For a Closer Look (22) – PONR

November 29, 2014


Watch PONR unfold.

Yeah, I know, we can´t really watch PONR, „only“ the result of it. And that is ejaculation. The reflex that makes a guy rhythmically shoot his load follows inevitably a short while after he has passed his Point Of No Return.

Or in other words, PONR marks the moment (lasting about 1 to 3 seconds) in which a man knows that his system will perform ejaculation, in other words still: his system will run thru the sequence of muscular spasms that pumps out his stored cum from his glands (though there are guys who run the reflex but won´t spill semen).

PONR itself is not a physical movement, it is a neural happening, a threshold that is crossed, which triggers the ejaculatory reflex. So you can not watch it (PONR) happen, but you can feel it. And PONR (and the seconds before and after) offers you the sweetest and most delicious sensations your reproductive system can generate (i.e. your ejaculatory climax). You can sense and feel PONR, because the nerves in the many tissues of your system run thru a status-change making your plumbing react.

ejac graph

You could pretty exactly speak out at the moment PONR happens (however, I believe many of us misjudge that moment), typically murmured by many in this phrase: I´m cumming! A change in the moaning and/or breathing pattern also indicates that PONR is reached.

So, can´t we monitor it? Kind of. When we observe men who decide to approach PONR carefully for truly savoring this exquisite moment. And I found two clips which let us empathise with the ejaculators, thanks to our climactic experiences. We can clearly comprehend what the respective guy in the clip is sensing and going thru, just by how he triggers his release.

Before I introduce you to the clips I need to put PONR into a broader perspective.

It is just wonderful that this threshold exists! We can take advantage of this and follow the path of enhanced sexual fulfillment (in contrast to straight forwardly beating-off or fucking for orgasm, activities which bear their own values).

Edging – it´s in the name! – is the masturbatory mastering of avoiding the triggering of the reflex and – for most men – avoiding spilling semen at all.

Many edgers may enter an orgasmic state where PONR seems imminent, yet is (just) not reached, – quite a skill, pure bliss.

Other guys want to spill their milk, but not (only) by ejaculating. They play with approaching PONR to coax emissions, which is another skill that requires learning and experience. For an emission to occur, the internal valves open making your milk rinse from the glands and out of your cock without the ejaculatory reflex being triggered. This reaction is also referred to as Ruined Orgasm (or Ruined Ejaculation), but that´s in another psycho-sexual setting. Solosexual guys who are able to deliberately coax emissions are in high control of their edge (PONR) and want to cum this way.

Some men seek to extend their sensations of climaxing. They cultivate to consciously „edge-for-ejaculation“ in a stop-and-go fashion. This secures a big volume of semen and intense sensations while passing thru PONR and into ejaculation. These guys slow down their reactions. After edging for some time they carefully close in on PONR. First they try to consciously coax emission. If successful, the (out)flow of cum immediately triggers the reflex. I call this emisjaculation.

The first clip shows a young man experiencing such an extended climax. He stands before of a mirror (perfect view for us observers) with PONR looming, attempting to consciously pass over his edge. He is in good control of that by keeping his hand off his beautiful cock, applying just another hesitating, but decisively pull of his cock-skin at 17/18 secs into the clip.

ponr mirror

The sensations of this skin-pulling coax an emission with initial milk appearing at his cock-slit at second 21, spilling down for 2 seconds followed by the spasms of his reflex (all off-hands). You can count 12 spasms by the throbbing of his penis. His ejaculation produces three distinct spurts of his thick cream. The clip offers sound, but the guy remains silent unfortunately.

This is different in clip No. 2. You hear the guy moaning and breathing (although these allow no clues for when exactly he passes his edge(s)).

He as well applies a stop-and-go technique on his stunning, oiled cock (on/off hands), but is jerking his wand in full grip to push himself further towards release.

ponr emiss

He will have edged for some time and is close to his threshold, so that he needs to interrupt his jerking for an enhanced climaxing. Off-frame he may play with his nipples!

He continuously applies lighter stroking/touching of his cock, he works with his BC (voluntarily I assume) making his penis bounce and throb.

