For a Closer Look (25) – Pulsing Pace

May 14, 2017


Do You Pump or Do You Fire?

It´s a single aspect of the ejaculatory process, and many of us know the figure: the repetition-pace of the muscular contractions of the ejaculatory reflex runs with a frequency of 0.8 seconds per pulse (initially). This is what´s written in the books – and it is wrong! Or in a more diplomatic lingo: there are exceptions to the rule, as always.

General information has it, that human males pump their semen at a tact of 0.8 sec per cycle, and slowing within the course of the reflex. This was noted down, probably because the majority of men features this speed.

Ejaculations run in a broad range of representational possibilities due to the many parameters involved. Most of these parameters are subject to change, not least because we can alter them, we all know that. However, this doesn´t apply to the pulsing-pace!

We can not alter the speed of the beat at will. The pace seems to be determined by our genes. Thus, any of us men features a fixed rhythm, or so it seems. Apparently the speed of the beat slows with age, – after all, this is my personal observation. (Any other factors in effect here? Comments that shed light on this are always welcome!)

Now for a fact: contrary to the purported data of the famous 0.8 seconds per pulse so generously proclaimed, we observe clear differences here in different men.

I like to show you two examples illustrating rapid and dilatory pumping. The animated gifs following give you a first impression. However, you ought to download the small clips to fully enjoy the complete ejaculation of each guy. Both clips feature sound so as to underline that what we witness is neither fast forwarded nor slowed down. In addition to that, each clip repeats the cumming-sequence slow-motioned!

This rapid pumper shoots his first five spurts within 1,5 seconds, which gives him a pulsing-pace of 0.3 secs per cycle!!

And this dilatory pumper shoots his first five spurts within 7 seconds, which gives him a pulsing-pace of 1.4 secs per cycle!

Needless to say that the given pumping speed marks the main parameter for the duration of the respective ejaculation!

Much like the force of the cum´s ejection, the number of spurts, the volume of semen produced and the duration of the reflex, so does the speed of the pulses alter our erotic perception when we watch a man cumming. As with any single aspect of ejaculation we shall carry a preference for the pulsing speed too.

Personally I prefer to watch dilatory pulsing with a high number of muscular contractions and a big volume of male milk. But you knew that already. 😉

What you didn´t know is that I used to feature a pulsing-pace of 0.9 secs per cycle, pumping slower in the meantime!

Clip one: See a guy pulsing rapidly (.flv, 44 secs, w/sound, 2 MB).

Clip two: See a guy pulsing dilatory (.flv, 138 secs, w/sound, 6 MB).

103 Responses to “For a Closer Look (25) – Pulsing Pace”

  1. Great post concerning ejaculation. Thank You, Nandisa

  2. Rok Says:

    Great post, I never really gave the pace much thought! I usually start off with about 0.5 seconds in between the contractions but slow waaay down to about 1 per second or even slower, depending on how many I have overall.
    It does seem to vary a lot from person to person, I found a very rapid one right here!

    • nandisa Says:

      Thanks for your and Raymond Gordons quick reply!

      You say it, Rok, the pulsing-pace is an aspect we ususally don´t really scrutinize. Probably because we believe that we all pulse with about the same speed (0.8 sec, as mentioned). Who is grabbing a stop-watch and checks after PONR is passed!? LOL

      But I noticed that differences are significant and I grabbed that watch and hit the buttons (sure with recorded scenes). 😉
      It was fun to do that and the math that goes along (quite simple calculation, isn´t it). And yes, the speed-range is broad!

      Thanks for the link! This is an unusual sight, and a covered one at that. But the pulsing BC certainly indicates this guy´s speed of the beat, and he obviously fires fast (nice to watch his reflex slow down).

      I hope that the current poll (#58) will either verify or nullify the figure “in the books” – we´ll see. 🙂

      • Rok Says:

        I’m glad you liked the link Nandisa! And the glans of the rapid pumper looks awesome!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I find slower cumshots hotter to have and to watch. There’s more time to savor each rope, build up tension for the next, and it makes the orgasm seem longer and more powerful. It takes extremely high volume to pull it off for 10+ ropes though.

