Neglected Post (8) – General Sexual Response

March 22, 2017

Original post: General Sexual Response

Less than 285 views since December 27, 2012

The post in question very well could have been the initial regular entry of this blog following Introduction and Remarks (with which I prompt my readers to be sure of some basic anatomical knowledge for fully enjoying facts and prose in my blog). However, I published it a good two and a half years on!

It probably should have been the kick-off, because the post tells you physical basics on your way from sexual arousal to climax in a compact manner. A Male Sexual Response by the Books, as I called it.

Everyone knows the described parameters more or less. The emphasis lies on „more or less“, because since everyone differs and reacts differently from the other, the listing of particulars is an interesting read nonetheless! It demonstrates a potentiality of basic physiological changes on our way from erection to ejaculation/orgasm.

Therefore it can be quite exciting to observe yourself or a partner en route to bliss. And reading that register will refresh your knowledge and may give you ideas about some experimentation or alteration in your masturbatory routine, possibly leading you to try out some more extreme manipulations. Just like I explained at the end of the neglected post.

By the way, if you want to check about this series on neglected posts read this intro here!

9 Responses to “Neglected Post (8) – General Sexual Response”

  1. The photos in this post are very exciting. I use ejaculation control methods to refrain from ejaculating . With my Start-Stop-Start-Stop method I can last as long as I like and am always ready to go again at anytime I like without any refractory period ever.

    • nandisa Says:

      Raymond Gordon, you mastered edging! 🙂
      But that´s what I ment: when you know the basics you most likely will take off with experimenting, possibly finding some more extreme masturbatory routines, like the Start-Stop-Technique you developed for yourself.

  2. I have been viewing many of your posts throughout the night and every one of them are fantastic, Thank You, Nandisa, for sharing this with us.

    • nandisa Says:

      Thank you Raymond Gordon for all your recent comments! I am pleased to learn that you very much enjoyed other posts of mine. We just passed the seventh birthday of my blog! You yourself are around for almost three years now, at least. I am glad that you still find exciting stuff to read.

      As for the neglected posts (for all in that series), yes, it is curious why they are not sought-after like other, popular posts, which easily gain such many views in a months period (not in four years)! After all, I started this series to point to interesting yet non-popular writings.

  3. chas Says:

    Holy crap, have I been gone far too long from here!!! Just life happens!

    Looks like I missed a few great posts!
    Will be busy for the next few days! 🙂

    And sorry Nandisa, that this is a neglected post.
    From reading some of the new posts, looks like you have some new members that comment! Great!

    • Tom Says:

      Welcome back Chas! Lots of great things to come back to on Peaks-n-pulses if you’ve been on hiatus.

    • nandisa Says:

      Yeah, welcome back Chas, you have been missed! Good to know you with us again and I hope you will find time for regular visits, like in the “old days”! 😉

      • chas Says:

        Thanks Nandisa!!

        Good to be back! And hope to be here more regularly.

        Tom, it does look like I missed a few great things!! Will have to check up.

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