Neglected Posts

April 2, 2013

After running my blog for a good three years now I feel that I have featured what and how I intended to. I guess that pretty much every aspect of a males sexuality – besides problems and illnesses – is addressed within these pages – you can find hard facts next to entertainment. What´s more to say?

Well, I still want to share some of my stories not yet published anywhere. I also got few hot clips I still need to present. And I had an idea which came to my mind when I checked with the stats that WordPress provides for every blog.

This is based on an updated WordPress-ranking reflecting the number of hits of any given entry. So I can follow which text (and theme) is top-notch, and which is not. I easily can determine which of my posts are rather neglected, way past the Top 20.


Yes, I was thinking about recycling bits of my own stuff. I plan on loosely posting brief reminders of rarely sought after posts. This way you may discover some info that gives you ideas, insight or a hardon! 🙂

3 Responses to “Neglected Posts”

  1. John Martin Says:

    This is very clever and there is a lot of looking to see all the action. A bit of a brain “teaser” so to speak. Thanks….

  2. festival42 Says:

    Please continue writing posts. There is always a lot to say on these subjects. Thanks for all you’ve written in the past and please continue to update your posts.

    • nandisa Says:

      Thank you for your encouragement festival42! The idea of “Neglected Posts” is a bit of just that, writing about topics or rather reminding of some texts, to keep the blog going. As I said, there are also some things I still want to share. Thus I won´t abandon my blog… 😉

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