Time of The Eggs – Again

April 2, 2015

Yep, you guessed it, it´s time to worship all eggs and egg-shaped balls, and you know what I mean! 😉

Found this great poster on The Masturbator´s Sanctum, a really great blog by the way, always worth a visit! The poster just matches the Holiday that celebrates with eggs big and small.

on drawing balls

The chart curiously enough is about drawing scrotums correctly!! After having read the interesting lecture we may conclude that drawing balls is one thing (because an artist wants to make them look hot and for real), yet out in the wild really anything goes! Scrotums are true shapeshifters and we know that there are no limits in the appearance of our egg-filled funbags!!

Happy Easter!

12 Responses to “Time of The Eggs – Again”

  1. Raymond Gordon Says:

    Happy Easter to you, Nandisa!

  2. Tom Says:

    Well he certainly has strong opinions, doesn’t he?

    • nandisa Says:

      Tom, you mean the artist (I had to get oriented for a sec) – yes, he has! Well, I guess in comics balls must appear dynamic, at least with the style he shows us here (which I like).

      • Tom Says:

        Yes, the artist. Actually I enjoy all the variations in his tutorial, even the one adamantly marked NO! My first thought for that one was as he mentioned – those are pulled up and ready to fire.

      • nandisa Says:

        One thing I noticed: with most guys one ball is hanging lower than the other in real life … he didn´t consider this. 😉

        soft scrotum

      • Tom Says:

        Nandisa you are so correct! They always hang at slightly different lengths as demonstrated in the pic. By the way, awesome example of precum too.

  3. terrier2016 Says:

    Nice chart! My girlfriend loves the look and feel of big healthy balls, it’s almost a fetish for her! Ever since she told me about this, how she likes “the fullness and weight” in her own words and how the fourth pair in the chart is most appealing to her, i have tried to stretch my scrotum about two years ago, to give them a little bit of extra sag and bounce. Now she can’t leave them alone and takes her time during foreplay massaging them, making them “swollen and full, like they should be”.

    • nandisa Says:

      Thanks for sharing, Rok. You seem to be very lucky and happy with your girlfriend. Not just because she loves your balls but also your produce and very much so (as you mentioned here)!

      Makes me wonder if you two explore my blog together!? I have very little feedback by women and only assume that very few ladies visit and explore, although they could discover fascinating details. 😉

    • terrier2016 Says:

      Thanks for replying Nandisa! We don’t explore you blog together, but i talk with her about some of the aspects you share on your blog, her being very open-minded. She loves the idea that i take supplements, get plenty of exercise and have long lovemaking sessions together, she encourages me and wants to make sure i produce as much semen as i can and keep my glands in top shape.

    • terrier2016 Says:

      By the way, of course we will both give feedback, we would be very happy to do so Nandisa! 🙂

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