5 Years of Sexutainment

June 1, 2015

Yes, sexutainment is a cross between sexual and edutainment, and that is how I understand my blog today, a good five years in the making! In this post I want to make up a balance.

When I started I mentioned this in my intro:

I can neither foresee the makeup of content nor the pace of contributing. I do, however, know that I want to share my library and knowledge about the topics, which will supply information from science to prose and experiences to musings.

Well, I pretty much fulfilled my endeavour and try to continue doing so. This blog became a fine resource to everything dealing with the male sexual self-realization, sometimes from a females perspective (31 posts tagged that way).


Yet I believe that I even have reached beyond by providing expert knowledge of so many aspects of my theme! And yes, I did learn quite some myself in the process.

Although I cover the broadest range of topics with capabilities not even well researched (for example like here or here), I observe a strong readers-preference for just few themes, which are: emission, milking (forced), precum and ejaculatory performance (this aspect!), just to name the top runners.

Some stats:

  • up to 200+ visitors daily from all over the globe are choosing from
  • 239 posts, as of today (and do view about 3 per visit on average),
  • adding up to 860,000 all time views (just passing this mark now, WordPress count),
  • 101 „fans“ follow my blog,
  • more than 740 comments are addressed to many (not every) posts including 272 comments by myself as responses to friendly notes or requests,
  • 285 images are stored in my blog´s media library of which but a few are published already – many of them exclusively. Like this new pic nowhere else to be found:


I am proud of this blog and what it holds in store! And even more so after I reviewed poll #45 in which I asked for the effect my blog has on you. Take a look at the votes:

poll #45

This testimonial speaks for itself and I dearly appreciate the „Other Answer“ which sums it all up! Thank you all very much, return often and browse as much as you like within content never becoming obsolete! 🙂

5 Responses to “5 Years of Sexutainment”

  1. Raymond Gordon Says:

    I will never be able to thahank you enough for this amazing wealth of knowledge about the male sexual system and penis. I have learned an immense amount of knowledge and have become quite knowledgeable about this subject and have passed much of what I have learned to others. I hope more men began reading your blog because of my recommendation. Keep blogging, I learn more and more all the time and never tire of looking at past posts and comments. You are the greatest, Nandisa!

  2. chas Says:

    Just like what Raymond Gordon has said. I can’t thank you enough! Even though I’m a noob to your blog, I have learned so much! And all of it will never get old and obsolete. The content has opened my eyes to new things to able to enjoy.

    So glad I’m part of it now. Just wished I found this blog sooner than I have.
    I’m usually on this blog at least once a day looking at different things, reading up on other things, experimenting with myself with things I have read about here! Some worked out so good!! 😉 Some haven’t. 😦 But all in all, this is one killer blog you have here Nandisa and I thank you for having the time to put it all together and helping us men out with this invaluable information!

    PS. Great “new” pic too!! You?

    • nandisa Says:

      Thank you Raymond Gordon and Chas for your replies to my Anniversary-Post. Your comments in a way make this post complete!

      I hope that more men will discover my blog and will use it not just for getting aroused, but also realising they can broaden their knowledge of male sexuality. After all the mixture of content, the sexutainment as I called it, offers both aspects intertwined!

      At last this library with its currently 239 posts covers a lot, so much so, that I sometimes become aware that I already did write about something I thought I didn´t! 😉

      As for the new pic, Chas, yes, that´s me. 🙂

  3. Tom Says:

    I echo the other two readers-your contribution to helping understand the depth and subtlety of male sexuality is incredible. Thank you for your time, energy, and creativity.

    PS I see that hot cockhead pic of you is taken from your favorite POV 😉

    • nandisa Says:

      What an accolade to be added here following the comments of Raymond Gordon and Chas!! 🙂

      As for the pic: you are right, however, I hadn´t noticed yet!

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