Male Sprinkling (2)

October 9, 2013

Male Sprinkling is so different a climax/“ejaculation“ that you know it happened to you when it does! Reading various testimonies and (translations) of guides/descriptions, I conclude that the experience of sprinkling (and the way to it) will differ significantly among individuals. But this fact is just the same story as with the many ways we do masturbate and trigger our climaxes and how we experience them (it´s at least a bit different every time, and that´s just great!).

I found some very specific parameters connected to this kind of climaxing:

  • the triggering depends on the (intense and extensive) stimulation of the glans, the head of the penis (and hence this practice may not be for every man);
  • sprinkling is preceded by or tightly bound to sensations of the urge to urinate;
  • the squirted juice is not precum, not seminal fluid, not urine (piss) but a fluid, quote:

„thinner than pre-cum, but clear, a bit slick, and it didn’t smell of piss“.

And the sprinkling performance does not seem to be subject of the muscular spasming of the ejaculatory reflex, rather, quote:

„anywhere from medium, pumping pulses (slightly longer) like a traditional ejaculation to a full jet stream…“

Let me cite* a brief description of what you may feel in your plumbing while trying to trigger sprinkling:

  • While rubbing the head of the penis, it will simply feel good being the head is a sensitive area.
  • Once you get closer to squirting, you will feel like you have to pee. This feeling will increase more and more as you get closer to squirting. Don’t worry about it, just keep stimulating the head of the penis.
  • Finally, when you are about to squirt [sprinkle], you will feel two things. You will feel like you are peeing and an intense feeling of ecstasy. It will be a huge load that should contain little to no sperm [probably confused with semen at this point]. It should also be clear


At last read a simple how-to I found at one* of the sites I mentioned before:

Step 1. If you are uncircumcised, pull the foreskin all the way down with your left hand, and hold it there.

Step 2. Grab some hand lotion and apply it to your right hand and to the head of your penis.

Step 3. Place your right palm on the head of your penis.

Step 4. Masturbate like you normally would, but only work on the head of your penis.

Note: Do not stroke the lower part of the penis so you don’t accidentally ejaculate like you normally would.

Step 5. Rapidly move your palm (while wrapped around penis head) up and down. Only do this to the head of the penis.

Step 6. Do all the fantasizing you want to help speed up the process.

Step 7. You will feel like you have to pee. This is ok, women have the same impulse. Keep going with it, and don’t worry about the peeing feeling.

Step 8. And squirt! The feeling is awesome. You will squirt a clear liquid

For more testimonies and more details on what may work with you (derived from different experiences) follow these two links here (*startup instruction manual with comments) and here (translations of japanese sources with links to them and more detailed testimonies).

6 Responses to “Male Sprinkling (2)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I will definitely try this later tonight. Sounds very exciting and I’m hoping I can do this the first time I try. Thanks, Nandisa

    • festival42 Says:

      I failed this first time due to inability to keep from touching shaft. I will keep trying for as long as it takes because I’m very excited about this possibility. Has anyone else reported he succeeded?

      • nandisa Says:

        Thanks for letting us know, festival42! Yeah, keep on “experimenting”! And you may want to read those accounts at the linked sites, if you not yet did. It seems that there is a slight variety not only in the trigger-technique, so to speak, but also a broad range for how this climax was/is experienced (concerning sensations and intensity).
        No one else has reported anything yet, I guess you´d read it here then!? 🙂

  2. festival42 Says:

    I will definitely do this step-by-step later tonight. I’m hoping to succeed on the first try. Thanks, Nandisa

    • nandisa Says:

      I am just glad I found this, so I could learn something new as well. I really hope you succeed, it may take some attempts. When you read all the testimonies you figure there are different ways to achieve the sprinkling-climax. You will find out what works for you – so keep it up!

  3. ThickSaltyandSweet Says:

    That’s a really hot looking glans in the picture! Mine, I’ve noticed, is similarly blue-ish after several days’ abstinence. Which means a nice, big volume of thick cum to be extracted from my balls 🙂

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