Got Milk? – Capacity Check (2)

March 29, 2014

Ejaculation is pretty much independent of the condition of a cock, the testicles, the Cowpers glands and the bladder. Important and indispensable for performing a natural ejaculation are the aspects I mentioned in the preceding post:

  1. the glands that produce and store cum
  2. the muscular system that propels cum and makes it see the light of day (or at least makes it leave a guys body)
  3. and the reflex that follows PONR, which is inextricably linked with what we call ejaculation.

As for 1.: you need your glands (see here and here) not only because they produce and store the fluids that mix up to become your milk, but because your glands are an essential part of your reproductive system. They are wired into what represents this (closed) system, where while you ejaculate every structure is needed for making it possible!


As for 2.: muscles, small and big, are everywhere within your system. It´s like a system by itself and it runs as an ensemble even before the moment your ejaculation is triggered, and especially then. The pre-programmed spasms (with a set rhythmic pace) then make sure that your milk is ejected out of your cock, more or less forcefully. All the muscles are the main source of the sensations that you sense just before and while ejaculating.

As for 3.: You can not spurt your semen at will, like out of the blue! True ejaculation is a triggered reflex (very few guys can trigger PONR mentally!). The reflex runs it´s programme (muscles, glands, connected tubes and valves) automatically. This all works thanks to our nervous system (and that´s a vast and complex field I won´t delve into here). However, some guys are able to gain control for performing stand-alone emissions.


According to the books, emission is part of the ejaculation:

„Seminal emission is the process of sperm transport from the epididymis to the prostatic urethra, followed by closure of the bladder neck, and is under sympathetic control. Promoted by high sexual arousal, this phase has an element of voluntary control by the man.“

I, however, use the term emission differently throughout my blog. I refer to it as emission-climax, when semen leaves a mans cock in a steady stream (as seen in the animated gif above) without showing the propulsive jets that mark ejaculation, meaning semen is released from the glands while the guy managed to avoid triggering the reflex. This is what we see when a man can separate emission from ejaculation.

Nos. 1 thru 3 above show us the essentials – anatomically speaking – which grant us the ejaculatory ability.

Now, we certainly do notice a broad variety in ejaculatory performance, namely the number of pulses a given reflex displays and the volume of milk expelled; the volume depending both on the number of pulses and the accumulated secretions within the glands beforehand.

The variables responsible for this are:

  1. natural variation (genetics)
  2. age
  3. situation-related variation (sex-act and physical/mental condition)
  4. deliberately altered capacity (thru preparation and exercise).

As for 1.: genetics determine the basic configuration of your system and hence the basic range of your capacity. Just like variety in hair-color, penis-size or sweat-production, there is a genetically given variety in the reproductive systems physique to begin with.

As for 2.: with progressing age your capacity and performance may change dramatically towards decline! Many elders will confirm this; this is how nature in time effects most of us.

As for 3.: the setting of a given sex-act (scenario + duration) and our physical and mental condition on the spot, show a great effect on the secretions within the glands – foremost the maintenance and level of arousal.

As for 4.: just like with other domains, we can foster and support our system thru exercise and healthy living in general, and by specific dietary intake and supplementation in particular. These measures have quite an impact on a guys capacity. Yet any guy needs to find out what works best for him. And the individually found formula may change in the course of time.

It is apparent now why we experience and see (witness) a broad variety in ejaculatory capacity. However, there must be – there is – an upper limit concerning the main features of natural ejaculation. More about that in my next post.

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