Ejac Aint Ejac Aint Ejaculation (1)

August 11, 2013

Yes, you pretty much can read all about it in my blog, like here, here and here! However, I wanted you to see three further cum-shooting-clips. They illustrate three different settings in which the featured ejaculation serves as a particular relief within a solosexual act.

It depends on a guys attitude and his experience/ability to transform his ejaculation into a peak-experience that meets his individual way of sexual self-fulfillment. Let me show you those three of the (probably) most common functions ejaculation can be adjusted to.

ejac graph

In this first post you can watch the main purpose: the big relief and release of a guys accumulated sexual tension and arousal, and semen. This is one of the hottest (plain) clips* of a guy blowing his load eventually after having masturbated himself for apparently some time.

Let us assume that he was edging for a while and decided to make himself finally cum. He sits on a wooden floor, his legs opened very wide hence offering his cock and big and tight ballsack to the world, jacking his beautiful lubed cock with pleasure, ready to shoot any moment.

He begins to moan as he passes PONR (I suppose), followed by the onset of his ejaculation at 4 secs into the clip. He then shoots about 9 jets of his hot white milk from his upright pole while jacking on, and you understand from his moans and exhalings how his pumping-reflex relieves his sexual tension.

This ejaculation is like a standard example of a much craved for full-blown ejaculation which delivers a great load of semen spurted freely around while the guy experiences a soothing discharge of his glands.

*Tech. specs: .wmv, 2.4 MB, 34 sec.

5 Responses to “Ejac Aint Ejac Aint Ejaculation (1)”

  1. Raymond Gordon Says:

    Nandisa, Thanks for all the good information you provide on this blog. I always enjoy reading your posts and comments. Have a great day and keep it hard and pulsing!!! Ray

  2. Addicted Penis Masturbator Says:

    As always, very stimulating to read your blogs on the part of the male anatomy I can never read too much about – imagine it were possible to get all these reactions at will: a full and lasting erection for hours, pre-cum emissions that are like an endless dribble of clear fluid that we could turn on and off, high volume or less, and of course last but not least, the full ejaculatory emission with squirts counting by the dozen, hitting the ceiling 8 feet in the air…….and no refractory period at all……… I sure would have to have testicles the size of grapefruit to store all the semen I want to discharge over and over………lol

    • nandisa Says:

      That´s a hot yearning you develop here! 🙂
      Could be a plot for a very arousing fantasy, whereas some aspects you mention are in fact controllable to a certain extend!

  3. bryce Says:

    Very interesting

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