At about 1:43 min into the clip his valves open resulting in a solid cum-piss 2 seconds later. He deliberately contracts his muscles to pump out all the milk released from his glands (off-hands, and this is clearly not part of an ejaculatory reflex).

After the spill he continues to jerk his rod with a light grip until he passes PONR at about 1:57 min into the clip (listen to his sigh), when he enforces his jerking to experience his pumping on full penile impact. Despite his emission he produces 6 spurts and milks all of his juices out of his urethra.

These guys are in control of their PONRs and decide to climax in full awareness of the unique sensations close by the edge. Sensations that we can address as climax, which lasts from provoking and passing PONR via emission and on throughout ejaculation.

Clip one: See a guy experiencing emisjaculation in front of a mirror (mp4, 37 secs).

Clip two: See a guy coaxing emission and triggering ejaculation a while later (mov, 137 secs).

21 Responses to “For a Closer Look (22) – PONR”

  1. addicted Masturbator Says:

    Clip 2 only gets to an ad page…… 😦

    • nandisa Says:

      Hm… that is strange. I just tried myself (not being logged in) and it worked fine. Hope you can repeat and it will work for you as well, it should!

  2. crws Says:

    clip 2 doesn’t open for me….why aren’t you using or google drive?..that crappy filehost you chose has very slow download speeds

  3. Anonymous Says:

    crws is right. Downloading its not the problem. I’ve tried a lot of mov-codecs, but no success.

    • nandisa Says:

      Sorry to hear this! No problems on my side, nor so far with any other clip of that format!? — Meanwhile I had time to check with the particular clip and can confirm your detection that the file must be corrupted! It is playing for me though, however, I was not able to convert it (to up it refreshed). So there is something wrong with this vid! I even attempted to find the clip on the net (again) to give you a link, but was not successful. I am quite sorry, such did not happen before it seems. You were the second who hinted to the malfunction. The clip was downloaded quite a few times since I placed my entry:
      dl-counter 1fichier
      At another post I just commented this:
      … trying to fix these problems consumes way too much time I don´t have. My blog is not about clips, they are implemented to illustrate certain situations I mention in my texts. The net is full of similar clips to the ones I placed which are often taken from net-sources. I shall not use clips the way I did in the future then. There is no point in that if it does not work. Pics and gifs may be fine enough. My content also addresses the imagination of the readers…
      Still thanks for telling me these problems!

  4. crws Says: i want to believe this is real….but i think he did something to fake it…i don’t know what…but he’s doing kinda the impossible.

  5. crws Says:

    cum’s color doesn’t look healthy.

  6. Tom Says:

    I really enjoyed this post. Your description is incredibly detailed. Despite the rather technical nature of the subject matter, how you describe this peak point in the male arousal system is incredibly arousing! Both the anatomical diagrams (which I find quite exciting) and the pictures provide excellent enhancements to the text. Well done sir!

  7. Tom Says:

    at 0:47 again at 0:58 at 1:10 ans 1:25 you can see drops falling down from his skrotum. Very arousing for me. Is this sweat, precum or just the oil…?

    • nandisa Says:

      Very well observed, Tom! I had missed this detail, I guess because one focuses easily on his gorgeous cock and the load to show. I pretty much assume it must be oil dripping! There is another drop falling at 1:45 when he is shooting.

  8. chas Says:

    I really enjoyed this post! Sorta like all the other ones on this blog! Thanks Nandisa for making this blog so easily available, informative, and enjoyable!
    I especially liked the link for the video from Tumbler, that was so amazing how much he ejaculated! :p Must have been edging for a while. I would like to experience something that marvelous at some point “with some practice of course”!
    I can’t wait to try some more stuff I’ve learned about so far! I usually have a major hard on from reading this blog! Thanks 🙂

    • nandisa Says:

      Chas, I like your commenting! The fact that you do so and that you share with us how you discover this blog!
      I hope that many more visitors/readers experience the same revelations, although but a few comment to let us know.

      • chas Says:

        Well thank you! For making a awesome blog! I was hesitate at first myself to post on here. But after I started to read more and more, I said “how can I not” post anything!!
        It’s so great to learn and talk about this type of stuff with other like minded individuals!

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