Poll No. 46 Results

June 14, 2015

We Have a Favorite Cockhead-Chart!

At the end of my post Cockhead Galore (2) I invited you to vote in the now closed poll # 46 to determine the hottest of the 10 cockhead-charts. The multiple choice option gave you the chance to select your three front-runners.

The feedback was less enthusiastic than expected. Look at the results of an old poll (# 16) and notice that the helmet/glans was the clear winner when asked what part of the penis you love/enjoy the most! The number of votes in favor for the cock-head then exceeds the total number of votes for the whole poll # 46 now (which was open for 6 weeks). – Poll # 16:

poll 16

However, we do have a clear lead! Most of you voted for Chart # 7B:

chart #7B

The two runner-ups are on a par! They are Chart # 1 and Chart # 5:

chart #1 chart #5

Please have a look at the complete poll # 46 results:

poll 46

The only chart without a vote is Chart # 7A!? That´s curious, no vote at all, although those nine specimen are just as appetizing as all the others featured in the two posts (my humble opinion)!?

By the way, my personal favorite – after quite a while of weighting – is Chart # 2. Yet my favorite povs are # 4 and corresponding # 6.

Thanks to all participants!!

4 Responses to “Poll No. 46 Results”

  1. John doe Says:

    It would help immensely if the pictures where number or lettered, because we don’t know which “chart” is which.
    I don’t know 7-a from 7-b ?! -what the heck? You need to label each of those pictures or the results are meaningless

    • nandisa Says:

      John doe, you have a point there. The pictures (jpgs) themselves are not lettered/numbered. And with the many pics it might get confusing. However, every pic has a textline before it clearly stating which chart is shown. Especially in the Cockhead-Galore posts every chart is introduced and its number is colored in red for easy reference (just go there in a new tab or window, again: here and here)!
      Also in this post, every chart is named with its number in the text.
      And when you hover with your curser above a pic the link (URL) including the charts number will appear in your browser (at the windows bottom left for instance). So it´s rather easy to find out quickly.
      But I shall consider your remark and letter similar pictures when presented in a high number next time for enhanced clarity.

  2. chas Says:

    sorry to hear that this poll had less then stellar feedback?!
    I myself (like your humble opinion) find all those specimens appetizing too!
    I would enjoy any of them in any of the pictures! 🙂
    Either way, great work and keep it up! I look forward to this blog almost daily! 😉

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