Cockhead Galore (1)

April 26, 2015

Regularly I notice queries for penis-head to my blog. Well, until now you can find one post covering this topic, a descriptive praise on this spectacular crown of the human male sex organ. The distinctively formed glans is the end-piece of one of the two erectile bodies that build the penis.


Now, this anatomical feature is a truly fascinating part of any men´s cock! And a beloved one as my poll #16 has shown.

Make sure you read the mentioned post with info on a male´s glans, it tells you about why it looks the way it does and some more.

Since every cockhead is unique in its design, and because a picture is worth a thousand words, lets just celebrate the infinite looks of the flesh-helmet! Just join me on a journey showing different cockheads from almost any angle (in this and the following post). The selection I put together represents but a very few of specimen to be found among the human male!

For your orientation take a look at this compass:

pov circle

See this top shot glans and the indications of major point-of-views (pov) that meet their samples on charts I assembled. The numbers of the povs are matching those of the charts I present here. The views=charts follow a clockwise motion. Four povs (a half circle, pov #1 thru pov #4) are published in this post and the same amount (closing the circle) will be revealed in the next (pov #5 thru pov #8).

Bonus: there are two charts each for povs #3 and #7, because these may be the angles which allow comparisons most effectively. Without any doubt it is just stimulating to study all the headshapes of cocks either standing straight up or bending in a more forward position.

Generally every single chart is assembled to allow easy comparison at a glance and you will quickly realise that the look-alike helmets differ from one another quite a great deal! Any chart holds pictures of nine specimen to supply you with a most enjoyable range of variety.

Let´s begin with chart #1. These pics show the back-sides of the heads (this is what you see when you look down at your own (hard) dick). Just notice all the shapes from round to triangular/bell-shaped.

chart #1

Chart #2 makes clear why we speak of helmets!

chart #2

Chart #3A shows the differences of cockheads volumes and how prominent or not a corona (rim) can be.

chart #3A

Chart #3B offers us an arousing selection of helmet designs!

chart #3B

Chart #4 reminds us that we also use the term mushroom for a glans. This pov is the first to reveal to us the awesome underside of a cock-tip.

chart #4

Click on chart to enlarge it. Enjoy!

… to be continued!

4 Responses to “Cockhead Galore (1)”

  1. Max Says:

    This topic is perfection. I’d be happy to present my flared glans penis to you on cam and discuss it at any time.

    • nandisa Says:

      🙂 I take this as fulsome praise, Max! My blog sometimes acts like a forum a bit, but it´s not (there are no threads for discussing issues, not really). I am just very happy for now that you like my double post!

  2. bobblushing Says:

    Excellent tutorial.
    More men would benefit by getting familiar with the fine points of the appearance and physical workings of the penis, with emphasis on the glans.

    Suggestion…wondering if you present the reactions to different stimulae…from soft hand grip through a continuum to the use of various objects or aids that produce a nettle sourced stimulation.

    Thank you for your generous and kind help on an important subject.

    • nandisa Says:

      Thanks for your comment, bobblushing! It seems to me that you may have wanted to address this post here!? After all, that post and the Cockhead Galores are closely related anyway. 😉
      As for your suggestion, although it is a hot subject, I believe that one can not generalize a certain reaction or sensation following a given stimulation. Everyone is different after all, and don´t forget to add the effects of the particular situation in which a stimulation is applied!
      Take the sensitivity map of a penis as guideline for experimentation, please check it out here!

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