Hyperspermia – Curse or Blessing?

February 28, 2017

This blog celebrates the male climax, in particular ejaculation. And almost naturally I fancy extended ejaculations showing many pulses and a big volume of semen.

Hence there are quite a number of posts (containing pics/gifs and links to clips) addressing just that. Followers know that I was discussing the many aspects a human male´s ejaculation can display.


While researching I came across some extraordinary ejaculatory performances which baffled me. Because, based on the male anatomy, they seemed inexplicable: males who are shooting truly big loads in many cum-producing pulses, and yet it was quite clear they were no fake!?

Only thanks to a fellow reader, Kily, I became aware of a condition, that explains it all: Hyperspermia! Thank you so much Kily, I had never heard of it while it seems not well-known in general. So, this is the place to bring it up!

In doing so I make kind of an exception. In my blog I write about male sexuality, the healthy side of it. Yet Hyperspermia is a rare anatomical condition that seems to be rather a curse than a blessing!? When you read testimonies of affected guys (here and here) you easily understand why. Turns out, that what many of us love (not just) in our sexual fantasizing may be just too much of a good thing in the real world! Just some notes taken from the crosslinked accounts above:

  • Hyperspermia is not common. My doctor told me it only affects maybe 3% out of everyone. It’s pretty weird. And yes, Precum will drip when I’m flaccid but it leaks like a faucet when I’m turned on …


  • Holy shit – I have had this my whole life. I am quite pleased to know it has a name and I am not the only one. There have been times I have had really embarrassing soak-through when out in public, having to have a hand in one pocket bunching up the patch of material. Or sitting down trying to discreetly lay it one side then the other and trying to wipe the inside of pants.
  • Totally self diagnosing here but every girl I’ve been with has said wow that’s so much cum. That and I get wet spots when I pop a chubby. And I have a very high sex drive. My record of sex in one day is 12 times. And with my ex we were tracking how many times in a month. We got to like 136 and stopped counting after 3 weeks. …


  • Having to constantly monitor my pants for wet spots and change my underwear a lot is not a relaxing thing, it creates much stress and anxiety. […] Occasionally I would need to do it more, even leaving from class twice in the day to masturbate or even do it 3 times before I could sleep. I never thought this was strange, cumming 3 to 5 times a day because no one ever knew about it. […] Even today, still having a moderate case of hyperspermia, I can’t believe what happened. It began very watery, and again and again it pumped and squirted out until my muscles ached and felt like they were cramping in pain. …


Being aware now that this condition exists and that it accounts for many of seemingly unreal ejaculatory performances (like this one here I´d say), it still seems miraculous that the male reproductive glands manage to produce such a non-diminishing volume of seminal fluids, both precum and cum. All the associated glands must be constantly secreting at full capacity.

This feat also explains what is possible for guys without the condition. Mind you, the majority of top-performers don´t suffer from Hyperspermia, most of the spectacular ejaculations we see are not related to this hyper-function. But when we become witness of a guy shooting 144 pulses (i.e. spurts) in six consecutive climaxes *, we must assume that this man is able to do so because he is affected. I truly hope he can enjoy his capacity!

*Thanks for bringing this clip to my attention morecumpls!

50 Responses to “Hyperspermia – Curse or Blessing?”

  1. Rok Says:

    Wow, this is so well written! Thank you for this post Nandisa! I’ve only heard about this condition before, but i’ve never read any personal testimonies before, they were quite informative indeed. I had no idea people have such problems with the flow of precum, but then again, i make relatively little of it myself 🙂

    I noticed the official cutoff volume for hyperspermia is only 5,5ml, that almost seems a little bit low, seeing how Tom and I posted our volumes in the past and they were above that by quite a lot. Maybe it’s just a mild case, or a naturally present variability?

    • nandisa Says:

      Rok, I appreciate your soon comment and your praise! You are the first commenter on this one and your feedback may hint to a tendency of the broad reception. 🙂

      The Wiki-info really doesn´t give much away and they themselves speak of a stub! So indeed there is little info and/or knowledge accessable it seems. This, I guess, is also indicating that not much research has been done so far.

      There are obviuously two characteristics for this condition:
      – an excessive production of precum (by 2 Cowpers glands),
      – an excessive production of semen (by 2 seminal vesicles and the prostate),
      yet both as a result of an excessive production of sperm (in 2 testicles)?
      We (again) see that arousal plays a key-role, and this is a general rule anyway.

