!

    • nandisa Says:

      «Just something about Ejaculation, gets me every time!»

      Chas, I guess you hit jack-pot with this blog then! 🙂 😉
      Thanks for your comment and letting us know about you.

      • chas Says:

        Indeed I did! I couldn’t have said it better myself. But I do owe it all to you for making one hell of a blog! All the information available!

    • Tom Says:

      You found the right place. Nandisa’s blog should be required reading for men of all ages. The breadth of material covered, the originality, the illustrations, diagrams and clips-all make for learning about male sexuality that is incredibly hot and informative.

      PS right with ya on the ejaculation getting you every time. Never tire of seeing it, reading about it or experiencing it.

      • chas Says:

        Tom, you are very correct! Reading and watching some of the posts are very informative and super hot, and they are getting me to try some of them myself!

        PS: I too never get tired of it either.

      • Tom Says:

        Chas -that would be an interesting poll for Nandisa to create – pick all of the things you have tried out as a result of reading his blog.

      • chas Says:

        Wow, yes that would be interesting! Haven’t even thought about that. I would be into hearing from others about the poll!

      • nandisa Says:

        Yeah, that is an interesting idea for a poll asking about particular techniques as a result of reading my blog, I will note that down.
        Polls here are more multiple choice (creating it could mean a lot of guess-work), but there is this “other”-option, I will give it a try.
        I just closed a poll –Tom you will remember- asking for general effects. I will post results within the next weeks, probably early June.

      • nandisa Says:

        What a positive review, thank you so much!! Shows me it turned out as I had basically wished for. And yes, in the time of the blogs existence a lot of great stuff could be put together by me.

        I hope that more men find these pages and then tend to state like Chas: I so wish I found it sooner!
        But once found you have this recource only clicks away, ready for your personal research! 😉

  6. P Says:

    So big question from a woman, which is why I came here in the first place, is there a difference in orgasim correlated to how a man would cum? Is one way of coming more pleasurable then the other or does that not matter?

    • nandisa Says:

      P, thanks for asking. The brief answer to your question is: it does not matter.

      Since you placed your question in this post, you ask for a different sensation between roping and spraying!? I´d say there is none. The different behavior of cum in the air when a man shoots his load (ejaculates) depends on different factors, as explained in this post.

      If you are new to this blog you are invited to search for those factors which alter the sensations while ejaculating or orgasming. Maybe you want to start here or here!

  7. J.C. Says:

    Downloading videos always fails 😦
    Maybe because I’m trying to do it on mobile?

    • nandisa Says:

      Sorry to hear that. Maybe your guess is correct, I am not sure. It worked for many others. Yes, try it from your PC at home, wish you luck!

  8. Still after all this time, you’re STILL using that piece of SHIT file sharing bullshit, that to this day, NO ONE … Seems to be able to view!
    What a pain in the ass – why don’t you just learn to imbed video, or provide a simple link (in a universal, easy to open format) … I just don’t get it.
    People time after time complain about your “videos” & you seem to choose to blissfully ignore the chorus of voices & plow along with the above mentioned rigmarole.

    • nandisa Says:

      Quote: «…still using that piece of shit file sharing bullshit…«
      Many years ago I made the decision not to choose the WordPress embedded video option, because they charge for that. That file sharing host I use charges too, but I can up ALL kinds of files for different uses at different places.

      Quote: «…no one seems to be able to view!»
      That host supplies stats, dl-counter (totals until today globally): clip1=831 times, clip2=303 times, clip3=146 times, clip4=694 times (in order of mentioning in the post) – believe it or not. Pics and clips are placed to illustrate my writings. The ones I used here are taken from the net and are introduced by a screenshot (but one, i.e. Krooga) so readers get the picture; loads of similar clips are easily accessible at numerous sites, – in case.

      Quote: «…learn to imbed video, or provide…»
      Not everyone is a tech-whizz like you. Using a non-traceable IP-address and creating a custom and insulting mail-address for placing a simple comment is quite an effort, chapeau!
      Now, placing links («simple link») is ok once I use existing (and elsewhere published) clips. However, I started out with original own material and had to use a host, and stuck with that (for some may want to keep what they watched, if the host worked that is, naturally). – Other explanation see answer for quote #1.

