What if… (1)

June 21, 2013

… a young woman was to experience the glorious joys of owning a cock & nut-sack? Well, just keep on reading! – (A story in 4 parts.)

I was lightly boozed when she approached me. We sat next to each other at the bar and I thought she had closed in over time. Just one empty seat – until few minutes having been occupied by a very boring man – remained between us. I could feel her gazing at me. When I looked back she smiled. She was captivating in her appearance: black frizzy hair, clear blue eyes, fine features, sympathetic and yet inscrutable. An austere beauty, very intriguing. Then she came forward:

Excuse me, do I sense a broken heart?
Nahh… I replied, I´m past that!
So… he did leave an impression!?
He sure did. – I´m pissed in a way, because for the first time I saw him with someone else today!
Shoot – but that´s life, I´m afraid. But, you know, I´m with you. If you loved him, this really hurts bad!
You tell me. And I still believe it could be great with us. Well, maybe not… I don´t know. I mean… sex-life was really great, but the rest… no way, just fighting all the time. Not in bed, but then there is no point anymore, is there.
I agree. But you reminisces, still long for him and the sexual understanding you shared – pardon me being nosy?!
She was quite daring asking me so frankly, but why not, there was no one close by who could overhear us.
Yeah, you could say so, I mean love and sex combined… and I really, really liked him, you know…
You mean his body, his penis, his way of making love to you?
That´s what I mean. We´ve been really close, amazingly close, sometimes like as if he was me and I was he, I took what I needed and vice versa, I never had that with another man. I just hope this returns one day, with a new guy.
Sure, why not!?
Wistful I continued:
It truly was near perfect with him. We were a total match, I could feel that. I mean at least physically. When I think of his sweet cock… Sometimes I wished I could like own his dick. Just to play around with it as much as I wanted. Just to dig how men feel playing with their cock, I mean how that feels, you know what I mean?!


I know, and maybe I´m able to help you out!
What was she talking about? I looked at her,
What… how, I don´t understand…!?
Well, I experienced such.
I don´t get you, you experienced such? What did you experience?
I just say, there are charms that work, believe it or not, I made that experience of owning a cock, and I never ever will forget this!
I had the impression that she was beginning to bullshit me, but I played along.
You´re kidding me! – Must be great, no doubt, but Hogwarts just ain´t, honey.
No seriously, listen! There are charms around which work. They do under very certain circumstances. In your particular case I´m definitely positive! However, it is nothing you could utilise to yourself. Secondly it just would work if you truly were loving sex, men and their genitals. Generally that is, not a particular cock and man.
Uhu. Well, I guess there could be a match. I mean the last guy was not the first one and I loved ´em all. – Yeah, men…
Good, there is another requirement, but you seem like meeting this: you truly want to make this experience!
You bet, if I could I wouldn´t hesitate a bit. I was fantasizing about it a lot, just as I told you before. So, what do I have to do for this trip?
Not much at all besides taking me seriously and badly wanting to wake up with a cock between your legs!
I thought to myself that as much it sounded ridiculous, why not playing along all the way. I had nothing left to lose, apparently nothing was being contracted here, I was just asked to believe and be open-minded, and to dream about, well, becoming a cock-owning female – and a hot dream it was.
The mysterious beauty was calling for her check.
Wait, when this works, for how long do I own it? And is there more to take care of?
No, it´s easy. You go home now, you should go to bed soon wishing you owned a penis tomorrow, and it will happen. I just know that you cannot be awake while your genitalia switches. And never forget, you will keep your cock until you come for the first time. You will most likely become tired afterwords and fall asleep. Your genitalia will change back during the first post-orgasmic sleep, and you can´t do anything about that. Until then you are free to enjoy your temporary male tool and everything that comes with it. – She was giving me a big smile.
Wow, that´d be something. I will follow your advice, I will! Now what do I owe you?
Nothing. I can´t totally guarantee you that this will work, however, I have the impression that you are a perfect candidate, a rare enough occasion indeed. – Lets move.
I paid her bill and we stepped out in front of the lounge.
Time to say good-bye, I said.
Sure is. Promise me to do as I told you, tonight I will perform the charm on you. I wish you a good sleep and that you wake up endowed as desired.
Hold on, as you mention it, do I have the power to wish for a certain penile size or characteristics?
She was grinning: No sorry, you will be equipped with an uncut, average sized penis. You are not able to affect this charm and it is not meant to include any specifications.
We laughed and hugged each other good-bye.

… to be continued!

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