  4. uncutwood Says:

    Stumbled across your blog by accident and its so great i might stick around for a long time 🙂 Speaking of the pace my loads are usually pretty fast but ive seen some guys who shot way faster to a point i began to wonder whether it was for real or fake, cant provide any links atm maybe when i dig around enough to find em. Keep up the great work 🙂

    • nandisa Says:

      Welcome to my blog and our appreciative not too large a community! Glad you enjoy what you found and thanks for your input on this post. – Your first impression is not deceiving, there is really a lot of interesting stuff to discover! 🙂

  5. Tom Says:

    What a great new post, Nandisa. A subject near and dear to your reader’s hearts (at least this reader). I find the site to the rapid pumper quite interesting because it is different from my own, which is slower and more near average (I think! I haven’t actually timed it-added to my to-do list 😉 ). One thing I notice is that the rapid ejaculator, upon passing their PONR, often stops their manipulation of their cock as the contractions take over. So we witness the machine gun firing of their ejaculation. Whereas the dilatory pumper often will time each contraction and spurt with a stroke. Have you noticed this?

    • nandisa Says:

      Nice to find you commenting after a while, Tom, and so positively at that! 🙂

      I sure hope(d) that this Closer Look is giving another exciting insight into the matter! It seems ever more difficult to come up with seldom addressed topics, this may be one!

      Your observation ecaped my attention, thanks for mentioning it! I have many scenes in mind where a dialtory pumper will cum no-hands, but for the rapid pumper I couldn´t say. I´d have to examine if this was a basic “rule”. – Curious detail! 🙂

    • Rok Says:

      I have noticed that Tom! That second one is quite fascinating to me, since I myself belong in the first one, letting the reflexes take over, regardless if masturbating or having sex.

      • Tom Says:

        What an interesting thing this is Rok. I wonder if it has something to do with being circumcised. Because cut guys are less sensitive compared to men who have been left alone, I wonder if we typically jack (or pump) through our ejaculation, whereas men who are intact, because of their heightened sensitivity, don’t because it would be too intense?

      • Rok Says:

        That could be the case. At least for some definitely, I often pump through and am intact and have no issues, other times i like to hold still and let my penis pump by itself.

      • Tom Says:

        Well Rok, it’s always nice to try and practice different options. Why pigeon hole yourself, right?

      • Rok Says:

        No need to say that twice Tom! That’s why we have this blog!
        I like to pull back my foreskin and hold it there during orgasm, this tightens the frenulum and narrows the meatus, allowing me to shoot very far. It’s something we’ve seen with 12squirtsguy, I do it just like that, as shown in his short videos here

      • Tom Says:

        Thanks for that description Rok. I’ve seen 12squirtsguy and am impressed by his power and speed. Your description of what he (and you) does is very helpful. I must say I am envious of what you are able to do.

    • 12squirtsman Says:

      Thanks for the mention guys! 🙂

  6. Tom Says:

    Nandisa: I neglected to comment on the gifs! Most excellent they are. The first rapid fire one in particular is mesmerizing. He has a very nice sexy body which appears appropriately tense as he fires away.

    • nandisa Says:

      Tom, I must say I was lucky to find these clip-examples in my archives, because not only do they illustrate the topic in a quite perfect way, but both clips feature sound and a scene-re-run in slow motion (as I noted in the post). On top of that they were ideal for extracting animated gifs off the important moments of cumming. – I appreciate you mentioned the gifs! 🙂

  7. chas Says:

    Nandisa, great post as usual!

    I too haven’t really ever put much thought into the pace of my ejaculation..
    Now that you brought it up, the past week I’ve been paying attention. And it seems I’m somewhere in between the two most of the time.
    If I estim, I know I seem to pump a lot quicker than if I have actual physical contact.

    And those two gifs & clips are great! 😉

    • Tom Says:

      Chas: I haven’t had a chance to test out my timing, but I plan on doing so soon. After all, once you read Nandisa’s post how could I not test my own body’s pattern during ejaculation?

      I remember you mentioning that you have gotten into estim. Do you find differences in your experience of orgasm and ejaculation when cumming via estim vs. the more standard method of manual cockplay?

      • chas Says:

        I too will have to start to time my ejaculations and see what the results are!

        With estim, I definitely find the orgasam a lot more powerful if I hold off from play for a few days. I sometimes get weak in the knees if standing! If not, it seem just as normal as always? Maybe it’s just me and after a few days i’m super excited and can’t wait to cum?!
        As for ejaculation, after the few days wait, seems like I can shoot farther and more volume than with manual stimulation. But I think it’s the rubber loops I use that might be a little tight and restrcts the flow? Kinda like when you restrict the flow on a water hose??