      I agree with you on the volume (5,5ml), but Wiki states that this is the bottom-line for the condition; the source is Shaw’s Textbook of Gynaecology. The other source cites a research apparently targeting the fertility question in seminal volumes.

      Many men featuring hyperspermia may not be aware of it. It shall not be easy sometimes to draw a line between a big volume of male juices especially while being highly aroused, or after edging, and the extended volumes due to the condition. But I think this post with it´s testimonies and samples shed some light on the differences.

      Let me link to one clip I offered in this post, which I sure never forgot (thanks to follower Addicted Penis Masturbator for hinting me to this clip!) and now consider another perfect example of a man who shows hyperspermia. At least now we know an explanation for his stunning ability (look for the letter “G.” towards the end of that post and read my thoughts back then).

      • Rok Says:

        Thank you again for your insights Nandisa! I guess arousal and edging are responsible in great part for increasing the volume.
        The video examples you posted are great! I know i’ll never produce such amounts of semen, but that won’t stop me from trying! 😉
        I do hope more people here will give their feedback as well. While those who genuinely suffer have my sympathy, for the rest of us, making an effort to produce large amounts of cum is fun fun fun! 😀

  2. Tom Says:

    On occasion you see the guy who produces streams of precum on a regular basis. I mean that he can pump his cock and a large thick drop of precum pours out, and he can repeat this over and over leaving a puddle of it. I can imagine this being a problem when you are clothed and aroused, and it would make a mess of one’s underwear, even to the point of wicking through. But I am conflicted. Because I think precum is such an amazing nectar, I think I would be willing to try to manage the underwear issue in order to be able to produce that kind of precum volume myself.

    Nandisa-I think I remember sharing a website written by someone who was embarrassed by his precum ability, which baffled me at the time. Still does.

    • nandisa Says:

      Nice to read your opinion, Tom! I tend to agree with you. I am fortunate to be a fair precummer – much like you it seems – in that I ooze reliably when I become aroused, and very immediate so. The small precum-gif in this post shows myself, by the way, and I think the scene turned out very well! 😉
      However, we can imagine that unwanted oozing or excessive oozing with the slightest sexual excitement can be a nuisance, especially when this happens in public.

      For anyone interested, read more about precum here or here, or search the blog!

  3. Ron Says:

    Hello, Guys. Pusspup here. Find this whole hyperspermia thing quite fascinating. I can see the nuisance at times, but the desire to have it myself is overwhelming. Is there a legit way to reliably induce hyperspermia, if desired? I currently take herbals and listen to subliminals in an effort to induce much higher volumes of semen, but have little to show for it. Appreciate any feedback or comments on this, especially a way to induce way bigger volumes of cum for myself.

    • nandisa Says:

      Pusspup, yes, ejaculating big time is fascinating!! It´s just that hyperspermia is nothing temporary, like a cold, but a permanent condition. You have it or you don´t, it´s written in ones genes (if so) and it is rare anyway. So you can´t induce it. You only can follow other guys´ recommendations for increasing the production and volume of your semen. There is a lot to try, what works for you may not work for other men. And you already are in quest of finding your formula… 🙂

      Please check out what I have posted addressing this topic: here and here! I wish you good luck for your trial, and maybe you can report back in a while!?

      • Ron Says:

        Nandisa and friends: Thanks so much for the interesting feedback. I really appreciate everyone’s comments and suggestions.

        I have been going over this track for a long time with little to show for it. Currently, a formula called XLoadsUltra seems to holding some promise to offer real results. I have only just tried one bottle and it seemed to help; waiting to purchase more.

        I have already tried most of the recommended herbals and remedies with little result. I can’t consume enough celery, and most herbs are too weak in the formulas offered to do much good except take your money.

        One exception seems to be John Lawrence’s PHGH formula, which really ramps up the circulation very nicely. I have certainly heard about lecithin and used to take it, but veered away because it is usually derived from soy, which causes estrogen for us older guys. Willing to try lecithin again if I can find another source other than soy for it.

        Also would like to find more of the “common” forums on this topic, as I can rarely if ever find anything serious on this topic anywhere except here. Keep the comments cumming; I remain interested in them all! Pusspup

      • nandisa Says:

        Hello Pusspup! You are an expert for this topic! Not least because you tried so many formulas yourself, even commercial ones. As for the latter you noted, that with some offers, the suppliers may be rather after your money than caring for your well being, – big loads in this case.