      Quote: «…ignore the chorus of voices…»
      WordPress counted 1092 comments to this day. Without having checked the number of complaints, my conviction is that those (with problems of downloading from my preferred host) run below 10 (ten). I never found the reason why some technical connections (those unfortunate people have to rely on or which are subject to malfunction) just don´t seem to work in this respect. After all YOU are the tech-whizz. I believe I apologized to every single inquiry or expressed my empathy, this is what I can do. Regard my answers as such.

  9. terrier2016 Says:

    Might as well add my own two bits, since this post seems to be in the “top posts” at the moment.

    For me, spraying or roping seems to be dependent on WHEN and HOW i masturbate. If i abstain for a couple of days and then masturbate to ejaculation in a short session (less than 10 minutes), i always shoot ROPES of really thick and pearly white semen.
    On the other hand, if i had masturbated recently (less than a day ago), and then masturbate to ejaculation after a long edging session (more than 2 hours), then i SPRAY a much more thinner variant of semen that is also not as opaque, but more watery.

    I’m just guessing here, but my take is that different consistencies are caused by mixing of different amounts of semen from your seminal vesicles and prostate fluid from your prostate prior to emission. When you abstain for a couple of days, the vesicles become full and if you have a short session, there is not enough time for your prostate to produce substantial amounts of its own fluid, so you get this really thick semen (yay!), and the opposite happens when you have masturbated just recently, so your vesicles are mostly empty, but the arousal of a prolonged edging session will cause your prostate to make lots of fluid, which is a lot more runny.

    I would really like to hear other people’s thoughts on this, do you agree or disagree? Also, i found out the biggest volume of sperm i produce is when i abstain for a while and then edge as much as i can (3 hours?), that way i make sure all my glands are full, but that’s another topic. 🙂

    • Tom Says:

      Your experience exactly matches mine. Now if I was to choose the type of semen that I like the most, I would pick the first type hands down. The texture and thick consistency. The taste. Both are so much better. But then I usually don’t like a quick wank, especially if I have abstained for a few days and built up a lot of sexual energy. In that case (or most cases) I would much rather savor and extended period of edging, rising and falling away from it, dancing with it, seeing how far I can tease myself around it without letting myself spill over into full on ejaculation. In this case, as in yours, my ejaculation is voluminous and watery, and is like a cum shower. I believe it is because the prolonged arousal causes a build up of prostatic secretions and the end result is a watery ejaculate. It doesn’t taste as good (I love to eat cum) but I wouldn’t trade the prolonged build up to that final glorious release.

      • terrier2016 Says:

        Wow, thanks for the quick reply Tom! I’m glad we have the same experience. I’ve been looking closely at this since i was a teenager and it took me a couple of years to figure out the pattern of roping and spraying. It’s too bad the taste of thin cum isn’t as good as the thick kind, i try to supplement with fresh fruits for this 😉 Masturbating after a few days of letting semen build up in your body is just so much different than a quick wank, i agree with you on this one. Being in that state is so profound and intense, it’s just not worth ejaculating quickly, but much better to savor the feeling, even stopping for a while and continuing the next day. Of course this only makes the sensations even more intense. Do you find yourself to be more sensitive during those days? Everything seems to be primed and ready. I masturbate in a much gentler manner then, since everything is backed up and swollen, i’m also much more aware of the sensations going up my spine, meanwhile my penis involuntarily throbs over and over, I even have small emissions, something that never happens if I’m not saving myself.

      • Tom Says:

        Yes. I would say I am much more sensitive when I have abstained for a few days. Usually I will leak cum because I am so full (or have an emission as Nandisa calls it so clearly in his amazing blog). And I do have to be careful because I could be trigger happy if I did not pay close attention to the sensations. Time, age and experience cum into play here. When I was younger I don’t think I ever really edged for extended periods. I would cum, and then cum again, and then again. Sometimes even a fourth time. It took some intense jerking to cum that much but the incredible horniness I felt demanded it. Now I take care of it by edging, which is much more intense really, and ultimately more satisfying. I rarely want to cum again after an extended edging session. I am perfectly content and frankly more than blissed out. Plus my cock has had quite enough, thank you.

        I think it’s great that you were thinking about how you ejaculate as a youngster. And noticing the variation in your cum. It’s nice that there are blogs like this that address male sexuality in such a complete way. It is an amazing resource and it has taught me so much. Sometimes I think as men we are pretty isolated when it comes to these subjects. It is so nice to have a venue to discuss them.