      • Tom Says:

        Thanks for the response, Chas. I haven’t had the opportunity to estim and your experience certainly makes it sound enticing. I imagine the rubber loops you describe have some sort of effect on how you shoot. Increasing resistance can make for a more forceful ejection. Where are the bands placed? I know that estim set ups can vary and placement of the electrodes varies a lot too, with different effects as a result.

      • nandisa Says:

        As for the ejection-performance, just like Rok said:

        I like to pull back my foreskin and hold it there during orgasm, this tightens the frenulum and narrows the meatus, allowing me to shoot very far.


    • nandisa Says:

      Chas, I am glad to read your comment (eventually 😉 ) and thanks for your praise!

      It´s interesting what you say about your estim observation. This could be a hint to a possible speed-change depending on the masturbatory method before you trigger the reflex. You say it´s an impression you have. I am afraid only a field trial will give first answers.
      As for metering your pace it may be best to tape your ejaculation and measure from the clip, unless you have someone gauging you live. 🙂

      • chas Says:

        Nandisa, no problem on commenting, we are all busy with life!

        No one around here to gauge me live! 🙂 so I would have to tape it myself and to do some observing on what (if any) difference between estim and manual stimulation there is?

      • Tom Says:

        That was going to be my plan exactly as suggested by Nandisa – record myself then stop watch it. Would be hard to do it otherwise.

      • nandisa Says:

        And Chas, calculate with the first 4 or 5 pulses, because the reflex naturally slows thereafter! 😉

      • Rok Says:

        I second that! 😀

      • Rok Says:

        I have looked again at my pace and this time measured it, I’ve used the first 5 pulses, like you recommended Nandisa, and the result was 0.6 seconds!

      • nandisa Says:

        Then Rok, you are on the faster side (I think you said you assumed this would be the case). 🙂
        Now you can vote at the poll, but I guess you did already!? 😉

      • Rok Says:

        That’s a yes to both 🙂 I masturbated very quickly though, just to get the results, 5 minutes total. I’m still wondering if the pace would change if I edge for an hour or an hour and a half like i usually do.

      • nandisa Says:

        If you answer this question (and you may in a while 😉 ) it would be revealing about if my thesis holds true or not. My thesis is (I summarize) that the pulsing pace is fixed (individually) and will only change with time (with age) and not by any kind of manipulation towards the triggering the ejaculatory reflex.

      • Tom Says:

        The old quick stroke and blast off, Rok. All for the purpose of knowledge, of course. Thanks for taking the challenge.

      • Rok Says:

        Sure, I will remember that 🙂 I’m guessing it won’t really make a difference, even though the associated muscles are warmed up (or tired, depending how hard, how often and how long you flex them). I will report back, I’m sure others reading this are curious as well 😉

      • Tom Says:

        I would agree with your assumption, Nandisa. From what I know, the ejaculatory response is hard wired, more like a reflex. Once the nerves fire and the contractions start, as you have noted in many of your posts on the PONR, there isn’t much you can do to stop it. I can’t imagine the rate of firing can be varied, just like you can’t control the patellar reflex when you tap your knee with mallet. The leg kicks because the loop doesn’t go beyond knee to spinal cord and back to the leg muscles which then cause the kick. Similarly, I believe it’s the same with ejaculation. so we can’t really control it with our higher centers (our brain) once we spill over the edge. The nerves fire. The pumping starts. The cum flies. All we can do is enjoy the sensations.

      • Rok Says:

        Well, I’ve tried edging for an hour and there wasn’t a measurable difference in the pace, MAYBE slightly faster, but not enough to change the decimal point of the 0.6 seconds 🙂

      • nandisa Says:

        That I call prompt delivery, Rok, – literally! 😉
        This rather confirms my thesis. – Just a thought, no science…
        Thank you Rok!!

      • Tom Says:

        Thanks for taking one for the team, Rok!

      • chas Says:

        I take one for the team guys. 🙂
        I try to record myself in the next few days.
        I’ll try to do both (estim and manual stimulation).
        And see what the results are?! And if there is any difference between the two??

      • Tom Says:

        Chas: Here’s to your future contribution to this great ongoing science experiment. May you find it incredibly, rigidly hard as you test Nandisa’s theory. I look forward to your report back.

      • nandisa Says:

        I second Tom! Take your time Chas, and thank you as well (Nandisa in the footsteps of Kinsey – LOL)! 😉

      • Tom Says:

        You are like a modern Kinsey, Nandisa. I have not had much “alone time” to test things out myself, but I have a business trip in two weeks which will give me some solo hotel time. I will join the experiment subject team then and get to work!

