Climactic Intensity

November 9, 2013

I want to speak about climactic intensity. We well know other forms of intensities than the ones being generated by climaxing. Those are states of your body related to levels of arousal and excitement while sexually engaged. These states can be very intense and long-lasting, as with edging for example.

Climactic intensity is, as the term implies, bound to sexual climaxes and thus ephemeral. Any climax, mainly ejaculation and orgasm, is an affair measured in seconds, rather than minutes. That is because climaxes are reflexes represented by autonomous muscular contractions. They are answers of your body to a high level of sexual tension within you. Climaxes discharge this tension thru uncontrollable sets of muscular spasming.

When it comes to intensity, both the main male kinds of climaxes differ substantially!

Ejaculations become most intense before the reflex (pumping) sets in. In the rather brief time span from the onset of the point of no return (PONR) until the second or third cum-producing spasm the climactic sensation is felt most intense. The (further) cumming is experienced as a relief, a surrender, a liberation (exceptions to the rule).

intense jerk

Orgasm (which often includes ejaculation) holds a very different story. For the orgasmic triggering your body is building up excitement and arousal which is expressed thru the movement of your body (more and bigger muscles are involved), and at a point represented particularly by a pelvic thrusting, as when fucking someone (or something). This pelvic thrusting seems to be a deeply natural movement with most of the mammals on our planet, it is as if innate (think of humping dogs).

When orgasm is triggered your body-movements become uncontrollable. You buck and swing and spasm as a whole and this reflex gives you intense sensations until you regain control over your body (-movements).

Throughout our lives we are experiencing all kinds of intensity levels of arousal states as well as with our climaxes. Those levels are subject to many different parameters (of body and spirit) and are difficult to govern. That´s why you can be well surprised at times and also disappointed at others.

Now, what you do need for experiencing intense sensations is a certain level of sexual excitement. And the build-up of this excitement-level will always take a while (allow yourself the time to get loaded).

Intensity (of arousal) expresses itself not only in the muscular tone, but in other side-effects, mainly in the heart-beat rate and breathing pattern. And with deeper and accelerated breathing comes the natural tendency to create sound. The vocal expression of sensations and feelings is a very basic reaction and yet it does reflect a truly unique way of handling the overwhelming sensations within your body by anyones individual intonation.

Often the reaction to the intensity of lustful sensations is confused with that of dealing with pain, especially concerning the vocal manifestation. That is because we answer much alike to the experience of pain and lust: to cope with the unbearable (in a negative or positive sense) we can not other than to voice the sensory impact within our bodies (sooner or later).

There is just one way for the body to deal with extreme sensation (good or bad), and the similarities (concerning lust and pain) run all the way to the pinnacle of the sensory impact: when our biological system can´t bear intensity no more it shuts down. You faint or pass out. It´s a protection mechanism. I don´t need to elaborate on the pain-side of this homology.

As for sexual sensations: passing out while experiencing orgasm (as a massive discharge of accumulated energy and tension) would be the epitome of intensity gained thru sexual stimulation. This may be rare and most of the times not plannable. But it certainly does occur both in partnersexual and solosexual sessions. And it´s something you never will forget.

5 Responses to “Climactic Intensity”

  1. festival42 Says:

    Wow! The intensity of ejaculation of the man in the pic is amazing and a joy to see. Thank you!

  2. festival42 Says:

    I haven’t been able to Sprinkle yet. I’m too busy with daily edging much of the day and night. I’ll try to slow down and try this Sprinkling technique again one day.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    New here. I will admit to having a masturbation addiction to a porn star / model. I find myself more happy and turned on after ejaculating. I do premature ejaculate and my penis gets sensitive afterwards. That being said, post orgasm continued stimulation and muse worship is the best.

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