Got Milk? – Volume Repertory

June 22, 2014

In this post I present to you some clip-samples (via my usual download-option) showing guys with above-average cum production. Watch authentic superior ejaculation-abilities as well as too-good-to-be-true pumpings which leave us rather puzzled.

Before I begin to introduce my samples, take a look at this nice drawing:

glands + corpora

You see all the glands involved supplying fluids that leave you thru your penis (which is represented here by its two erectile bodies). The proportions in this pic shall match anatomical reality, giving you a clear idea about the storage-capacity of the individual glands. It is obvious that the bladder can hold the biggest amount of fluid and we sure all know that from experience. I mention this because it shall be of importance further down in this post.

A. Watch this guy shooting his load into a glas. No doubt this is real and a first-rate ejaculation. The guy cums in 15 spurts in what could be a double-ejaculation, but I consider this as one climax. Watch the volume he catches, it probably emptied his glands rather cumpletely!?

B. In this example we witness a very beautiful power-ejaculation. Although it´s just the cock-head in the frame, we clearly can observe the full-course of a forceful ejaculatory reflex, from the initial power-ooze, immediately followed by (8!) ropy jets of cum to the final (5-6) gushes of his cream. I have no doubt this is absolutely authentic.

C. Be amazed while observing this guy producing a huge volume of cum unloading on a desktop! This is obviously authentic, not only is he cumming towards the cam, but watch the slightly changing texture of his milk. This power-shooter is triggering (what I believe are) two consecutive climaxes.

Now, there seems to be a (natural) threshold in our perception of whether we believe a certain volume ejaculated is for real or if we judge it being a fake.


D. Check out this humorous take on ejaculation with a brief and clearly fake scene of „shooting cum“ (it´s rather cum-pissing)!

Which brings me to those examples showing ejaculations appearing authentic and yet something is too-good-to-be-true!

More than 10 years ago I discovered clips showing a guy shooting truly unreal volumes of what appears to be cum. This guy is in fact expelling the fluid thru his urethra (i.e. penis), however, we just do not watch a man ejaculating. But how?

E. Witness this guy with a very bloated scrotum mimicking ejaculation in 15 torrent-ejections of „milk“. The clip is a net-wide classic and you may know it.


The secret about this technique (and all similar appearances) is what reader „A“ recently revealed in a comment to the preceding post:

He inserts a catheter into his bladder and fills it with fluid resembling cum, he then pees it out. Aside from the sheer volume, the giveaway sign is being flaccid.

It’s also pretty hard to fake the twitches and spasms of an actual orgasm, although of course guys can leak a lot of cum without any spasms. In the videos I’ve seen, guys normally clench and release their PC muscle to make it look like spurts. Compare videos closely and you can see the difference.

In the so-called Retrograde ejaculation your system detours your cum right into your bladder! Responsible for this is a „misfunction“ of one of your sphincters (the one of your bladder, the internal one), check with this drawing:


Now if you sounded your cocks urethra and pressed artificial cum into your bladder via a catheter it´d be just the reverse way your urine is leaving your body.

Back to the clip showing the massive „cum“ ejection and its explanation. As a matter of fact I did write a message to a forum in 2004 where some guys where discussing the how-to and I came to the same conclusion reader „A“ left in the comments. Please read my message here if you care.

The bladder is the largest container for fluid (regularly urine) in your system, as you can check in the above drawing or other anatomical pics in this blog. Pissing urine or fake cum can be part of your sexual experience, but it has nothing much to do with the ejaculatory reflex. There is but one exception and that is the ability of some guys to sprinkle a fluid (in high volumes) being apparently neither urine nor semen! I covered this somewhat mysterious or at least elusive climactic ejection in these posts here, here and here.

F. Download a clip showing a guy sprinkling, as well as ejaculating after that. You definitely see the difference.

Finally we encounter clips in which men share their baffling ejaculatory abilities leaving us without any explanation.

Now while the next clip – G.may present us the pre-filled bladder variant (because the guy cums in 14 almost evenly spurts (pace-wise and volume-wise) of evenly textured thin white milk (all in all a very hot visual though!))), there may be few very lucky men around who just produce huge amounts of semen naturally and climax repetitively without much of a pause!? I was hinted to a clip by reader Addicted Penis Masturbator showing a man ejaculating unbelievable 37 (!!!) shots in one set – and I admit I have no clue about how this is at all possible (it looks authentic!). I think I make out 3 climaxes (assumed by two brief spurting-intermissions along his jerking).

H. Witness this mega-ejaculation and be happy for the guy cumming that long (96 secs!!) and exuberant!

2 Responses to “Got Milk? – Volume Repertory”

  1. Marco Says:

    Hi nandisa,

    you should have a look to this link showing a guy strongly ejaculating in super slow-motion. It is really impressive to see:


    • nandisa Says:

      Thanks for your attention and link-contribution, Multiguy!
      The guy´s ejaculation in your suggested clip is quite unusual, so is the texture of his milk, rather runny and clear. Definitely a hot and interesting variant in the realm of ejaculations!

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