      • nandisa Says:

        Welcum to the team, Tom! 😉 We will be looking forward to your data!!

      • chas Says:

        Tom, thanks for the kind words!
        I do hope it’s not too hard for me to test Nandisa theory!! 😉
        And you guys will be the first to know when I “cum” back here to let you what I found! 🙂

      • Tom Says:

        Chas: Can’t wait to hear what you find when you cum back. Actually I hope you do find things to be quite hard. 😉👌👏💪

        Looks like you have your work set out for you this holiday weekend.

      • chas Says:

        Nandisa, thanks for the kinds words as well!!
        And will definitely take my time with the whole process! 😉
        Hope you get to spend some much-needed alone time in the next few weeks!!

      • Tom Says:

        It seems with estim, taking your time is the only option, right Chas?

        Yes, that alone time is MUCH MUCH needed.

      • chas Says:

        Yes Tom, you are correct! Taking my time is the name of the game with estim!!

        And I can’t wait for it!! The way I see it, it is time well spent!! 😉

    • chas Says:

      Tom, thanks for the response!
      Estim is not for everyone.
      If you want to get into it, you can buy a “Tens” unit for try it out. But a “made for play” unit is well worth the money?

      I’ve tried different setups and placements but the best setup I’ve found is one loop at the base of the penis and the other one right under the head.

      This is not me but is similar to my setup.

      Hope Nandisa doesn’t mind me posting links and high jacking the post?! 😉

      • nandisa Says:

        Chas, real quick, I found this comment in the spam-folder and just released it. I noticed a different IP-address, maybe that was the reason why WordPress marked this comment!? And I guess because it didn´t show, you repeatedly posted your say a couple times! 😉

        Thanks for providing specific advice to Tom and to us all in the same. I recall having posted one entry on estim-edging (look here) and another one as part of the Closer-Look-Series (here) a long while ago – just to mention it. 😉

      • chas Says:

        Hmm, spam folder?!
        Thanks Nandisa for catching that!! 😉
        Yes, sorry about posting a few times!!
        I thought maybe the link I supplied in the post maybe flagged it?

        I do remember reading the two posts a while back. I’ll have to go re-read them now! 🙂

      • Tom Says:

        There is just something very exciting watching someone experience estim, Chas. With that placement I assume the current is traveling the length of your cock and balls, so it certainly seems like the optimal place. Sorry for the 20 questions! Are you controlling the intensity of the current, or is the unit following some preset pattern? How long his you typically Edge this way before orgasming? On the clips I’ve seen it always seems like there is a slow and very prolonged climb to the PONR, and that this method can hold you there for quite a long time. In the clip you can almost sense the guy nearing the edge, wanting to spill over as he involuntarily thrusts his hips and contracts his torso, but is not quite there until finally, sweet pulsing release.

      • Tom Says:

        Typo-such is the challenge of typing in a phone! Meant to ask:
        How long do you typically Edge before orgasming?

      • chas Says:

        Tom, no problem..
        Yes, I do agree with you, it’s very exciting to look at!

        I can the feel, intensity, and mode on the particular unit I have. 5 different modes and a stepless dial for feel and intensity.
        Some modes work better than others for giving me orgasms.

        Still experimenting on edging with it, it’s more of the build up that I enjoy more at the moment. I takes me about an hour or more to build up to an orgasm.
        I too am just like the guy in the video, thrusting and all, building up to the big O!

      • Tom Says:

        Vivid description, Chas. UMF. I guess that is what is so appealing and also, to some extent, part of this type of play-the slow climb toward orgasm. How many of us build slowly over an hour or more? I suspect most of us truly Edge and approach extreme arousal more quickly, then dance with the edge. With estim, if I’m interpreting what you are saying, that climb is very slow and prolonged, a slow smoldering build. I can just imagine as you reach the point where you can sense orgasm is not far off, the desire to cum must be intense. Yet, given this type of stimulation, you must wait and deal with that frustration you are playing with. No wonder your body starts to thrust. You want to cum but you just…can’t…get…there….

      • chas Says:

        Yes Tom,
        The build up is slow but very enjoyable!

        Getting close to orgasm and being so close is almost torturous but don’t want the feelings to go away! There is lots of frustration at times but worth it at the end when those pulses start pumping! 🙂

      • Tom Says:

        That’s what I thought, Chas. Imagine if you didn’t have control of the controls, but some diabolical friend did instead. That could become a most torturous and frustrating session indeed!