        I am a proponent of the idea to stay natural, but I see your points and understand that you want to actively try out what will work for you. And so you do with quite a bit of knowledge about the possible opportunities.

        I am afraid there is no rule of thumb here. And as I wrote, what works for one guy may not work for the other. In addition to that we probably all face a general decline of seminal volume while aging, despite attempts to increase the secretions of our special glands in certain situations.

        I feel honored by your tagging of my blog as a source of serious information! You should know, because you screened the net in regard of this topic for a long time; I am glad to learn this!

        Last not least I as well hope for further comments/opinions – Kily, Rok, Tom, Chas … anyone?

      • Rok Says:

        I’m hoping for other people’s input as well Nandisa! As for myself, I can’t really say a lot about my volume at the moment. I’ve been more sexually active for the past few months with my girl and with the increased ejaculation frequency we never wait for my glands to become anywhere near full. Not that I’m complaining 🙂 , but unfortunately this does mean i can’t measure my volume at the moment like i did a while ago using a shotglass, so I can’t make a meaningful contribution to this post.

      • nandisa Says:

        Rok, you just do your thing! Kind of you to share your current sex-life-status! 😉 Don´t forget, there are other posts which address sexual activity with partners, you always are welcome to leave a note there, – or your girlfriend. 🙂

    • Rok Says:

      Hello Pusspup! Great to hear you’re interested in improving your volume! I take about 30mg of zinc per day, drink plenty of water and get plenty of exercise and it does seem to help quite a lot. To top it off i edge for an hour or two before i ejaculate and if i abstained for about five days beforehand i can get amazing volumes that way! Just wanted to add my own two bits to the thread, i hope it helps and if it does, please do report back! Also, i’m curious, what herbal supplements do you take if you don’t mind me asking? And what was the increase in volume?

  4. Kily Says:

    Hey there. Great post as always! Glad that you found it interesting enough to make a post for this topic. So far, I’ve made a lot of searchs on the internet just to found that is something not very common (if it would be I bet we could find plenty of videos but that’s not the case).
    Most of the times, due to the absurd amount of cum, they seem fake for us, and probably some of them are…
    In any case, I would like to share with you a couple of links to videos that look real and also seem to be extreme cases of this condition:


    Specially amazing is this one, take a look to the second video in this page:

    Also, for those interested in increasing the amount of cum there are a lot of forums discussing that (it’s not very hard to find one) and also there is a guide called “Secrets of a porn star cumshot” describing methods and supplements to take in order to get this. Interested as I am I’ve tried myself with some supplements but sadly I’ve quit because don’t seem to work for me.

    Looking forward to keep discussing and sharing our thoughts regarding this.


    • nandisa Says:

      Hello Kily, thanks for adding to my blog (hinting me initially to hyperspermia) and to this post with your valued comment!

      Yes, it took some time, but I really had to turn to your information (i.e. hyperspermia) and make a post of it, this needed to be in this blog!! 🙂

      Great that you linked to couple further samples of huge volumes of semen. Personally I consider the “condom-cumming” a genuine candidate for an example of being hyperspermial. The guy fills the condom with spurt after spurt of his milk, incredible.
      The second clip, that you found on the tumblr-page, looks to me like a bladder-discharge, not a true ejaculation. It reminded me of this guy:
      pissing cum
      I wrote about the difficulties to sometimes discern fake from true ejaculation and hyperspermia even raises the bar! 😉

  5. Ron Says:

    Nandisa and Friends: A bit surprised, but delighted to have positive comments on my previous observations.

    I have started to take sunflower lecithin 1200mg caps, and have pygeum in a formula with saw palmetto and other things on the way. Seemed to be a good concentration of pygeum; otherwise I will revert to pygeum just by itself for better results.

    Currently I probably take far too much of everything, but it is difficult to be patient and cycle. I stay away from the chemical ed stuff and try to get natural, strong herbals. Ebay has a few good sources, and anytime I hear of or see anything new and interesting, Amazon frequently has a discount.

    Empire herbs probably offer some of the best, but it is all bulk or tincture, no caps. Swanson Vitamins also has great discounts and prices generally, with a huge selection.

