Estim And Pulsing Pace

May 28, 2017

This short post is only ment to be redirecting/splitting the ongoing discussion about estim and its possible effect on the pulsing pace. We garnered a record braking (almost) 80 comments on the topic for the preceding post – getting oriented becomes increasingly tough. 😉

There is a field trial going, so the exchange will continue, and I hope it does at this freshly placed post. Find enough scrolling space for maybe another 80 comments!? Thanks to all active participants, and new voices are certainly welcum!

31 Responses to “Estim And Pulsing Pace”

  1. chas Says:

    Thanks Nandisa!
    I hope it continues as well and some new opinions on the matter would be great!

    • Tom Says:

      Chas: Any thoughts on the e-stim set up pictured in this post? It looks positively electrifying!

      • chas Says:

        I’ve seen that type of set up. I’ve read it’s a great type of loop.
        Lots of head stimulation, which could be good in tormenting you! Lots of nerve endings in the head!

        Been thinking about buying it, just haven’t made a decision yet?!

      • Tom Says:

        Yes, Chas, this set up is definitely e-stim 4.0. Definitely more advanced wouldn’t you say? Particularly the link in Nandisa’s comment where there is a urethral insert in addition to the ring around and over the glans. Yowza! Start out on low, I imagine!

        When you set up, are you erect already or do you place the electrodes flaccid? And do you need to use some type of conducting gel? More questions!

      • chas Says:

        Yes Tom, as with all estim you start low and work your way up.
        I’ve always wanted to try one of these with a urethral insert, supposed to be a wild ride?! I’ve seen an insert able tube with a metal tip, it goes in to a depth about to around the prostate. I’m not into that depth of play!

        Yes, I am erect when I put the electrodes on.
        I do lose some of the erection as times but just change the settings a little and bam, rock hard again.
        You’re supposed to use a conductive gel for better feel, but I usually don’t. Just make sure I’m pretty clean shaven.
        Ask away!

        On a side note, I’m starting to get excited to do my second half of the “field trial”!! It will be coming in the next few days! Or should I say (I’ll be cuming in the next few days) ?!! 😉

      • Tom Says:

        Chas: A urethral insert that goes all the way to the prostate?! That is definitely way advanced and not for the faint of heart.

        I have been doing some research on different estim set ups. It is remarkable the options, from adhesive patches that you stick on, to metal cock rings that are wired up, to adjustable straps. It seems the most common configurations for placement is something at or around the sweet spot under the glans (the frenulum) and then another around the cock base, either at the base of the shaft or at the base of the cock and balls like a more traditional cock ring. What is your preferred set up?

      • nandisa Says:

        I need to link to the continuation of this experiment, so please look HERE!!!

      • chas Says:

        Tom: my preferred choice are the rubber loops.
        The best placements for those loops are one at the bottom of the shaft and one under the head.
        I’ve tried the lower one around the cock and balls, but it didn’t seem to work as well.

        I have those adjustable straps they aren’t that bad, but they seem to have a more concentrated spot feeling. Don’t care for them.

    • nandisa Says:

      Thanks to both of you for opening up the comment-section for this extension post!

      Let me link (again) to the file (pdf) giving information about a PES device right HERE!

      And, as a bonus, I offer you a table called the Electro-Stimulation-Evaluation-Chart (ESEC) for anyone who wants to note down the effects of different possible stimulation-combinations with estim. When you see the table you grasp the idea. That file (pdf) is linked HERE.

      • chas Says:

        Thanks for the table you provided!
        I might have to DL the table and use it.
        Maybe give some pointers to people that are new to estim.

      • Tom Says:

        Nandisa: That PES cockhead configuration looks amazing, particularly with the urethral insert. I can’t even begin to imagine what that would feel like!

      • chas Says:

        You guys keep talking about this particular loop, I’m going to have to buy it and try it out!! 😉

      • Tom Says:

        Sounds like a great plan to me, Chas 😉

  2. 12squirtsman Says:

    Wow, you really make me think about things I’ve never previously considered. And you’re right, the 0.8 per pulse is not much of a guide. I analysed one of my latest vids, and I go from 2 pulses a second (0.5) to almost exactly one per second by the time I’m done-13 squirts later of course 😉

    • Rok Says:

      Thank you for sharing! 😀 and you make a good volume as well 😉

    • nandisa Says:

      Thanks very much for providing a clip of yours right here in the comments. Because you spurt so often (per ejaculation) we can beautifully observe the natural slowing of your ejaculatory reflex! You belong to the group of rapid pumpers and I guess you opted so in the poll. 🙂

    • chas Says:

      Thanks 12squirtsman for the wonderful clip of your ejaculation pulses!! 🙂
      The way you start fast and end slow is easily seen in the clips.
      We all can see the difference. I’d say that you could be both a rapid and dilatory pumper!!
      And I’m not complaining at all!! 😉
      Will have to check out your Tumblr account to see more! 🙂

      • 12squirtsman Says:

        I’ve been obsessed with this stuff ever since I discovered I cum a lot more spurts than average. When I found this blog I was therefore especially pleased. 🙂

      • Tom Says:

        And we are glad to welcome you to the fold. You are a welcum addition, so to speak. When did you discover that your cum abilities were so much above the average? I agree with Chas. I would be fixated on it too. I am a big cummer myself in terms of volume, but I don’t shoot as fast as you. It’s amazing to watch.