  8. James Says:

    This gives me an idea.Can the contraction pace of cumming be set/modified by predetermined e-stim pulses?
    Anyone ever tried?

    • nandisa Says:

      Hello James, good point. But I rather doubt this, not least because one can play with the pulse-frequency of an estim-device. I only own a simple “TENS”-unit, still offering variable speed, and I prefer a high frequency (like a humming sent to my genitals). However, my experiences are limited. I often wondered if a “made for play” unit – as Chas called it – would offer much better stimulation, I´d definitly think it would!!

      • chas Says:

        I can say that a made for play device does offer better stimulation!
        The Tens device seems to send me a more tingling and often needle prick feelings, which aren’t very nice.. The other device seems to be more of a vibrator feeling. It just seems to have more kick to it, (in a good way)

      • nandisa Says:

        To all online: we have a multi-layered discussion going, really nice I think!!
        Chas, great news! I assumed it would be the case what you confirm now. I experimented with a TENS, but it´s just not made for sex-play. The stimulation you describe is what I´ve experienced. I ought to upgrade I believe! 🙂

      • chas Says:

        Hope you don’t mind the layered discussion?
        Didn’t mean to high jack the post! 😉

        By all means, if you can afford it, do it.
        Don’t get me wrong, I can experience the pins and needle feeling with the made for play unit too but not nearly as much and I can control a lot of different features that I couldn’t do with the Tens.

        It’s good to hear that others are experimenting with some estim too! 🙂

      • nandisa Says:

        All is well, Chas! I appreciate your time and input with the current exchange. And I keep in mind your recommendation for sure!

      • Tom Says:

        I am very much enjoying this layered parlay! It’s great to be able to share this with other men in the way. Thanks to all who are participating.

      • chas Says:

        I too am enjoying the conversations we have here with each other.
        Everyone else participating,
        Great to talk to like minded people about topics we all have a common interest in!!
        Thanks!! 🙂

    • chas Says:

      Good point as well. But I don’t think it could change it.
      Once the contractions start, it seems like there is no chance of changing the pace?.

      I’ll have to try to play with the settings next time to see if I can change anything..

  9. James Says:

    The one I have is not new or as advanced as some of the units out there today. But it is designed for sex and has 3 different controls for each channel. It is a PES, I believe.
    One is intensity meaning, simply, more or less voltage. Then there is frequency – the current goes from spikes that are so close together it’s more like a sizzle, to spikes that can be felt individually about one every 1/4 second. And then there is pulse rate-this turns the channel on and off for equal amounts of time. The time can be adjusted from about 5 seconds to a quick 4 per sec. Whatever frequency of current you are using and whatever intensity, it is the pulse rate that would (maybe?) set or modify the orgasmic pulse rate.

    It has been awhile for me but I do seem to remember some absolutely high speed orgasmic contractions with this thing. Almost more like twitching. And on slower settings it was hard to have contractions that were out of sync with the current – by the same token a contraction wouldn’t release if the current hadn’t also released. This may also have something to do with my favorite way of circuiting my genitals – I use a butt plug electrode that applies the current right over the prostate and only that spot, and the other electrode will either be my testicles or somewhere on my cock. This setup directly stimulates the BC muscle so contractions are completely involuntary.
    (Q: are normal orgasmic contractions completely involuntary?)

    • chas Says:

      James, thanks for the post!
      Sounds similar to the unit I have.

      Been debating whether or not to get a butt-plug electrode or not. But reading what your saying, sounds very interesting!!

      If I set up mine correctly and have the settings just right, I could to have involuntary muscle movement. My cock bounces up and down all on its own! 🙂

      Once the normal orgasm contractions start, don’t think there’s a way to stop it?!

      • Tom Says:

        UMF. What a dickstracting conversation!!!

      • chas Says:

        Tom, Hope for the kind words! 😉

        It is a total UMF watching your own cock bouncing up and you have no control over it!!

      • Tom Says:

        UMF. Ouf. Mmmm. Lots of sounds, Chas. I think that is what is one of the biggest appeals when watching an estim clip. It’s the involuntary contractions of the rigid cock as he responds to the stimulation he is experiencing. That pulsing and bouncing you describe. And knowing that it’s all part of that agonizing slow climb toward climax makes it even more arousing.

    • Tom Says:

      Amazing description here, James. I haven’t ever tried estim but your and Chas’ description make it more and more appealing. I think the butt plug electrode must be amazing. To have that direct stimulation to your prostate, so deep inside, I can’t even fathom what that must feel like. Thanks for contributing here.

