Selfsex-Conscious Men

July 20, 2013

Be warned, this post is a philosophical pondering! 😉 Yet stimulating nonetheless!

I was wondering why not more men seem to treasure and cherish their by nature given opportunities to find deep sexual fulfillment? Why I suspect this? Because I believe that, if this was the case, I´d count not hundreds of hits at my blog here daily, but probably tens of thousands instead.

You, reader of these lines, found your way, because you probably wanted to know more about male sexuality. Or at least you wanted to read differently about popular topics. However, I´m quite sure you still form a minority, even though readers click by from all over the globe!

I guess my minority-thesis holds true for those among us who in fact did encounter solo-sexual enlightenment. Responsible for the limited number of sex-conscious guys may be a bunch of factors that play a role here: gender issues, the upbringing, social and moral issues. You just need to take a look at our societies, at politics and economics…

Men are brought up with a clear focus on the opposite gender. Sex becomes a game of conquest and propagation, with a penis as (only) tool involved and a bit of semen as software which just is necessary to inseminate. This is the traditional and conservative approach, one that holds true for the majority of humankind.

There is no school (in the traditional sense) that teaches young men about the wealth of their male sexuality. Today it´s the internet and blogs like mine to claim that function (besides some privately run seminars and alike). Yet each individual must find his/her way to these sources rather on their own.

Naturally masturbation is the motor that pushes every human being to gather more and more information about (the diverse) ways to find bliss.

Bi-curious and gay males may have an advantage on their quest for self-centered sexual fulfillment, because their partners (given both are engaged at a young age) just look for the same issue: how to get the most satisfaction from the genital system they possess. And what a system it is!!


I don´t intend to devalue the „female system“. Although homologous by nature it offers a very different approach on sexual action – it is just less external. This marks the most obvious physical difference between the genders.

If you, as an enlightened master of male sexuality, were to explain to an alien the glorious particularities of this realm, what would you say? You would not conclude with the penis and how it generates nice sensations when (being erect) inserted into a soft and warm orifice. Explaining just the (external and internal) hardware would be some kind of a task. Then there are all the beautiful effects and sensations that can be achieved with your system, – certainly through knowledge and learning. And this blog is the place, the container, offering this particular knowledge.

Mind you that every human is such an alien at some brief (at least) period in his/her life. In early puberty everyone is confronted with that before unknown urge for generating the eternal cycle of tension, charging, discharge, relaxation. Yet if masturbation is suppressed, enlightenment may hardly be achieved.

If you were fortunate enough to gain – if secretly, yet undisturbed – extended knowledge on your own sexuality, you may consider yourself a lucky human being in solo-sexual matters. You are bound to become a master, at peace with your sexual fulfillment, because you know your possibilities and no one else but you yourself carries the power and responsibility to cater your needs and grant your satisfaction.

And yet the cusp of ones sexual fulfillment – and this is my sincere belief (featured in many stories I posted in this blog) – is the realization of your particular sexual preferences together with a (emotionally tied) partner.


Imagine a partner knowing your system as well as you do. Knowing all your preferences and causes and effects of whatever action applied. A partner sharing your pattern within the cycle mentioned above. As you are two, you are able to powerfully extend the range in which you can experience your very individual kind of sexual bliss (this may apply vice versa).

This kind of partner-sex may be rare or temporary. However, we have always ourselves. And the more we know about us and our sexual possibilities, the better we may achieve deep satisfaction. We got a lifetime to explore, to vary and improve – so keep regaling on the best activity ever! 🙂

4 Responses to “Selfsex-Conscious Men”

  1. Addicted Penis Masturbator Says:

    I had written an extensive response – and than puff – it all disappeared…..maybe there was a reason they preferred paper and pen a few hundred years ago……lol.
    Anyway, the gist of me reply is – you guys cant even comprehend how fortunate you are to live in the time of the www (there goes my thesis that the past was better) with so much more to orient yourself. In my time it was, as you aptly phrased it, ‘Men are brought up with a clear focus on the opposite gender’ – and not following that scheme had clear disadvantages. Today, there are wonderful blogs like yours….. thanks for taking the time for sharing your thoughts, I could well imagine it gives comfort to some boys growing up that struggle with their preference for penis masturbation over sex is just fine – the loss is to all the other that never fully experience the power and pleasure of extended, non stop edging!
    Hail the mighty Penis!

    • nandisa Says:

      Thanks for your cherished comment! This blog is not one for politics, so I just scratched the surface of it in my pondering here, and to what you addressed above. And I sure need to agree to what you wrote. Times have changed and are changing, fortunately. The young generation has better opportunities to get educated in sexual matters (even more entertained!).
      However, in way too many regions of our world/globe the attitude of social majorities remains tight and repressing towards sexuality, especially concerning gay and self-centered orientations. This is more than sad, it is horrible!
      As the www is in existence and increasingly accessible I just hope that blogs like mine are not banned and wiped away and that many more interested guys (and gals) stumble upon it. The info here is free, as it should be, for the benefit of sex-conscious individuals, that we basically all are. – Yes, hail the mighty Penis and every pleasure he provides ourselves and beloved ones with!

  2. Rok Says:

    That was beautifully written Nandisa! I agree with what you wrote about having to find out additional information on your own. Most people have been solo-sexual hermits in that regard until recently, especially with the wide-spreading of the internet that the trend seems to be turning around.

    One thing that may be boosting the self-discovery on one’s own motivation is the information we are being given about sexual health (from diseases, pregnancy etc.) and men’s health (especially testicular and prostate cancer), these two topics have become relatively widespread in the general public over the last couple of years/decades. When you explore these topics on your own in depth you stand a good chance to start examining other topics as well, like the ones found on your blog, as is often the case when you are reading articles on the internet.

    While we keep most of these topics discreetly to ourselves in our private lives, the online world offers a much more open form of communication as you and many others have shown us Nandisa, and for that i am very gratefull!
    About half the posts you posted contain information i was not even aware it existed and i was nowhere close to discovering these things on my own!

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