Got Milk? – Pulses Repertory

July 20, 2014

This post closes the „Got Milk?“-series. It´s a direct continuation of Got Milk? – Capacity Check (3) in which I covered ejaculatory performance, explaining the different ways guys pulse out their produce and why so. What I described there, you may watch in clip-samples here.

I need to be a bit more precise: in this repertory I have collected hot scenes of ejaculations covering the range of the males’ ability to (powerfully) shoot jets of cum, from illustrating the spurting of few ropes (representing the majority of guys I believe) to the stunning achievements of true performance-masters, who signify the top of the anatomically possible.

Mind you that pulses do not equal jets or spurts! Pulses mean the contractions of the muscles (within the ejaculatory reflex) which make your semen leave your penis, no matter if this happens via gushes, squirts or ropes. But because this series of posts is about capacity-check, and parallel to the check on volume, I wanted to offer you evidence of powerful ejaculations.

Again, take into consideration that a minority of men is able to produce the feat of – lets say – five spurts (and more) on a regular basis. You need a big volume of milk and a strong muscular reaction for such, which both may be rather the exception to the rule.

In my poll-question #21 I was asking my readers about their personal output (cum-producing pulses on average, which – again – don´t mean jets or spurts). Take a look at the results of 68 voters:

poll pulses

The majority of votes are in the range of what we observe in this clip:

A. This guy is featuring a solid ejaculation showing 9 cum-producing pulses. Yet he does not spurt more than 2 distinct ropes of cum. I believe that his performance stands for the majority of ejaculations that guys show in a standard masturbatory session.


B. This guy represents a powerful shooter with 5 initial spurts of about 12 cum-producing pulses. I would place this sample already in the above-average range of ejaculatory performance.

C. This clip is very hot! You witness a beautiful ejaculation in slow motion of a young guy with a stunning cock! I count 10 pulses of which 6 of them produce very forceful spray-shots (add an initial (pre-pulse) and a final minor spurt)! When you focus at the base of his shaft you clearly make out the contractions of his BC-muscle, the pumping is obvious with the beautiful pulsation of his Corpus spongiosum (or Corpus cavernosum urethrae in the pic below, i.e. his soft erectile tissue containing the urethra).


D. This clip offers a beautiful study of a prolific ejaculation! It runs in slow motion and it´s a no touch performance! You clearly see the „naked“ throbbing cock shooting delicious ropey jizz! Of the 10 cum-producing pulses (the clip may be cut off before the end of the guy´s reflex) you witness 9 jets and spurts. This unaltered ejaculation features what I described in this post, paragraph “As for 1.”: The cum-volume ejected with a single pulse does vary throughout ejaculation, a fifth to eighth contraction may produce a bigger shot than the couple preceding ones. – In this clip the 6th and 7th rope show more force (and volume) than the preceding spurts!

E. The nick of the guy (Spritzmeister) and the setting we are presented with show it all. This guy belongs to the group of performance-masters when it cums to ejaculation. Of the filmed 12 cum-producing pulses at least 6 turn out as forceful spray-jets, only about 3 are minor spurts (plus a final mini-gush). The setting let you objectively witness Spritzmeisters range of shooting distance.

F. I shall not close without mentioning Spritzing (aka Krooga). This man is certainly one of the genuine performance-masters maybe on a global level! And he is (or was) able to perform like he does on a regular basis, truly astounding. I selected one of his beautiful ejaculation samples with a frontal point of view. Watch his cock-mouth and enjoy one of his ever stunning juicy climaxes in a slight slow motion!

spritzing power

After a brief pre-gush of his delicious milk he produces 14 cum-pulses of which he shoots (in slomo appearing as if he pisses them) 11 runny jets towards the cam! Pay attention to his cock-slit which is less a slit but a small opening which shall be one reason for his exquisite ability, – it works in the sense of a pinched hose with an effect we all know.

meatus anatomy

G. Finally I must repeat a clip I already offered in the preceding post. Witness (again) a guy performing a mega-ejaculation made of 37 ropey spurts (of different force)! It´s also a frontal view and it looks genuine. I explain the record number of his shots with that we follow him running thru 3 consecutive ejaculations or a combination of ejaculation and fluid-ejection from his bladder. Baffling enough is the not diminishing volume of his milk (in any spurt) until he eventually ceases jerking.

Male ejaculation is a very fascinating anatomical process. In my blog I try to deliver profound insights of this topic with a zest. The now completed series adds a terrific portion to my aim. But there is more to cum, so stay tuned. 🙂

13 Responses to “Got Milk? – Pulses Repertory”

  1. Rok Says:

    A very detailed post indeed! On an average ejaculation i produce around 11 cum-producing pulses and the whole number of pulses is around 19. It’s a little bit different i noticed when i incorporate anal masturbation as well and i use a dildo to nudge and press down on my prostate, during those times i make only about 4 cum-producing pulses which are huge (i’m guessing from increased pressure) and my overall milk volume is slightly bigger, but the total number of contractions shoots up to around 25 or more, leaving me a shaking mess! 😀

    • Tom Says:

      Just imagining that is leaving me shaking, Rok 😉

    • Rok Says:

      Thank you for the praise Tom!

      • Tom Says:

        Now that I got over my initial stunned imaginings based on your vivid description of what you experience, I can describe my own. Like you I will usually experience 10 to 12 ejaculatory contractions, with most of the cum coming in contractions 3 through 8. The last few are still creating pleasure of course, but what comes out is the remnants, that last bit of cum that is often clear, with less of the milky white consistency of the major portion of my load. There is also often an sweet aching that I experience in those last few contractions, I assume because the muscles have been worked well. On occasion I will experience a more voluminous final spurt, which is always a surprise and pleasure. I know this because I had a rather intense ejaculation just last night, and counted the spurts as I coated my chest and belly.

    • Tom Says:

      And I am trying to imagine an orgasm with 25ish contractions, although much of it dry. It would be like having two normal orgasms merged together. That sounds like there would be a moment when one could think “Will this pleasure ever end? Will I simply become lost in this contractile pleasure forever? Will I find my way back?”

      • nandisa Says:

        Tom, this note of yours reminded me of this story! You sure commented there as well. 🙂

      • Tom Says:

        Nandisa: Thanks for reminding me both of that previous post (so incredibly hot, and those attached gifs-makes it even hotter), and my comment to the described prolonged ejaculation. Funny how similar it is to this one.

    • nandisa Says:

      Thank you both Rok and Tom for sharing your ejaculatory quantity and quality data, it is very hot to imagine the performances you describe!

    • Rok Says:

      Nice to read your detailed description you shared with us Tom. I can relate with a lot of what you have written, especially how the ejaculate becomes more thin towards the end and how sometimes you experience a bigger final spurt, i have those as well 😉
      Great to hear that you liked my report as well, you really seem to enjoy the idea of extending your contractile phase, it really does feel fantastic when your muscles perform that much more! Well, anal play does that to me. 😉

      • Tom Says:

        Rok: I just realized you wrote originally that you usually have 19 cum producing pulses. How did I miss that? Incredible.

        Also, if I am understanding correctly, when you add anal play your contractions are extended (to 25! Gulp) but you produce a massive load in just three spurts? That is quite interesting. I am trying to figure out how that would happen.

      • Rok Says:

        Thanks for asking Tom! Let me explain; i have around 19 contractions during orgasm, but only around 11 are cum producing ones, the rest are dry. As far as anal play goes, i’m not sure how it works exactly but when i ejaculate i have 4 very powerful spurts, where the cum travels fast and under very high pressure.

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