    • nandisa Says:

      James, great addition to our discussion!! 🙂
      After all any muscular contraction is triggered thru neural impulses, much like electrical current. So an electrical input from the exterior by a PES-unit should have an effect on muscular working/reaction.

      As for your question, the orgasmic contractions run completely involuntary once they are triggered. This is valid for the ejaculatory reflex as well as the orgasmic body reaction (read here).

  10. chas Says:

    Well guys, I just finished about an hour of estim and recorded the last few minutes. The most important part!! 🙂

    I checked my ejaculation with a stopwatch and cum to the conclusion that I’m very close to the normal 0.8! (a 0.1) (+ or -) in either direction.

    So Nandisa, I voted in the current poll you have listed here. 😉

    And Tom, the session was slow and agonizing, but the look of my cock bouncing and engorged and the BIG finish was so worth the time spent!! A UMF?! ;P

    Next stop (in a few days), manual stimulation! To see if there is any difference in time.

    • Tom Says:

      Ouf. To see those last few minutes.

      Thanks for circling back, Chas. What a pleasure to read about the first stage of your experiment. I look forward to your second update.

    • Rok Says:

      So great to hear you were successful Chas, we’re all waiting for your next “shot” 😉

    • nandisa Says:

      Thanks for part one of your field test, Chas!! 🙂

    • chas Says:

      Thanks guys for the kind words!

      I’m looking forward to the second half of the test too! 🙂

    • chas Says:

      Well guys, I did the second part of the field test last night.
      Manual stimulation.
      What I found with watching it over with a stopwatch handy is that I ejaculated at the same pace as with estim.
      And like normal, the pace slowed down after the first couple strong shots.
      My conclusion is that my pace is the standard 0.8 with either type of stimulation.

      What was new to me were the build up feelings to the PONR were a lot more stronger than before.
      For the past few months, I’ve only ever orgasmed with estim, so I think it stimulated all the nerves for some better feelings.

      And Nandisa, this post should put this thread at 80 posts! 😉

      • nandisa Says:

        Such a great report, Chas!
        Your experiment seems to prove what I proposed, that our initial pumping speed is hardwired into each our system (genetically fixed). It does slow as the reflex wanes, and it may change (slow) with age. But the speed shall not be altered by any physical (masturbatory) manipulation. We are born with the ejac-speed we feature; I have no clue what determines this pulsing pace or why it does differ among individuals.

        Thanks for sharing the sensory effect you observed in your build up, quite interesting too.
        And yes, your important feed-back marked the 80th comment for this post!! 🙂

      • chas Says:

        Thanks for the kind words! And I’m glad to be part of this blog in the little I contribute and comment on things!

      • Tom Says:

        Awesome Chas! You are getting a nice little collection of clips together here with your participation in this field trial.

        What a great test for the thesis on our hard wired ejaculatory response. There couldn’t be too more different ways of crossing the PONR. As you note, manually stimulating yourself involved a whole host of different sensations after your recent focus on estim induced orgasm. Glad you rediscovered the beauty of the hand! And in the end, your timing was the same, your muscle contractions and spurting similar with both methods. Amazing! Wondrous! How I love the male body and the pleasure it brings to each of us.

        Next week is my turn to test out my timing. I will of course share the results.

      • chas Says:

        Thanks for the kind words!

        Hope you enjoy your field test as much as I did mine! 😉

        Can’t wait to hear what type of results you cum up with!!

      • Tom Says:

        Chas: I suspect I will be “average” in terms of interval (although above average in volume) and I am looking forward to some “me time” which has been a long time cumming.

      • Tom Says:

        PS Woohoo on the 80th comment. Let’s get to a 100 boys!

      • nandisa Says:

        By the way, a good week later now we passed the 100th comment (James´ apology) on this post! I´d never have imagined to garner so many remarks for this topic! 😉 I do thank all devoted participants in this discussion and on other themes! The total featured number of comments counts a 1,701 notes – which is alot of reading stuff by itself! 🙂

      • pendorbound Says:

        I’m a bit late to the discussion (long time listener, first time caller as they say ;-), but I wanted to throw a little more data onto the estim study already in progress if I may?

        I’ve noticed with certain settings & intensities in estim, the electro can take control of the muscles that contract during ejaculation, at least in a limited fashion. It can cause them to contract and also force them to stay held contracted when they might otherwise try to relax. I’ve never experienced a case where the stim forced the ejaculation reflex to start early absent the rest of the orgasm process already in progress. The electro can pulse the muscles or hold them contracted, but doing so doesn’t cause an orgasm-less ejaculation, at least in my experience at power levels I’m comfortable using.

