NoBody Is Perfect!

August 26, 2016

What could be the antonym-sentence of the headline above? I´d say: Some guys seem to have it all! Or, in a looser understanding: The grass is always greener on the other side…

We are all a bit different from each other, we are no clones, no androids, and it´s perfect that way. However, differences may generate envy (regardless that this is only human after all). Especially concerning our genitals and associated performances, we (men) are bound to easily develope a certain longing when we encounter other men being favourably endowed (huge cock, big balls) and/or performing spectacularly above average.

long 1

Well, to a certain extend we can alter our physical appearance and performances (volume of semen, force and duration of ejaculation). Think of penis-pumps or the jelq method to gain more shaft-inches, or the stretching of the scrotum for low and lower hanging balls. As for the soft-skills (cum-volume or climax-intensity/ duration), chances are high to obtain quick alteration. But noticeable physical changes require steady and disciplined efforts.

What we desire may be out of reach, because our desires shall be part of our sexual fantasies, being thus unobtainable. And we tend to negate the other side of the coin (of owning a long dick or meaty ball-sack, or possibly spraying our juices in 10+ pulses every time we cum).

Sexual fantasies are as natural as they are healthy. We need to fantasize (or watch porn showing attributes we´d love to be featuring ourselves) to fire up our arousal, no matter if in solosex or with a partner.

Out of this dreaming it is more than „normal“ and common to mentally build a kind of sexual role model and ponder with pleasure over the question „If I could choose my design…“.

At times we may encounter a male being endowed in a way we projected for ourself. Or we gaze at an ejaculation in awe wishing to be able to perform alike. Probably rarely though we find an example of a man who combines our particular image of being „ideal“, of whom we would say without hesitation „Just perfect, this guy has it all!“.

Now always bear in mind that we as individuals may carry very different projections of what we would change if we could choose our design. Men „blessed“ with the attributes we regulars long for so much may just want to be as average as the majority, for different reasons (and/or experiences). It may come down to the saying: The grass is always greener on the other side of the hedge. In fact I believe this is the case, because being „perfect“ or „ideal“ can be a different thing in the eyes of different people. And very much so concerning the sexual realm!

Leaves me to reveal to you my personal opinion, based on the question: „If I could choose my design what would I look like and how would I perform?“. Here´s a teaser:


By chance I stumbled upon two (!) clips showing this guy jerking himself into ejaculation. And what fantastic climaxes they both are, coaxed via such a gorgeous penis. I couldn´t help thinking „This guy has it all!“ when I studied the clips.

The chap is of athletic stature, owning a beautiful uncut penis and his ejaculatory performances are stunning. As we bear double witness of his massive ejaculations I assume his incredible output is based on genetics in the first place. We don´t know if he took supplements or did edge in advance. Yet notice that we observe emisjaculations! He is „pissing“ his milk before his reflex ensures forceful pulses (exposed well in the gif above from the 2nd clip). And the texture of his semen is just to my delight!

In the first clip we see the beau passing his PONR into ejaculation in real-time with sound, the scene is repeated in slow motion.

In the second clip we see him showing us another quite similar ejaculation, this time only once in slow mo.

However, I wished to have seen this blessed model precumming before shooting his juices so beautifully, as much as I´d liked to have seen more of his scrotum/balls. As for the latter compare with this clip! By the way, the masturbating man in this clip would make a good „This guy has it all!“ too, at least concerning his endowment and the performance of his cumming. He as well is releasing a strong emission before his reflex sets in.

softscrot climax

But I wanted to point out the softness of his scrotum all the way thru his climax, letting us marvel over his big swollen balls just before, while and after his pumping. Such is a rare scrotum-behaviour in the male, as the rule says that the sack thickens (to lift the testicles closer to ones body) when nearing PONR (or at reaching the Plateau Phase).

Personally I prefer the image of bouncing balls while ejaculating, – and that´s even another projection! Wishful thinking, not just owing to the rule in effect, but because the given state of our scrotum lies beyond our will-power.

After all it seems to turn out that with the diversity of male designs and the always changing capacity of sexual performance in adjustment with our very individual conception of „having it all“, the old adage is confirmed yet again: NoBody is Perfect! — Or maybe everyone is. 😉

11 Responses to “NoBody Is Perfect!”

  1. Rok Says:

    Thank you for the great insight Nandisa! Isn’t it incredible how much variation there is to our genitals, yet the rest of our bodies are mostly all the same? 😀

    I’m glad you mentioned jelquing for altering the length and girth of the penis, most people who try it and stick with the exercises for a year or two report back with very positive results, so it seems to be a reliable method 🙂

    About 4 years ago i’ve dabbed into it a little bit when i read that one of the first results of jelquing are the veins underneath the skin of you penis become a lot more pronounced, giving it that hot veiny look. Sure enough, after about a month and a half i was starting to see them being more pronounced and after six months i was happy with the results and stopped. Also, i’m happy to report that the changes were mostly permanent! 😉 I was already happy with the size of my penis, so i didn’t pursue jelquing any further.