    Because everything is ultimately frequency, I have become interested in subliminal frequencies and messages to assist with penis enlargement and volume increase. My progress is noticeable, but very slow. I suspect I have more internal blockages than others might have.

    Again, just like looking for the right herbals and formulas, there is a big wilderness out there in which every new video maker assures you his video will make you big like in your dreams in just a week or two — well, we will see.

    Also again, this site is the only one I have found that takes cum production seriously. Every place else just gives it a quick look, tries to sell you something that will not work, or even asks why anyone would want more. Duh……………..

  6. Kily Says:

    Hi there, friends. Just to add some notes of my experience with supplements. As I said, I’ve tried myself with several combination of them.

    I’d say that the permanent ones in my combos have been: zinc, pygeum (supposed to increase precum), horny goat weed (or Maca). Sometimes I’ve added Lecithin, Saw palmetto (I quit because I didn’t notice any difference), L-arginine and in my last try I took Dong-quai, which is supposed to be an Oxytocin stimulator, you may ask why it is useful, well in some forums I’ve read that Oxytocin can cause Hyperspermia… Interesting, right?

    Maybe I haven’t been too regular but I think I’ve spent enough money and time yet in this experiment and haven’t got expected results so for me I think it’s over, also don’t forget that so many supplements can be a health risk as well as some of them have side effects although I’ve never experienced any.

    In any case, if someone is trying and get some positive results, please share!


    • nandisa Says:

      Kily, I appreciate very much your detailed feed-back! You are no less an expert in this field than is Pusspup I´d say!

      You mention a lot of supplements that are natural substances. Too bad that your trial-phase did not result in significant improvements. I am not sure whether one would need quite a long term of intake (of one or two substances, certainly not all) to gain results (seems what you did) or act bound to the situation, i.e. “prepare” prior to a sexual session (only hours or days before ejaculation). At least the latter is what I “promote” in my stories.

      The Oxytocin rumor is interesting. Oyxtocin is a hormone and quite well researched it seems (read about it here). The found effects are manyfold, but a connection to Hyperspermia seems far fetched to me. This effect: “Milk ejection reflex: In lactating (breastfeeding) mothers, oxytocin acts at the mammary glands, causing milk to be ‘let down’ into subareolar sinuses, from where it can be excreted via the nipple.” shall not be confused with a possible effect of enhanced secretions of the male reproductive glands!

      I am glad you never noticed side effects. Still, a moderate and responsible behaviour in these matters is always vital. Everyone should keep that in mind! 😉

      • Ron Says:

        Sorry to be a bit incomplete on the last post: cumshot guy also recommends taking a cotton plant tincture or a tincture from fenugreek seed along with the dong quai to get the ocytocin effect.

        Testophen is the new kid on the block derived from fenugreek, but I am not impressed. As said already, most things seem to do little or no good. However, I must qualify that and say I tend to take more of these things than most, and may have built up a tolerance that somewhat inhibits good results.

        I likely just need to hold off on almost everything except basic vitamins for a while and let things settle out before beginning again. I just want good results so badly, I tend to overdo. Everybody’s chemistry IS different; just listen to your body and do what works for you.

      • nandisa Says:

        Pusspup, all in all I personally strongly approve this statement of yours! There is nothing much to add, you said it all. Allow yourself a break and yes, listen to your body.

        And enjoy the psychological power of the written word and the visuals throughout this blog! 🙂

  7. Ron Says:

    Not too sure how well I can wear the label “expert”, but I have had plenty of trial experience similar to Kily’s, with about the same results.

    Hydration does seem to be a key, and I am currently hitting the sunflower lecithin and the saw palmetto/pygeum supplement I just received. Should take delivery on pygeum as a single herb early next week.

    As to the oxytocin references, the guy who authored the porn-star cumshot mentions that dong quai can induce the hyper-spermia effect in men. After trying his suggestions I got a little more testicular enlargement (temporary), but nothing like the desired result.

    This whole idea is a bit frustrating and elusive (just like PE) because my body at least seems to be able to dodge anything I try to do to improve my man-hood or its productivity! I just can’t be satisfied with what I am stuck with, and perpetually look for the “next big thing” that looks promising.

    I have over the years learned to avoid most of the hooey and flim-flam that goes with these topics and look for quality natural herbs and sane suggestions just short of insanity or surgery. If anyone makes a break-through, I want to hear it. In the meantime, best of luck to all who try to improve their manhood and please their partners, even if that happens to one hand over the other!