    • nandisa Says:

      Thanks for your very valuable comment! It´s a highly interesting observation you share with us. And I am also pleased that Tom responded, confirming your findings.

      Still I tend to suggest that men feature either rather one or the other type of semen texture, thus type of ejaculatory performance. Maybe because they stick to their masturbatory pattern!?

      I had two polls up over time covering this topic. In poll #4 I asked for the texture of your cum, in poll #32 I asked if you sprayed or roped. Now confirming both of your experiences in poll #4 out of 109 participants an impressive 29% voted: My semens quality changes depending on circumstances during build-up. plus a 6% stating that: My semens quality changes within one and the same ejaculation.

      As for poll #32 out of 105 participants 6% opted for: I feature both. A majority observed they were roping (21%) compared to 9% confirming they do spray their jizz.

      All of this data shows that semen features different textures in different men and different situations as well as the possibility of an individual to alter his cums consistency. And with that quite possibly his ejaculatory performance.

      And you confirmed this with your comments – much obliged!

      • terrier2016 Says:

        Interesting, i guess the masturbatory pattern has a lot to do with it, but hey, the people have voted. By the way Nandisa, is there an archive of the polls? I can only see the current one.

      • nandisa Says:

        The polls are implemented into WordPress though run by a separate provider. But there is no archive accessible for blog-visitors. Only I can look up passed polls (including results) while being logged on with WordPress.

        As for polls of this kind, they are not precise enough to retrieve highly detailed data. Space is somewhat limited and it is I who poses a question and deliver (multiple) choice answers, the participant then only marks his (her) match.

        However, results have been always quite interesting and I placed them into posts here and then.

      • Tom Says:

        Once again the depth of content of your blog provides some answers to these interesting questions. When I answered these polls and saw the results I was surprised that more guys didn’t answer both for each poll. Nandisa, maybe a poll to find out how many guys vary their masturbation experience would be a good follow up here.

      • nandisa Says:

        That´s a good suggestion, Tom, I noted it down!

  10. Jay D Says:

    Hi there, hope im not too late to answer! I found that if i edge for 2 hrs and under, it produces more of a watery, farther spraying cumshot. If i go all day, its much thicker. Anything over 2 hrs and it seems to just pour out of me. If i cum under 2 hrs, it sprays like a rocket, sometimes 4 to 5 ft! Really have to be careful when lying on my back, when doing this, i´ve had way too many self facials.

    Can i post videos here Nandisa? If not i´d be glad to show you so you see the difference. Thanks for the great blog!

    • Jeremy Says:

      All of the above.

      • nandisa Says:

        Jeremy, you mean you share Jay D´s experience concerning edging, quality of semen and spraying-performance? Tell us more if you like! 🙂

    • nandisa Says:

      Jay D, it´s never too late to answer here! 🙂 I much appreaciate your great comment.

      Very interesting what you report about the quality and volume of your cum-production while edging. I assumed it was the other way around while my own experience supports this thesis: that the longer one edges, the more semen is produced (and stored in the glands) and the more runny (fluid) it will be at release (emission and ejaculation).

      I and my readers would like to see you perform and learn the differences you tell us about. However, unless you cross-link a clip or pic from another source (check this comment if you didn´t see it already, to know what I mean) there is no easy way to place videos here.

      Feel free to tell us what else you enjoy of my blog. There are followers of the comment section!

    • Tom Says:

      I am just the opposite, Jay. After a short run my cum is thick, creamy and white. If I edge for hours, not only do I leak a lot of precum and spill over in emissions, but when I finally reach the PONR and cum, it’s a geyser of watery semen which is less appealing visually but man does it feel good to let it fly in 10-12 intense spurts.

      I agree with Nandisa and would love to see your videos if you are able to find a way to share them.

    • Rok Says:

      Cross-linking seems to be you best bet here Jay D. Generally, it seems that for most of us we make more semen that gets thinner the longer our sessions last. Hopefully we will see your videos!

  11. Matt Says:

    If you want to see the biggest and best example of a cum milk sprayer you have to check user name: smoothbigcock; his ability to shoot massive spraying loads is remarkable. Some of his video show him shooting past his face and over 15 powerful squirts.
    I think the best link is to try his name at pornhub if anyone else knows of where I can see more of him please reply.

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