For a Closer Look (21) – BC Spasming

January 18, 2014

In the preceding post I was referring to the BC – among other important muscles – and its role while you are on your way to climax.

Now, the BC (Bulbocavernosus muscle) is directly attached to the bulb of the penis (that´s the internal base of the Corpus spongiosum, this being one of two erectile bodies of your cock).


It almost fully surrounds your erectile bodies:

BC at base

Because this muscle (aka Bulbospongiosus muscle) automatically contracts repeatedly when your ejaculatory reflex is triggered, it is thus mainly responsible for your milk shooting out of your penis and the force with which your cum leaves your cock as ropes, spray or spill. Also read this intro on Kegel exercises (about muscle strengthening).

I found a clip* in which a guy shows us his bottom while he makes himself pass his PONR. You will observe his BC-muscle spasming throughout the reflexive phase of his ejaculation (watch the area between his anus and scrotum!).

The following pic (showing the muscles I address here) is upside down from the original (shown recently), but that doesn´t matter, because this way it matches exactly the posture of the guy in the clip, you´ll see!

BC male turn

What´s more, you will find yourself running this short clip over and over! That´s because there are quite some POIs in the frame that deserve your detailed attention:

  • Watch his anus and the movement there as the guy clenches his sphincter-muscles!
  • Watch the involuntary clenching of his BC – the main ejector muscle – while the guy spurts his seminal fluids.
  • Realise the length of his great cock (extending inside of his body and well visible with the given point of view)!
  • Notice the tightness of his nut-bag!
  • Watch his milk being ejected in 10 spurts! The guy shoots a solid volume of his juice. You can make out a drip of precum at his cock-tip until he releases his load!
  • Last not least enjoy the audio-track!

This little clip is truly revealing. Since we tend to focus at the cum-shooting itself, we often miss the muscle-pulsing that makes the milk fly. Well, we could shift attention when our guy climaxes a second time, or when he eventually cums dry (after the depletion of his reservoirs).

But we always can sense his BC pulse when we touch him at his base during his pumping. This is as simple as it is hot to experience!

*Tech. specs: .avi, 3.2 MB, 22 sec., sound

13 Responses to “For a Closer Look (21) – BC Spasming”

  1. Hilmi Says:

    I can’t seem to download the clip

    • nandisa Says:

      Hi Hilmi, I just tried to download myself to check, and it worked fine. Since it is small in size it just took few seconds! Please try again. I also have no further complaints reported. It should work.

  2. Whiskey Man Says:

    This is some beautiful and informative work. The volume of man milk is impressive as is the sheer size, girth and power of his member and muscle contractions. Pure male energy at work!

  3. Wes Says:

    Hello friend, just reporting that the file doesn’t play under windows
    I had the codex and try converting the clip with ffmpeg but with no good luck

  4. Rok Says:

    A great example of a climax from behind! The man in the video is well endowed which is great because we get an upclose and detailed view of his girth and strong, well-developed muscles surrounding the shaft. Notice the subtle difference in how the muscles contract voluntarily or when subject to reflex!

    From a woman’s point of view, my girl loves feeling me climaxing. She says the throbbing during orgasm feels super arousing to her, as well as flattering because my body is telling her she put me to bliss. She loves the feeling inside her during vaginal sex and now we even make it a regular thing when we start sex i hold still inside her practicing kegels while she accommodates to my girth. During oral she says how awesome it is that at the moment of climax my penis comes to life, jumping in her mouth and shooting my produce. It was quite fascinating to her, like you mentioned Nandisa, that a great deal of the penis is inside the body and how she can feel it underneath the balls once i get aroused. That part feels awesome to her because it is the most muscular and the most active during orgasm!

    • Tom Says:

      Hot comment, Rok, as usual. The detail you provide is informative and arousing.

      • nandisa Says:

        I second that, absolutely! – I wished more women would find their way here. So far just one lady took part in my currently running poll (#54). But I am happy for that!

    • Rok Says:

      Thank you Tom! I wanted to add a woman’s point of view, Nandisa said that those would be quite welcome as well, since there aren’t as many women here as men 🙂

    • nandisa Says:

      Your comment is (again) much appreciated, Rok. I like how you expand this topic and give us a woman´s POV in this matter!

  5. Tom Says:

    One of the things this blog as shown me is how cumming is so much more than a hard cock and spurting semen. Of course I always knew that, having first hand experience and many years of practice. But this blog has shown me the orchestra that is really involved in our male pleasure. Now, when I see a hard cock spurting it’s milk, I can see in my mind’s eye the muscles that are going through their sweet, pleasurable contractions as they pump semen. This is incredibly exciting to me because it gives a depth of insight to what the man is experiencing; the pressure of his full glands; the expansion of his tubes as his fluids are mixed in preparation; the involuntary twitching of his muscles, in addition to whatever his cocks is experiencing; all those things that collide at the PONR, and then the final spilling over and all the sweet involuntary movement takes over. A clip like this helps me to visualize that in the most exciting way, for others and for myself.

    • nandisa Says:

      One more of your articulate comments that combine sincere praise with a very stimulating statement of grounds! I never get tired to learn that my blog has the potential to create positive effects for those who study it! 🙂
      Thank you Tom.

    • Rok Says:

      When you become conscious of what is happening in your and your partner’s body you have all off a sudden these extra degrees of freedom of what you can do and what to expect during sex. The (arousing) detail you have written out Tom proves how knowledgeable you are regarding the male body and with that you probably provide above-average pleasure for your partner and yourself 🙂

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