        What I have observed however is that once the ejaculation reflex starts, the electro can override the natural pacing to a degree. Nature always wins out *eventually*, but the stim can affect the outcome a bit. Specifically, I’ve experienced (quite frequently) where my orgasm begins while the estim is at the lower part of a curve of rising intensity. With the proper settings, the stim can force my muscles to contract and hold them contracted as my ejaculatory reflex is trying to start pulsing them. It’s a pretty mind blowing sensation to be held stuck not just on the edge, but technically *over* it. Not teetering on the edge of the cliff, but clutching the ledge with fingers already over but not quite falling the way eons of instinct would have us do. To say that the sensation is intense is something of an understatement.

        At least in the various programs I’ve experienced, the current inevitably tapers back down after a second or two (or several centuries, depending on your perspective). The ejaculation continues on its own at that point, more or less naturally. If the current then rises again, it generally ends up off-rhythm to the orgasm already in progress and feels more like a “ruined” orgasm than anything. If the current throws off the rhythm of the third or further pulse, the body seems to give up on the whole idea at that point.

        What I propose (For Science!) is the possibility that carefully timed pulses sequenced close to the subject’s natural pacing might adjust the timing slightly. Perhaps even retrain the subject to a different pace with repeated experiences.

        Rather than relying on the more or less random chance of the program reaching crescendo at the right moment, I anticipate having an additional program queued up ready to switch to just as ejaculation becomes imminent. This program might extend the initial pulse (as I’ve experienced), but then release it only to be followed by an additional pulse starting somewhat before the subject’s natural next pulse would start, then lasting slightly longer than that pulse would naturally last. I’d theorize that increasing the time spent in forced contraction state and consequently lessening the time spent in relaxation may cause more intense sensations overall. I’m uncertain what effect this might have on volume or force of ejaculation. I could see it potentially reducing the force and per-pulse volume as the various reservoirs would have less time to refill between evacuations. Conversely, I would speculate that there may be more pulses overall if the amount of fluid the subject can produce is a constant while the volume ejected per pulse is reduced.

        I’m unsure if the opposite is possible, to increase pacing while reducing duration of each pulse. The electro can force a contraction sooner than the subject would naturally have one and hold it longer, but it can’t force the subject to relax sooner.

        To test all of this, I plan to try my hand at stereo stim track production for the first time, likely by using an existing program which already has the desired pulse characteristics and editing it to pulse at the desired rates. For that, I shall have to pay more attention to my own natural contraction rate, so clearly this experiment will take some preliminary field work and several iterations.

        As far as equipment, I have at my disposal an Erostek ET-312 (which I must say has been worth every penny I spent on it) as well as an iPod for signal playback and an Arduino based system which can control the iPod to start/stop or change tracks. Initially I think a manual trigger will suffice to hit “play” on a specially crafted track at the appropriate moment.

        A further refinement may include attempting to sense contractions via some electrical or pressure sensor rather than anticipating the pace with a fixed program. I’ve successfully used pressure sensors to detect overall erection strength and reduce the power level of estim to prevent orgasm. An edging machine of sorts, though thus far I’ve been unable to produce something that couldn’t be overcome with concentration on the subject’s part if they desired to do so.

        If the leading edge of an ejaculatory pulse can be detected, a microprocessor or small computer could easily react by immediately ramping up power to force the contraction, then holding it longer than normal. Such a system could also learn a subject’s own pacing by observing without applying any stim. The machine learns and adapts, and then were do we end up? 😉

        I shall report back and would gladly collaborate with anyone willing to make similar explorations in the name of Science!

        Apologies if this ends up double-posting. WP login wasn’t liking me the first time…)

      • nandisa Says:

        Welcome Pendorbound, and thank you for your detailed report and thesis on the specific effects of electrical current and muscular contractions, – very interesting indeed!

        You gave us insight thru expert-talk. I realize that Chas can perfectly cope with that, yet I guess that one needs a bit of experience with some kind of estim-device to fully understand. 😉

        Estim and sexuality is a whole realm obviuously worth to discover for those curious and willing to incorporate this (modern) opportunity into their sexual exploration. 🙂

      • chas Says:

        Great to see some new members adding their take on the subject!!
        Great insight on estim!
        Being a fellow estim(er) I can relate to how intense the sensations are on the rising of the curve of the settings I have it on..
        Thought I’d pass out on occasion!
        Would love to hear what you come up with in your report for “science”! 😉

        I see you have the “Cadillac” of estim machines!!
        Always wondered if it was worth it?
        I guess so!
        Myself have the Helix from estim systems.

