For a Closer Look (19) – Male Sprinkling

October 25, 2013

After three posts covering the introduction and how-to of this unusual and probably rare ejaculatory climax, I need to offer you a clip showing what it´s all about!

I was lucky to find a great demonstration of the ability, and what you´re going to see is remarkable for several (other) aspects:

  • the guy performing for us owns a truly gorgeous cock
  • his sack is tight and his balls are swollen (he uses a cock-ring) – just perfectly so
  • he uses a very unusual „lube“; the white stuff covering his penis, scrotum and left hand must be talc. Wikipedia knows: «Talc finds use as a cosmetic (talcum powder), as a lubricant, and (…) is used in baby powder, (…) for preventing rashes…».

The guy is a master at his bating routine, he must be an expert with his sprinkling-climax!

When the clip begins he seems close to PONR already, he teases his dick with deliberate light strokes for a while.

At 27 secs (into the clip) he coaxes out a big drip of precum (which he catches with his right hand and apparently consumes immediately).

At 34 secs he begins rubbing his cock-head in an intense fashion, just the way necessary for triggering the sprinkling-ejaculation as we have learned in the preceding posts.

At 59 secs he shoots a first sprinkle-spray!


At 61 secs he shoots a solid gush of his sprinkle-juice followed by a minor one at 65 secs.

He again shoots a forceful gush at 01:28 min, wetting his t-shirt even more:


At 01:36 min his regular ejaculatory reflex sets in, letting him spurt his milk 8 times. For the clip contains an audio track you can hear the guy grunting and swearing while cumming:

sprinkle E1

You have it all in a single spectacular clip*, demonstrating one variant of triggering sprinkling – that´s before cumming. As the testimonies tell us, it is possible and common the other way around. This makes sense pretty much, because as a novice you are bound to cum much easier and faster than to directly achieve sprinkling!

*Tech. specs: .mov, 8.2 MB, 02:06 min.

12 Responses to “For a Closer Look (19) – Male Sprinkling”

  1. ThickSaltyandSweet Says:

    Wow, that was something else.. I’m really puzzled now. What can the fluid be, if not precum or thin, watery cum? Which gland would secrete it, and indeed where could it be stored? You addressed some of these points in your previous posts, for sure, and definitely you are an authority on this whole subject. I’m just really puzzled right now… I’d love to see someone who is able to sprinkle, do a cum swallowing video with someone or by themself. Do continue to post on sprinkling in the future with more info/anything, it sure is a fascinating subject.

    • nandisa Says:

      Indeed, I was astound as you were now, when I encountered this phenomenon! I am afraid that – for now – I have nothing more to contribute to this topic. Maybe someone will comment with a personal success-story here some time? Until then I remain pointing to the reference pages (links) I noted in my second entry on male sprinkling here!

  2. ThickSaltyandSweet Says:

    Yes, this topic is well covered for now. I meant post more in the future, if you gain some information not mentioned in the three awesome sprinkling posts already here.

  3. JH Says:

    I just wanted to comment that a good many full blown ejaculations (my favorite kind, actually) begin with very spastic (not pulsed) semen sprinkling. I have always thought of it as spraying. After a second or two this spraying becomes heavy pulsed squirts, sometimes as many as 10 before they taper off in volume to a dribble. I believe the orgasm takes this form is because of the progression of emissions of the sex organs; first the swollen prostate hardens and discharges producing the initial spray, then the seminal vesicles harden producing the heavier squirts. (Remember, vesicle secretions are at least 60% of what the semen is).

    In a lot of men these events happen more closely together and so they are less distinct.

    • nandisa Says:

      Very well observed, JH, I shall agree concerning your remarks. The whole sprinkling phenomenon, as discussed in the preceeding posts, is obviously a very distinct reaction and experience though. – Thanks for commenting!

  4. BeauKhakiNinja Says:

    There’s a ton of videos on Reddit. /r/MaleSquirting

    • nandisa Says:

      Thanks for this particular hint!

    • Rok Says:

      Wow, there are a lot of videos over there. I had no idea this was so common. Thank you for the reddit link!

      • Tom Says:

        This guys used to have multiple videos on Xtube all with the same general theme. He is in a t-shirt. His cock, which is a beauty, is ringed and boned to the max. He is working his curve intensely, sometimes while he smokes and wanders the room. And then he ejaculates in a huge volume explosion. The sprinkling he does was always a wonder to witness.

      • Rok Says:

        I always loved the big gushers, that must feel amazing. Try as I might, I can only make tiny sporadic spurts.

      • nandisa Says:

        Better tiny sprinkle-spurts than none! Because this means you thru this kind of climax. The whole mechanism is still a mystery to me.The way you trigger the ejection(s), the fluid (the volume of it can only be stored in the bladder, I don´t see another way, but why is it not urine then (as many claim it is not)?)! – Fascinating!!

      • Rok Says:

        Better than nothing, yeah. A lot less mess to clean up, I still do it over the bathroom sink though! 😉

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