    • nandisa Says:

      Pusspup, I think you are an expert in the sense of that you know about all the options available AND in trying them out on yourself, albeit without being truly successful. Thanks for another detailed share!

      You seem so very desperate to achieve results in a realm where there can´t be a warranty. Significant changes here are tough to reach and to maintain, I´m afraid. After all, you collected your personal experiences.

      While surgery may cover physical aspects, the chemical intervention of the human metabolism is much more tricky!
      If anyone finds a break-through, let us know – I certainly second you! Until that day I am afraid we only can try to build an illusion thru faking “it” (a mind-boggling ejaculation). Like the one that Kily linked to – (before going insane consider the illusion, yet I have no idea how to manage this, I´m no expert for that).

  8. 12squirtsman Says:

    I had an issue with overproduction of precum for years. The wet patch issue was quite an embarrassment sometimes. Eventually though it stopped being quite so overactive in my early 30s

    • Rok Says:

      Glad that’s not a problem anymore for you! And nice videos on your tumblr by the way! It was a pleasant surprise to see that a lot of your ejaculations are accompanied by more than 12 squirts! 😉

    • nandisa Says:

      Thanks for offering us your hot tumblr collection and for mentioning your precum overproduction. Your clips show that your glands generate big loads, and I assume naturally (i.e. effortless) and on a regular basis?!

      • 12squirtsman Says:

        Yes, 12 squirts is the norm for every ejaculation, without fail. I have counted up to 18 on rare occasions. The amount is normally most or all of a desert spoon (10ml). And I don’t take any supplements or do anything else to achieve this.

      • nandisa Says:

        Well, given the fact that you had a precum-issue and that you are able to effortlessly produce these high volumes of semen on a regular basis, I assume that you show a (milder) form of Hyperspermia. That is very interesting, because it would mean, not surprisingly, that Hyperspermia will display a wide array of appearances. Thanks for your statement and figures!!

      • 12squirtsman Says:

        Wow, I’d never thought of it. Keep up the investigations!

    • Tom Says:

      Loved your tumblr. Your ejaculations are intense and I notice you often don’t even stroke yourself during them. The recent one where you 12 shoot onto a table shows your amazingly thick white cum so well. For someone who produces at such a high volume I am amazed that it remains so thick.

      • 12squirtsman Says:

        Actually I’d say the thickness varies a bit. It’s true that I don’t have to keep stroking once I’m primed. If it’s not a stupid question, do some guys stop ejaculating halfway if they stop stroking?

      • Tom Says:

        I do think that for some the whole process is enhanced by continued stimulation throughout the ejaculation. That’s true for me. If I stop stroking it’s not as intense. I probably shoot more contractions too.

      • nandisa Says:

        Hey, Tom was a bit quicker with an answer, but I wanted to reply the same in other words: It´s a good question. – Ejaculation would not stop half way, because the ejaculatory reflex runs its course. Just that the pulses might ebb away a bit sooner and that stroking along shall enhance the pleasure.

  9. 12squirtsman Says:

    I suppose I’m just trying to grasp why people always comment on the not stroking thing.

    • Tom Says:

      12squitsman: The beauty of Nandisa’s blog is that we can share and talk about male sexuality and our own personal experiences in an open hearted way, where we get to learn from each other. So much of our sexuality is developed in isolation. How many of us learn a way to cum, as an adolescent, and then we take that method forward without realizing the vast ways that our bodies can pleasure us. We don’t typically share about this stuff with our friends (unless we are lucky to find some that are willing to make themselves vulnerable and open up about it).

      So in this case, as someone who learned to cum by stroking my way through my ejaculation, seeing your method intrigues me as I never considered doing it that way. I can imagine by stopping the stimulation on my cock, I would be able to experience the deeper pleasures of the muscle contractions and the movement of sperm up and out in a way that stroking would potentially distract me from.

      It is in the spirit of celebrating the many variations in our maleness and sexuality that I ask the question. Nandisa’s space is such a wonderful place to talk to each other about this incredible subject.

    • nandisa Says:

      12squirtsman, I recommend to read this post, apparently you haven´t read it yet!?

      • 12squirtsman Says:

        So some people would feel that if they stopped stimulating they would ejaculate but wouldn’t fully orgasm?