  11. Tom Says:

    Tonight I took dick in hand and after about a two hour edge, I grabbed the phone and took a video of my mind blowing orgasm and cumshot. I wasn’t quite intending to cum, but after so much edging and being on the PONR so many times, I was full and my cock was triggered. I made a couple of full length strokes, and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold back. I didn’t want a ruined orgasm, so I rode myself over the edge. The first 7 spurts came in just under 7 seconds. Although it was actually quite tough to measure the interval between each spurt, it came out at 0.9 seconds for each and that seemed pretty consistent through the 7th contraction. The last two landed at 1.1 seconds.

    To make it easy to capture, I kept my cock pointing straight up, so cum landed all over the bed, my legs and stomach, and the computer, (fortunately not on the keyboard). So, in the end, I am just longer than the 0.8 second average, which is what I kind of expected.

    • Rok Says:

      Thank you for the feedback Tom, a very arousing read! Sorry to hear about the mess you made! 😀

    • chas Says:

      Good to hear you had some alone time!!
      Thanks for the feedback about what you found with the “field trial”!!
      Very arousing read indeed! 🙂

      Sometimes cleaning a mess up like the one you made is good! 😉

      • Tom Says:

        Thanks Rok and Chas: I’m glad you enjoyed my write up of this field trial. The clean up was most enjoyable, Chas. I am trying to figure a way to share the clip with you all.

      • nandisa Says:

        Thanks for posting the results of your self-evaluation in form of a hot report! And I am much pleased that you found a way to share with us that very clip so soon! 🙂

      • Rok Says:

        Thank you for sharing with us this very intimate moment Tom!
        You pulse quite slowly, I certainly hope that your sensations are extended as well 😉
        I wasn’t expecting that you had such a big glans, it looks absolutely fantastic!

      • Tom Says:

        Oh Rok, there is intense sensations with each wonderful spurt. That is why I am amazed at those guys that cum machine gun style. I can’t even imagine what that must feel like.

      • Rok Says:

        Everything just moves all the time, I guess it’s more of a continuous sensation 🙂

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks Penderbound and Tom.
    I have done some more testing.First I think it is important in this subject to specify exactly what kind of circuiting is being makes a real difference in what muscles will be affected/controlled.To keep it consistent I have used only one hook up.Current is applied directly over the prostate and thru a ring around the cock.This seems to be the most direct way to stimulate the muscles that contract during orgasm.With this setup I can slowly turn up the voltage and at some point,it causes irresistible and very strong contractions entirely in control of the current.The amount of voltage it takes to do this is,however, pretty strong-some might find that level uncomfortable. In any case,a contraction simply cant be avoided or resisted as long as the current stays on. So with this in mind and at this level of intensity…

    First I tried a setting of a .35 sec duration and set 1.6 sec apart. I leave the unit off until the right moment. I edged for awhile to build up semen volume and pressure going into emission but not ejaculating at least 10 times.When I felt the pressure was high enough I decided to cum. I hit the on button just as I felt the beginning of the first natural contraction. It was super strong and I squirted a huge high pressure rope that bounced off my forehead.Then I had another contraction that started before the current turned back on-halfway thru that contraction it turned on and stayed on after-but I couldn’t release it.Then it turns off and could release but as soon as I did,here comes another. In other words, I was held out of sync with the natural rythym .I must say that not being able to release an orgasmic contraction is strange indeed.

    Next day..
    Next I tried a setting of .10sec duration set .12 sec apart.
    I prepared and edged the same way and left the unit off until orgasm starts.I also turned the voltage up just slightly.
    This was interesting .I had a long series(maybe 20) of very fast contractions that exactly followed the current pulses and I could not discern any out of sync contractions.
    Each one produced a short high pressure spray-I got soaked.

    Not sure what experiment is next

    • nandisa Says:

      Thank you very much, yours is very refined experimentation as well, a highly interesting read!
      It may not be a surprise that electrical current can have a muscle contract as long as the current is applied, you write:

      The amount of voltage it takes to do this is, however, pretty strong – some might find that level uncomfortable.

      I guess this is the whole point: how much can you take or are you willing to endure?

  13. James Says:

    Sorry for that post being listed as anonymous. It was me, James. I screwed up…

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