Reel Fiction (10)

April 23, 2017

The other day I returned home early from a seminar, and yes – you guessed it – I caught my sweetheart in the act of masturbating with his tablet. I mean he was in bed with his tablet screening porn while edging, apparently. I know he loves to do that, he even likes to spray his gadget, doesn´t matter, easy to clean.

So, I arrived around noon without giving notice. After all those days doing nothing but theoretical brain work, I had been looking forward to be around my dearest and get laid in the evening as a matter of urgency.

Now, I was not surprised finding him masturbating, and I don´t mind, he´s free to keep his lovely gear in shape whenever he pleases. He knows that, but he also knows that I need to be served and he better cope with that.

So, after I sneaked into our apartment and found him working his cock slow and savoring I immediately intercepted:

Whoo…, hold it, hold it, don´t cum now! Off with you hands!

Geee…. fuck, what are you doin´ here?

Hello to you too, by the way! …As for your question: we were thru and they released us early. And all I need is a good fuck tonight! But when you get off now, you will be tired later! And that´s no option, not tonight, not with me!

You got to be kidding, I need to cum! I am loaded, what do you think?! And I can manage you anyway.

I doubt that. I want you loaded as you are, that´s how I like it! I want you to fuck me big time tonight. Man, after these shitty days all I can think of is being filled.

Why not now then? C´me on, get naked and let´s do it right here and now!

That´s so typical. – Switch on your brains! I need to get settled first, I´m worn, I want to fix my stuff first, …laundry, eat something, rest, then get into the mood – with your help – and then we take off. Do I really have to explain that to you?

You´re so cute when you get angry… But you need to also understand, I was edging for quite a while now and I really have to release some of the pressure – aka cumming! …Here´s what we can do: you lend me a hand real quick!?!

I could tell that he was loaded. Despite being „caught“ -and over the course of the argument- his cock was still fully erect and throbbing. I fancied his suggestion the longer I thought about it. Not least because a certain trick came to my mind:

Well, that might be a true option.

Good girl, I knew you´d love to make me cum.

Sure do, but I will just trigger you… for the pumping you´re on your own.

What!? You want to ruin my orgasm?

No, I neither want to ruin your orgasm, nor will your spurting be ruined. You will just cum no-hands!

But I want to be worked all the way thru!!

I know. I know it´s much nicer that way. But my method assures me that you regain a pressing urge in no time. At least until tonight. – This or nothing…

Ok, ok – you won. Go ahead whenever you are ready. I guess it´s a fair deal after all.

I placed myself next to him on the spot and began masturbating his beloved cock and balls. He must have had shaved his pubes and sack right before his session, really nice, so smooth!

I used some oil that he had taken with him, while his tablet was not needed no more, put that aside.

It didn´t take long until he suddenly exhaled and said: Oh yeah! in an upsurge of internal sensations – his PONR apparently. I let go of his sweet package, just in time to witness him living thru his intense climax which lasted quite a while and beyond the cum-producing spurts.

Wasn´t that nice!? I commented and began to utilize his load as lotion for further gentle cock and ball stroking while he still was answering this with convulsions in his ejaculatory aftermath.

[download “reel” here]

Later that night he had regained his sexual prowess and he fucked me hard, just like I had hoped he would. That no-hand spurting might have done the trick. I believe it did!


12 Responses to “Reel Fiction (10)”

  1. Rok Says:

    Loved the story and the clip provided! I’m a little bit confused though Nandisa, this wasn’t a ruined orgasm? I thought ruined meant when you go past the PONR and then stop all stimulation? 🙂

    • nandisa Says:

      I am always excited for new comments after a fresh post, and because I am spoiled by you and Tom (mainly) for sure-replies (sooner or later), I am happy to find a first positive statement from you today! 🙂

      As for the ruined orgasm, please check the link that I put behind the term in the dialog-text!! Mind you that color-highlighted words and/or phrases signal (most of the time) interlinking, – check with your cursor!

      My post concerning ruined orgasm explains a lot I think. I know what you mean (as does the guy in the story), but when you differentiate between ejaculation and orgasm (and this does not really happen in everyday talk) you realize what it really means.

      I guess for this story (or the “trick” that is addressed) it would be correct to say that she “ruines” his climactic experience, but not his ejaculation and not his orgasm (he does not feature given you follow my definition of orgasm).

      • Rok Says:

        Ah, right, I see! I totally missed that! She DOES stroke through his orgasm, just not through his ejaculation. At least I think it is so, or am I in the wrong again? 😛

      • nandisa Says:

        Read the post (and also the posts on orgasm, starting here) and you will see, I´m sure. 🙂

  2. Tom Says:

    Great story Nandisa! Always look forward to your reel fiction. This one explored the interesting topic of stumbling upon your partner mid-edge. So many men only mastubate in secret, by themselves, and being caught like this would often lead to embarrassment on the part of both people, with the guy jumping up, covering up, and trying to hide what he was doing. But in your story they just roll with it and use the circumstances to explore each other in a different way. I love that.

    The topic of what he experiences in the story is important. I think our hero actually does experience both ejaculation and orgasm. At least that is how I read it. His helping girlfriend, hungry for her own go at his cock, I think was actually trying to ruin his orgasm, allowing him to spurt some of that edged up cum to relieve some of that pressure he mentions, but without having him experience a full orgasm. She was hoping that would keep him primed for a later fuck when she was ready.

    However, as she let’s go of his cock as he passes his PONR, he does seem to have both orgasm (or climax as it is described) and ejaculation. In fact his climax continues after he is empty. I can just picture him shuddering there as his orgasm dissipates, his cock super sensitive and still hungry for stimulation, his body dripping in his cum. I love how our heroine then uses his seed to massage into his softening cock and balls, just for good measure.

    So despite her not stroking him through his orgasm, he clearly still had a rather intense one, hardly ruined. One imagines what it would have been like had she not stopped. Lucky for her, he clearly still has plenty of sexual energy and desire for a good, hard fuck later.

    • nandisa Says:

      Tom, what a detailed interpretation of my story, your reasoning is sound and convincing and leaves me with great sympathy! It showed me to go easy on my strictness concerning phrase definition and anatomical labeling, which I had in mind when writing with Rok. Thanks very much and good to know that you enjoyed this episode!

  3. chas Says:

    Great story as always Nandisa!!
    Always look forward to your stories!
    I don’t know how I missed this post? Maybe too busy with other ones? 🙂
    Great gif and that picture of that glorious cock!! 🙂

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