      • Tom Says:

        That would be one potential outcome. The other would be an orgasm that is less intense or doesn’t last as long. Watching your orgasm is incredible because you shoot with such force despite not directly stimulating your cock once you start to pump. It’s getting me hard just thinking about it.

      • nandisa Says:

        Well, Tom already affirmed your further inquiry. I would answer you with a hesitant “Yes”. You can put it that way. It´s like: despite ejaculation was occurring, the climactic overall experience (you call orgasm) may leave you somewhat less satisfied, because the sensations were not reaching their full potential. Compare with this post here.

  10. morecumpls Says:

    Thanks for post and thinking of me nandisa

  11. John Says:

    Really happy to have found this blog. I’ve been researching semen volume and orgasm intensity, collecting opinions from people who have explored the upper limits of each.

    * What would you say is the biggest volume of semen possible?
    * How do higher volumes change the sensation of orgasm in your experience?
    * Have you had success in maximizing the size of your load using masturbation techniques, supplements or diet?

    These are open questions to anyone reading.

    • nandisa Says:

      John, welcome to my blog! Sorry for having kept you waiting (with your questions)!

      I was pleased to find a comment from a new happy reader – you! I hope that, meanwhile, you did some further successful research on your topics here, because the questions you pose have been adressed in several posts! There is a tag for volume, there is none for intensity though. A post that covers volume and your question is this one for sure.
      I also covered the intensity-question, check here, here and here!

      I am sure you will enjoy my blog, as many others do. 🙂

    • Rok Says:

      Hello John, it’s great to read from somebody who is direct at asking questions to readers! 🙂
      You will probably find plenty of resources on this blog to answer all three of them, but from my point of view, since you asked:
      1. In theory I guess you could find some guys who could cum 25 ml or even more, realistically though, for most men, 10 ml would be a more accurate personal best, given the right circumstances, which is still great, it’s far above the more “average” volume of 3-5 ml.
      2. It’s very subtle, with more semen, the orgasmic experience is prolonged a little bit, it varies though imo, since i think it’s mainly psychological. If pumping out a substantial load is a turn on for you, then it enhances the sensation by quite a lot..at least it does for me 😀
      3. Yes i have, quite profound. To put it short, abstinence for a few days, hydration, physical exercise and prolonged masturbation and edging for at least two hours before ejaculation. I also take zinc supplements.
      I hope you have found the answers you were looking for. I’m interested though, where did you collect the rest of opinions before?

  12. Jay D Says:

    Ok Nandisa. Yes, i have read the article and does sound like what i have. Great article. Do you think its normal when laying your back to ejaculate all over your own face? I have gotten used to it. I take a supplement called lecithin also that may be contributing to it. I honestly dont know if its a blessing or a curse. I need to actually measure my ejaculation. Thanks for the response!

    • nandisa Says:

      Lecithin is a good supplement to increase cumvolume. – It may rather not be too common to cover ones own face every time you ejaculate (laying on your back), you need the volume and ejection force and for many a longer period of high arousal is required for getting such results. – Good idea to measure your semen-production (=ejaculation), read this article giving you some benchmark figures!
      The blessing-or-curse question is not easily answered. It is foremost probably depending on your attitude towards semen (volume) and how to physically dealing with the output after ejaculation. It depends on how you experience your climax (=ejaculation). And this all may change depending on the particular situation in which you ejaculate.

  13. Henrique Says:

    can you see this vídeo and tell if is truth ? I really want to know if I can produce lots of Milk just masturbating..


    • nandisa Says:

      Hello Henrique again. I have downloaded two videos of this remarkable young man. His cum-producing abilities and powerful ejaculations are indeed extraordinary! And yes, I believe what we see is true. We don´t know how (long) he masturbated before his release, but some men produce a big volume of semen. And with hyperspermia it´s in their genes. But I´m not suggesting that this guy is subject to hyperspermia. I don´t think so, but I don´t know.

    • Anon Says:

      The guy has a pretty big pre-ejactulatory emission of 5-6 pulses before his orgasm really starts but it’s not that big a load. That kind of emission just before orgasm is common with big cummers but he doesn’t have the really thick, high volume ropes someone with hyperspermia might have.

      Here’s a much bigger cumshot:

      And a shotglass filling video from the same guy:
      Easily looks like a 20ml load and about 1/3 of it was from the massive pre-orgasmic emission.

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