Radio-Interview With Nandisa (1)

February 25, 2013

The Interview (transcript):

This is Radio GAYBI with our monthly In-In-Show, welcome to all listeners out there. In-In stands for Intimate Interview and with me in the studio tonight is Nandisa, an expert on all things related to the male sexual apparatus and the realm of finding extended pleasure with that.

Hello Nandisa, thanks for joining us tonightHelloand before we start to talk about sex I invite our listeners to pose their questions either by calling us directly or sending an email.

Nandisa, tell us, what made you become the expert you consider yourself to be – I guess it must be, frankly spoken, your love for cock?

Yes, that´s quite right, I love cock, foremost my ownlaughing. Yet beyond that I love the concept of the penis and certainly I enjoy to look at any specimen in combination with their testicles, not to forget those. But, seriously, there is much more to the male genital system than meets the eye at first sight, and that is truly fascinating.

OK, can you explain this, I mean, we live with what we see, a cock and balls and the changing conditions with both, – what´s more?

semi softball

Well, roughly put the external apparatus makes about 50 % of the whole male system we could refer to as reproductive system. And that is what genitals are for, being a tool for the reproductive process which is, as we know, the intercourse between men and women to produce babies, thus securing the endurance of our species. Now, as important as a functioning penis is a functioning glandular system, the system a penis is built for.

And that system is something we don´t see and don´t take much notice of, because we don´t see it?

Yes, and because it works reliably in the background. We just take that for granted, yet this glandular system is providing us with essential sensations when it comes to sex.

Do you think that the majority of men and women are not aware of this?

Indeed I believe that the majority of us don´t have much of a clue what happens when we engage sexually – unless they paid attention in biology classes or studied andrology. And why should they, when everything works fine. I guess anatomy is not attractive to most of us, however, a bit of expertise will be quite beneficial.

It´s beneficial when having sex with a man?

Yes it is, because humans learned to engage in sex for other purposes than procreation. Humans have sex because it feels great, offers blissful moments and even spiritual enlightenment, at least for those who gather knowledge and training in this exciting field of biology.

Nandisa, hold on, we have a first caller – hello, thanks for calling, what´s your question?

Hi, this is John. Nandisa, I wondered if you were a perfect lover always achieving ecstatic orgasms, given you are an expert in the field!?

Yes, go ahead Nandisa…

I´d say nobody is perfect and neither am I. I do experience changes while growing older for instance, things, physical things change – if slow – all the time. But I sure have nothing to complain about, I learned how to find bliss, and when I´m lucky I am able to extend these moments.

Thanks to John. Our next caller is Marc, hi Marc!

Hello to both of you. I wanted to know how to intensify orgasm. Is there a rule of thumb or something like a formula or so?

Briefly answered: don´t pursue quickies! If solo or with a partner, take your time and focus on the sensations you experience when caressing your system. This is the essential start to gain consciousness and depth in your experience. Going slow serves two aspects: learning more about yourself and increasing excitement hence arousal. And the latter will most likely result in a boosted intensity when your climax is eventually triggered.

Nandisa, let me ask you again, what is it that fascinates you about something – the male reproductive system – that is so common and so natural?

This natural system, as you addressed it, is a truly wonderful system that we men are blessed with. Every man discovers this sometime in puberty: you jack your cock and eventually you trigger a reflex, ejaculation that is, which feels so good that you repeat it whenever you can. Many men slowly, if ever, discover that their reactions can be altered profoundly, increasing the sensational quality of their reaction and broadening the scope of their climactic experience. The male reproductive system consists of three main areas and all are subject for potential improvement: we have our hardware, penis, testicles and the glandular system; we have our seminal juices as a product of our engagement in sexual activity; and we have the aspects of the psycho-spiritual realm, including arousal, emotions, love and transcendental experiences as a result of managing our hardware.

Thanks for explaining. I now have a first email by Jeff, it reads: Nandisa, how can I increase the volume of my cumshot?


Before I answer let me say that experiencing, or even watching a voluminous ejaculation on film, is a huge turn on for many men, I´m no exception. I love to cum big time myself, followed by witnessing it. But mind you that what we see in porn is mostly performed by trained guys with probably a genetic disposition, unless it´s not faked after all. That´s why those guys do the porn flicks. And the able amateurs who can be found in the different „tubes“ are but a few in relation to the majority of men on the globe. However, you will increase your load with a prolonged arousal phase before your climax. Then there is a variety of supplementary possibilities, and frequent ejaculation will prime your body to produce more. Please, Jeff, check the internet for more information, there is a bunch out there.

OK, now I have another caller in the line and it is a lady, Sarah, what´s your question?

Hi to everyone. Yes, I am following your show with my ears wide open, very interesting, thanks.That´s why we do this program, Sarah.Yes, I was wondering if I can be held responsible for a mans good or may be not so good orgasm?

…to be continued!

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