    At the same i also tried stretching my scrotum, the thought of having a big bullish pair of balls hanging low (but not too much) had always aroused me, so i had a go at manual stretching for about half a year and made nice progress where my sack has a good amount of bounce on a hot day even during high arousal, something that my girlfriend is quite fond of as well 🙂

    Love the clips you provided and the nice examples of emissions!

    • nandisa Says:

      Thanks for commenting first on my newest post, Rok!

      More and more I can´t help but think that YOU are one guy “who has it all!” – no kidding. What you reveal about your successes of genital physical alterations combined with your performance skills you share in the comment section of this post, reflects a high-end state of sexual self-realization!

      And given that you found a mate, your girlfriend, who enjoys all that you have to offer (sexually) leaves you nothing short than being essentially blessed concerning this aspect of life!

      Great you are aboard and enjoying your exciting contributions – I´m sure I don´t speak just for myself.

      By the way, when working on this post I was thinking that there is a fairly good chance you resemble the young man in the two clips!? You´re welcome to give us a hint on the validity of my assumption. 🙂

    • Rok Says:

      Oh stop it Nandisa, you make me blush. 🙂 I do look a lot like the man in the clip, the difference being my penis is a little bit shorter and more thicker. I will keep making contributions to your amazing blog on whatever i have to share in the future! 🙂

  2. chas Says:

    Great post Nandisa!!

    Well, didn’t that just make me feel a little less endowed!! Haha!

    Was going to post sooner, but was out of service for the weekend.

    Nandisa, I do like your personal opinion too!! I think I’m right there with you in that regard..

    Rok, I too enjoy your post and comments. Just another persons perspective on the topic at hand.. Or should I say in your hand?! 😉

  3. Tom Says:

    Nandisa: Great post, and really stimulating comments to follow up on it. I have to say that first picture does reinforce the concept that you can have too much of a good thing.

    The two clips of that beautifully, sexy man, his incredible cock, and those two blasting ejaculations were also VERY stimulating and arousing. Wow, Rok, if that looks like you with some girth and length variations, that girlfriend of yours is one lucky lady.

    I loved watching how his cum both bubbles up and over, along with blasting out in multiple spurts.

  4. Kily Says:

    Hello Nandisa, first, congratulations for your fantastic job in this blog. I wanted to let you know something that I haven’t seen commented on your blog, but it’s related (and cross-referenced) with many of the topics on it: semen, orgasm, volume, multiple… It could also be an explanation to some of the surprising videos we can find on the internet.

    Have you ever heard about: Hyperspermia? This rare condition makes men that suffer from it to produce a way above from average volume of seminal fluid. There is some info on internet and also some videos. I’m sharing a story from someone who has it. Althought he seems to be more in a suffering mood, the testimonial can be exciting for reading:

    I encourage you to make a search and include this topic on your great blog. It’s quite interesting.

    Thank you and keep the good work!

    • nandisa Says:

      I thank you for your praise and very valuable comment!

      Actually I was not aware of this condition, which does explain why we witness some guys shooting incredible big volumes of semen in a way that is obviously no fake.

      I executed some quick research on hyperspermia (there is not too much to find about it), enough to be able to assess it within the context of the topics I address in my blog.

      It may not be easy for an outsider to determine if a guy was hyperspermial based on his performance alone (volume of semen and/or number of cum-producing pulses). However, leaking precum very easily non-stop (at the slightest stimulus) without really wanting it, suffering pain in your reproductive system every day, experiencing a permanent high sex drive with the urge to ejaculate several times a day (and cumming big with each session), this certainly defines hyperspermia (thanks for the link you provided)!

      I shall consider your suggestion and post information on this rare condition, just to let visitors know that it exists and that it explains some mens astounding ejaculatory abilities, like you prompted me towards this anatomical feat with your friendly comment.

      It´s too bad that some guys suffer from a feature which we average regulars with a penchant for semen and ejaculations do love and adore. But it is clear that both performer and witness ought to experience arousal, lust and satisfaction in their sexual activities. And with my blog I try to celebrate the latter. 🙂

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