What is it with Precum?

December 24, 2014

Everything about the substance and producing it is rather fabulous. Unless you belong to the minority of guys whose Cowper´s glands secrete little volumes, or release it not before ejaculation. I must admit that I have no data on such low functioning, sorry, as this must be an issue for juice-conscious guys.

I am fortunate (or just an average guy), for I precum in fair amounts. So my pondering here is based on that fact and all the experiences coming with it. – I guess, that because precumming is so straightforward and sublime, there is not much to tell concerning the physical facts. I did so early in this blog, look here and here. And the first entry of these two used to be the most requested post for quite some time (it still ranks No. 2 these days!!).

Male precumming is truly an amazing feat. It is as biologically straightforward as it is mysterious in all its appearance.


The substance is alike in every man, as it is pure stuff from one kind of gland (two glands of it in every guy). While semen can take different fluidities, color, odor, taste, as it represents a mix of secretions, precum is pretty much always the same juice all around, appearing crystal clear and mostly tasting salty.

It leaks whenever a man is sexually aroused (at least when his arousal lasts for a little while and reason for it has caught the guys full attention). It seems that with a more intense arousal the production of his precum slightly increases as well.

A mans cock must not gain erection for precum to occur! Arousal by itself is the trigger for the Cowper´s glands to get started. And precum-production will last either as long as the guy is in (deeper) arousal or until he has ejaculated. The former rule adds to the beauty of edging! As long as you edge you may be precumming! How great is that!

frosty glans slit pre

The functioning of the tiny glands, also referred to as Bulbourethral glands, is just astounding. The glands may be only the size of peas or beans, and yet they manage to secrete fair amounts of precum as long as arousal is kicking, and that can be looong (pro-edgers please comment to my claim here since I have no experience in extreme edging, i.d edging for many hours or days on end).

Lately I often notice the search term „milking Cowper´s glands“ (WordPress supplies this info to admins). This thought may be exciting, however, I am convinced that you can not really milk (or massage) those tiny glands, nor do so with much of an effect. Here´s why:

The glands are (comparatively) small and their location is somewhat difficult to access. A targeted touch may not be possible or at least not perceptible (dear reader, report to us via the comment function if you hold different experiences).

The glands don´t seem to be sensitive to pressure, nor do they seem to issue any „sensations“ when they are active (or not). Has anybody ever felt them?

cowpers gland

The glands don´t store any precum, they produce-and-leak their nectar (check the drawing of the inner structure of a Cowper´s gland above) as like in a singular process („straightforward“!). Hence there is nothing to milk from them. You can milk your cock-shaft (especially the underside made of the Corpus spongiosum) to get out the precum filling your urethra, yet the Cowper´s glands are not suitable for milking in a classical understanding. If you want to milk your small glands, pressing on the perineum would be the appropriate procedure! This is quite different from the high impact milking of the prostate and the seminal vesicles.

Cowpers location

These observations reminded me of the secretion of saliva when we are about to ingest something delicious: glands again produce this sap, but we don´t feel that (glands activity) and we wouldn´t know how to access them, neither of how to milk them.

Precumming truly is exquisite. Just enjoy watching yourself (or a partner) slowly oozing this clear honey-of-bliss.


The previous post offers an example of precum oozing from an upright cock just prior to the guys climax (in pics and a clip) and try to download this clip showing a guy playing with his nectar!

28 Responses to “What is it with Precum?”

  1. Raymond Gordon Says:

    Precum is very exciting for me and I enjoy precum for hours until I see the first sign of any white semen, then I stop completely until the next session. Thanks Nandisa for this interesting and exciting post.

  2. A Says:

    Here’s the biggest precum video I’ve ever seen:

    Watch the whole video if you can, but here are some highlights:
    6:13 – spurt
    7:35 – another spurt
    8:05 – view of the huge precum puddle

    • Raymond Gordon Says:

      Great video. Mine flows like that and even more but needs more stroking to keep very close to the edge. I could not precum like that without more hand stimulation. Thanks, Nandisa. This was very enjoyable to watch.

    • nandisa Says:

      I much appreciate your link to this befittingly clip (with the timecoded highlights)! It also illustrates what excessive precumming might look like (see the following comment by trmsomasf).

    • Tom Says:

      Wow-that was quite the performance in control. You could see a few squirts as he approached peak excitement which didn’t look quite like precum. I can think of a few things I would have done with it besides letting it fall to the floor in a thick cascade.

  3. trmsomasf Says:

    Great post. There is a reason why your earlier precum post was so popular. I love that feeling of sexual excitement, the warming in my cock and groin, deep inside, and then the wetness as this nectar makes its appearance. It is one of the great pleasures of being a man.

