Poll No. 47 Results

August 29, 2015

I sure need to tell you the results of this poll with the essential question: What do you want most from your ejaculation? Only one of the choices was permitted to determine a true leading answer. And the ranking – with 277 votes – turned out as expected.

poll 47

As you can see, there is a clear preference for four suggested answers. And the top choice is again leading with a clear margin of 7% (or 20 votes)!

We find one added reply (“Other Answer”) which is smartly summing up the effect we observe: (What do you want…?) The first 4 listed answers combined!

This favored group of answers is no surprise at all, because all four of the mentioned choices are tightly connected with each other! You may want to expect all of these to happen to you when ejaculating, provided you cared for a high build-up of arousal and sexual energy (like after some time of edging)!

The extended build up will supply you with a larger volume of semen, which in turn will be spilled by an increased number of pumping spasms (extended duration). The release of accumulated arousal and energy (and seminal fluids) will bring you intense sensations and most likely forceful ejections of your milk.

A word about intensity. The top choosing is not very distinct in this matter. Ejaculation is an experience which combines several anatomical reactions following a timeline, each of which delivers its own quality of sensation and intensity.

When you edge you generate most exquisite lustful feelings within your system, which can be very intense. So much so, that many edgers waive the implementation of ejaculating.

Then there is PONR, of which I believe is the most intense phase of regular ejaculation. In the moments of PONR all the involved structures of your system harden (contract/ spasm) until the ejaculatory reflex sets in. This is (or can be) extremely intense, especially with a high level of arousal. PONR marks the conversion from controlled stimulation to the execution of the reflex which runs beyond our control. So we gain a strong physical (hardening) and psychological aspect (knowing that we immediately will enter the uncontrollable phase of our climax).

Readers of this blog are aware of the fact that we can alter this phase, we can play with it, extend its duration. And I am happy to find 11 votes favoring emisjaculation! This is my favorite as well. 🙂

And finally we experience the reflex, the autonomous pumping of our milk. This can be very intense in yet another quality. Especially when the (muscular) spasms are strong and our milk is ejected with force. The psychological aspect adds tremendously to the physical reaction, when we observe ourself shooting a big volume with force in an extended number of contractions.

This gif is such a beautiful example of a guy overwhelmed by the intense sensations of his ejaculation (even without watching himself):

intense cumming

This very young, skinny lad is lost in the experience of his reaction!

His eyes are closed while he is surrendering to the sensations of the onset of his reflex. He is so much consumed by the intensely sweet feelings within his system, balls and cock, that he does not care about his shooting performance anymore.

The stunningly forceful ejections of his milk are a great relief from the fluid-pressure in his glands and with it the dissipation of the pent-up tension of his sexual lust, all having been waiting to be released.

As he is surrendering to his profound reaction I can „hear“ him moan with pleasure, his powerful spray-jets of milk let us realize the cumulated volume of his secretions, and last not least note his beautifully swollen balls!

Unfortunately I never saw the full clip of this deeply experienced ejaculation. Maybe one of you knows the source and wants to share!?

Thanks to all participants of this poll!!

8 Responses to “Poll No. 47 Results”

  1. Tom Says:

    Completely agree on those balls. Thanks for pointing them out 😉

    • nandisa Says:

      Sure! 😉

      Hope you liked my voting analysis as well. The results were interesting, yet quite expected!

      • Tom Says:

        I did indeed. I don’t remember my original choice. I think it was one of the top four-probably the number one choice. Upon reflection I would change it to emisjaculations. In practicing this in my masturbatory explorations, I achieve the other top four experiences on a regular basis. They are an inherent part of that type of play.

      • nandisa Says:

        Yes, absolutely correct!

  2. chas Says:

    Great to see the results of the poll! If I remember correctly, I voted for the first one. I’m sure the results were to be expected?!
    But none the less still a great poll!

    And now on to your gif you offered us. It is a great example of the sensations he must be experiencing at the moment! He must have been edging for a while..
    And yes they are very nice swollen balls he has on him!!

    I don’t think it’s the whole clip, but ” he who asks shall receive”!! 😉 Enjoy!


    • Tom Says:

      I believe that’s called showering yourself with cum.

    • nandisa Says:

      Chas, so great that you have found or known this clip giving us the context of the lads ejaculation! The anim-gif I placed shows us but a part of his whole reaction, although the most important one. 😉
      Thanks a lot!

      • chas Says:

        Thanks Nandisa!
        Just thought I could be of some assistance in finding the clip for the blog.
        It’s better to give then it is to receive!
        I get to take a lot from your blog so I wanted to do something for you, that probably everyone will enjoy too!

        In the case of the guy in the video, he gave “a lot” for us to enjoy! 😉

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