Poll No. 40 Results

July 29, 2014

While I was publishing my big series on „Got Milk?“, I had poll #40 up asking you in a basic notion what it is that makes you love semen? Up to three answers were allowed, giving you a choice to pick from nine suggested answers and/or fill in your personal reason.

I received 336 votes during the time the poll was open! Let´s have a look at the interesting results:

poll 40

We find two clear leads and surprisingly those two reasons are not related to a physical attribute of cum. They reach beyond and signify that a majority of voters seem to value a holistic view concerning the male produce.

You love semen for the process necessary to obtain it means that you love what it takes to trigger ejaculation, which is masturbation or other forms of sex. I am sure you understood that the term “process” is supposed to mean a slow, a lasting act if not even edging!

You love semen for it being the physical manifestation of a mans climax means that when you see cum leaving a mans body you know that this guy is experiencing blissful sensations within his system! You love male milk, because it indicates just that and it is a joy to know. Semen spilled means climax (ejaculation, orgasm). This answer certainly didn´t aim for practices such as gland milking.

You love semen for its taste! This physical attribute garnered the majority of votes. It means that many of you voters consume male milk and love its taste (which is variable as we know).


You love semen for its texture (quality). Oh yes, cum is such a great fluid and it appears in a broad range of textures. No surprise that the next ranking answer is the following:

You love semen for the variability of its quality and volume. It sure is wonderful to enjoy the many different textures and capacities a male reproductive system is able to produce (even in one and the same guy)! This fact does not cease to amaze us, does it.

white milk torrent

You love semen for its scent. Cum sure has its distinct smell, which also may vary among individuals and occasions. It reminds many people to the odor of bleach. And I think some plants (its blossoms) develop a similar scent.

You love semen for its appearance (color and/or temperature). The warm temperature of fresh milk may be pretty much the same always anywhere 😉 yet the color once again is subject to change. The appearance of semen is tightly related to the questions about its texture (see before).

You love semen for its relative scarcity. – There is a significant drop in the number of votes from here. Interestingly enough this option was chosen by 8 voters. And yes, male milk is in fact a rare fluid, unlike all the main others, like saliva, tears, blood or sweat. And it is harder to get a hold of.

You love semen for its content, meaning nourishing properties. Semen does contain very valuable substances. It is supposed to benefit your body besides being the medium for impregnation. If we considered this we became aware of the fact that shooting around cum is truly wasteful.


Read the personal answers:

You love semen because you have earned it. This is a very confident answer alright.

You love semen for making babies. This answer is related to the neglected fact of the main property of cum and why we (males) are made to and do produce the stuff at all. Good point!

You love sucking cock and if a man cums in your mouth it is rude not to swallow his semen. Now this is a very particular answer. It could mean true love for a male, his cock and his produce!

Thanks to every participant!

4 Responses to “Poll No. 40 Results”

  1. ThickSaltyandSweet Says:

    I remember voting taste, quality or quantity I think. I love that all of those vary so much from time to time, it makes it interesting for us who like to taste and swallow our male milk! I still am surprised sometimes how much I end up shooting. I greatly enjoy to see how different diet affects the taste, volume and texture. I try to go for the huge load that is thick, creamy, gooey, sweet and salty! Every once in a while my cum is so perfect it’s mindblowing to taste and swallow! One thing the poll didn’t include is almost a ‘spiritual’ meaning: swallowing your sperm to feel connected with yourself and “recycling the male sexual power” that might be considered to be contained in semen. That is true for me sometimes, too.

    • nandisa Says:

      Thanks for your lovely comment, you are a true connoisseur adding an important aspect to this matter! 🙂

      • ThickSaltyandSweet Says:

        Thanks for the blog, do keep posting although us readers don’t always remember (or some, bother) to leave a comment. You’ve covered so much area in the subject it’s no wonder topics might be getting scarce! I, for one, enjoy your fiction output greatly, too, as I think I have stated before. 🙂 There’s always hot stories to share…

      • nandisa Says:

        ThickSaltyandSweet, your feed-back and encouragement is much appreciated!!
        Meanwhile I noted down all the ideas for posts I got and they are waiting to be executed, among them more hot stories indeed.
        The pace of two publications per month suits me and the situation. So stay tuned, there is more to cum 😉

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