    I ran into this site awhile back which was shocking on the initial glance because it suggests precum (or excessive precum) is an awful thing to experience. For me, more is the ideal 🙂

    PS love the GIF because it portrays how luscious and beautiful this nectar is.

    • Raymond Gordon Says:

      Precum is ideal for me as well and I like to keep it flowing until I see the first drop of white semen. Then I stop and begin the next session exactly where I stopped the previous time.

    • nandisa Says:

      trmsomasf, thanks for your supportive comment! – It is indeed a very interesting find you contribute to my post. I checked it out (not in depth though) and must say that what I read is quite curious. Because I, like many (most) of you, love precum. However, excessive precum seems to be a problem for guys who produce that amount – 5-10ml, as it was noted. I guess this can be disturbing in certain situations, so whenever one just don´t want it (that much). Hard for us precum-lovers to grasp.

      • Anonymous Says:

        It would seem that it would take some doing to work up 5-10mls. Hard to imagine that happening spontaneously without effort. Certainly there was effort in the clip above.

  4. Raymond Gordon Says:

    Believe me this is very possible and I have done this many times. Nandisa posts only very reliable posts and clips.

    • Tom Says:

      Lucky you 🙂

      • Raymond Gordon Says:

        All it takes is practice. Read Nandisa’s posts on Edging and learn to become very aware of closeness of PONR. Try to stop in time but if not keep trying. Eventually you will begin to precum almost immediately and each session will begin exactly where you stopped previously. This can be done for hours each day or as often as you wish as long as you do not ejaculate. Have fun practicing and let the group know how you’re doing. Precum is very enjoyable especially when it free flows like water.

      • Tom Says:

        I’ve never been able to collect that much. Usually just enough to lube my head, which is quite wonderful. What do you do with that volume of it? I can think of a few things…;-)

  5. festival42 Says:

    Precumming for two hours now today staying very close. My penis is rock hard and I am enjoying this session greatly. Thanks, Nandisa for all the fantastic posts.

  6. chas Says:

    “What is it with precum”?! Absolutely nothing!! Just something men get to enjoy and it’s in endless supply.
    I just finished this post and read both of your other “pure nectar 1 and 2”. All three are so informative and have great clips involving this wonderful nectar!!

    Like most of us, I too love this stuff. Playing with it, tasting it, using as lube, etc…
    I think I have an average amount of flowing precum when aroused. (sometimes wish I had more flowing, I enjoy it that much)

    Also for me it’s kinda hot to hear from others and their thought about it..

    I love your blog too!! I so wish I found it sooner!

    • Tom Says:

      I hear you. I wish I had more flowing too. The stuff is truly glorious. So many possibilities to do wonderful things with it.

  7. festival42 Says:

    Thank you Nandisa for teaching me how to edge several years ago. I have been practicing this skill and now can edge indefinitely as often as I wish without stop and go just cresting after the peak. This is the most rewarding and enjoyable experience any man can have. I just wish more men knew about edging without ejaculation because you can always be “right there” every time you begin a new session without any refractory period ever except when a mistake is made with one stroke too many. The key is practice, practice, practice! Thanks again. Ray

    • nandisa Says:

      Ray, your comment is like an xmas-gift to me! 🙂
      Really, did my blog pave the way for you to become an expert-edger!? That is fantastic news and I am very happy to learn this fact!

      I bet you are right when you emphasize on the fact that one needs to practice a lot until becoming an unlimited edger! In addition, one must be truly passionate about reaching this goal. Maybe one needs to bear a disposition for edging!? I personally am in love with ejaculating, so I developed the skill to cum multiple times in quick succession (I mentioned this before somewhere).

      Thank you for your account once again, your solo-sexual evolution will encorage other readers to follow your path. The advantages you mention are most convincing, I totally agree although my sexual self-fulfilment is a different one.

  8. terrier2016 Says:

    Interesting, how different people produce such vastly different amounts, you have reports from guys making barely a drop, to others who have gooey flowing streams of the stuff! For me it even varies depending on the circumstances, when i’m alone masturbating and/or edging, i can squeeze out a drop every 15 minutes or so, but when i’m with a woman i get a much better flow! (to her pleasure 😉 )

  9. festival42 Says:

    Thank You Nandisa for sharing the precum video. The guy starts precum almost immediately and I do too. I am very careful and try to last as long as I can without ejaculation. Sometimes I take that one stroke too many but not often. When it becomes almost impossible to keep from ejaculation then I really have a big blast of stored cum.

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