      • chas Says:

        12squirtsman: I’d be obsessed too if I could cum like you!

        It’s great to hear that you are pleased with Nandisa and this great site!! Just like most of us on here!

        Great Tumblr feed too! 😉

      • 12squirtsman Says:

        I used to think everyone came like that 😳

      • nandisa Says:

        Not at all, 12squirtsman!

        I am quite happy that y´all enjoy my blog and could pull interesting information from it!
        I also follow the ongoing discussion with delight, as it is unrolling in a scope not seen before! 🙂

      • chas Says:

        Nandisa :
        Yes, I think we can all say, thank you for providing this great blog to all of us!! 😉

        Good to see you are delighted with these newer discussions!!
        Brings another element to the table?
        I try not to veer to far off from the topic at hand, but sometimes it happens!! 🙂

  3. James Says:

    I made an electric sound. It is 18″ long and flexible, smooth rubber so it does reach my prostate (takes 14″ to do it). It has a conductive rubber tip about 2mm long and rounded. No matter where the other electrode is, it is amazing to feel this small electrified tip start just inside the head and slide in and feel that small spot of current at different spots in my cock and then in the root of my cock and then finally right at the center of my prostrate (remember, the urethra goes thru the center of it).

    The inside of your cock is way more sensitive than the outside so you really feel it. I have 3 fav hookups for the use of this sound-
    1. w/a ring around my cock -getting shocked from the head to the prostate is a full cock length exercise.
    2. from the center of the gland to the exposed part of the gland in the rectum -prostate only stim- with strong enough current it actually milks prostatic fluid out despite the filling presence of the sound.
    3. from the center of the gland to a ring around my testicles -stimulates everything but the cock.

    I’ve seen electric urethral sounds but they seem to be entirely conductive along their whole length. Not nearly as interesting as my single spot snake.

    • chas Says:

      Sounds interesting!!
      I just can’t pull myself to buy a electric sound just yet!! I’ve seen ones that you describe, all conductive rubber and a metal tip at the end.

      The prostate milking from the estim sounds very pleasurable!!
      I wonder when you have pretty much direct electrical prostate stimulation, could you then change the pulses of ejaculation?

    • Tom Says:

      Wow, James, thanks for this detailed description. It sounds like you made this sound yourself? Innovative. Your post conjures up many questions. Is it obvious when you reach your prostate? Do you actually insert it while the probe is “live”? With a sound filling up your urethra, how is it to actually cum?

  4. James Says:

    To answer your Q’s,Tom.

    Yes I made it myself -couldn’t find anything made that was what I wanted so I did what I always do -make it myself. I have seen the metal tip ones. Metal is generally not as good as conductive rubber -too many ‘hot spots’. And mine is non conductive except for the tip which is C.R. meaning you get the current at a precise spot.

    Yes it is obvious when you reach the Prostate -even with no current on. For one the sound stops like it hit something. And you can feel it touching the P. It is possible, with a little gentle pressure to make the sound enter and go thru the P and on into the bladder (anyone needing a urinary catheter knows this). It is therefore possible to put the conductive tip right in the middle of the P. Electro stim there is unique to say the least.

    I sometimes start with the current on and sometimes not. I do like to use the electric tip to explore the surfaces of my cockhead first. But current must be turned all the way down for insertion and then carefuly turned up once inside since it is so sensitive and more conductive inside.

    Cumming with this sound inside is not easy and a lot of pressure can be felt, but since it is not a very thick sound cum does still get around it. I have another one that’s about twice as thick and cum tries to force it out -very little gets around it- I don’t think that’s very good for you.

    Note: Especially for estim but also for masturbation in general -never leave out the testicles.

    I think it is worth reiterating in this discussion that with electro you must absolutely keep it below the waist. And with sounding cleanliness and sterility are key. Use sterile surgical lube only!

    • Tom Says:

      Wow James thanks for the complete and thorough answers to my question. I very much appreciate that. And I totally agree with your note!

    • nandisa Says:

      James, thank you so much for your valuable information! I call this truly refined estim that you were able to develope and establish for yourself. It may not be for everyone but it shows us what is possible.

      Here´s a picture which illustrates the passage of the urethra from the penis-base to the bladder thru the prostate:

      You also can find it (and another/side view) in this post!

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