Reel Fiction (8)

August 11, 2014

I haven´t had posted a Reel Fiction Story for a long time. This one still suits the recently completed series headlined Got Milk?

I got it all wrong! When I think back I only shake my head while grinning. I truly believed that the male nuts produced semen, which was collected and stored in the scrotum until release. This concept seemed so obvious, it was so brilliant, so convincing! Well, I was barely a teen then and what did I know?

I was a girl of just 11 when I gained interest in boys. Generally so and soon enough my curiosity turned to their sexuality. This was before the internet existed and information of this kind was based on rumors and accounts of friends and classmates (books which could answer these questions were not easily accessible). Biology classes were not yet due to teach us the workings of the male (or female) reproductive system.

My best source of information was my best friend and it all made so much sense what she reported to me in her first-hand accounts. She was two years older than me, quite premature, and dating a 15-year-old boy. It didn´t take long they engaged in sexual activities.

This boy must have been well endowed (for sure no little boy no more). My friend´s reports on what he revealed to her, how he behaved and how my friend experienced his genital reactions, were the hottest news and of very particular interest.

Since the boy, I think his name was Robert, Bob, – since Bob soon was expressing his desire to cum in phrases like that he needed to empty his balls or bust a nut so badly, I (and my friend in the first place) was sure that his semen was produced and stored down there. In addition to that we had heard that the stuff with which men could make babies came from the testicles in their scrotums. Well, capital mistake, we confused sperm with semen to begin with.

The days came (soon enough) when my friend gave Bob handjobs and thus had the chance to take closer looks at his genitals. She noticed that his sack appeared to be larger, somewhat puffed out in comparison to its state of non-arousal (my friend had seen him naked once in the bathroom some time before a non planned sexual encounter).

Big Scrotum jerk

A second observation later on in their sexual relationship was the fact, that Bob was shooting more cum the longer she played with his cock and scrotum before triggering him. This correlated, apparently, with a significant swelling of Bobs nutbag the longer she took her time to release him.

I was tremendously intrigued! I liked the thought that guys were able to produce a higher volume over time and that – as a result – their scrotums were getting bloated from the semen they collected in it before ejaculating. It was all so obvious and logical. This sure was the way males were working. My friend confirmed my thesis with what she observed at Bobs anatomy.

Her stories were hot and I longed to have a boyfriend for myself to verify and enjoy what she was telling me. Since my friend had developed a taste for semen and kept on reporting favourably about Bobs produce, I started to fantasize of having a lover who was able to shoot huge loads and who would grow a big and filled scrotum prior to his enormous releases.

This sexual phantasy was so powerful, that one night I had the most vivid dream of a man offering what I so deeply craved for: I was watching my (not yet existing) lover sitting on a sofa opposite of me. He said he wanted to show me what to expect when a man collected a huge load of semen in his scrotum and how awesome he was cumming when he emptied his filled nutbag then.


So he began jerking his penis with his right hand while holding his scrotum with his left hand, presumably pressing on it. His scrotum had the size of a grapefruit! After a short while he started cumming. He released torrents of his produce, it was incredibly hot! I felt the urge of being covered, well showered with his semen – his ejaculation was unbelievably huge and didn´t seem to end.

Eventually I woke up from having an orgasm!

I´ll never forget this beautiful dream, – it never occurred again, unfortunately. I listened to the stories of my friend, but since she and Bob began to fuck each other, the whole scrotum and cum-volume issue got out of focus, despite her love for jizz.

When we learned about the true anatomical circumstances of the male reproductive system I was kind of shocked a bit and disappointed. My beautiful and logic concept of the male seminal production and storage was all wrong, it was much more complicated than expected. And in sexual encounters one couldn´t „see“ no more how much cum a man had produced until he was due to spill it. – Well, this was all before I got sexually involved with a guy eventually. But I still love swollen balls and huge cumloads, and I am glad that men are capable of both, even though it´s not as glorious as it was in my dream.


Compare with this story!

4 Responses to “Reel Fiction (8)”

  1. A Says:

    I’ve had a few dreams like these, only I’m the one with the huge, swollen balls filled to the brim with cum.

    I would be so full of cum that the slightest pressure was enough to trigger a massive ejaculation, enough to equal tens of guys in a bukkake session. Each spurt was so thick and voluminous you could hear it splatter. I nearly always woke up to big, messy wet dream.

    I know it doesn’t make anatomical sense but it has always been my fantasy.

  2. ThickSaltyandSweet Says:

    Very nice story! The youthful exploration aspect is cool.

    I’d love to have heard about the two teens’ first cum swallowing, how she would think about the experience, taste, volume etc. If you decide to continue the story… 🙂

    • nandisa Says:

      I´m glad you liked this story! Your feed-back sure is encouraging and it delivers a good idea I shall note for a future consideration, thanks a lot!

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