Beneath The Helmet

June 27, 2017
or: Sounding the Cockmouth

Note: this post offers a bonus file (see the final remarks)!

In my quest for finding a possibly not-thought-of masturbatory technique I turned to a friend who is an expert on male sexuality. I had little hope to learn something new, but my friend didn´t fail me!

I was sure I had tried practically all kinds of external and internal fondling concerning my genitalia and my reproductive system. I didn´t like the integration of „complex“ toys – a sleeve, a plug, a ring now and then was fine – and I told him that. E-stim, yeah, a nice thing once in a while, but I realised I liked it pretty straight forward and natural, uncomplicated. So, what else could there be?

My friend asked me if I ever considered or even tried penile sounding? And I answered that even the tought of doing such was a sure way to turn me off immediately. But he elaborated on his suggestion and caught my attention.

He emphasized that his technique was more a „sounding-light“ thing. The true aim was the teasing of a spot inside the penis that couldn´t be reached otherwise. In the same the sensations provided by this way of cock-fondling couldn´t be generated any other way!

I sure wanted to know more and my friend gave me a brief lecture in penile anatomy. I knew that penises are made of two different erectile bodies, a softer one (containing the urethra and featuring the helmet) and a more rigid one (featuring the stiff shaft). This rigid corpus splits into two endings below the pubic bone, the so-called crus. The other ending, the outer tip of this corpus, is covered (probably shielded) by the glans (helmet).

So far, so good. But then my friend revealed to me what I had not known: that „hidden“ tip of the rigid corpus is the same structure – anatomically speaking – as the female clitoris! And we all have an idea of how sensitive a clit is, namely because it is packed with nerve-endings (the highest concentration in a human body). That´s why a clit is protected by a hood. In the male this tip is fixed beneath the fleshy helmet – also for a good reason!

Back to the proposed technique: the spots only possible direct stimulation works by penetrating (i.e. sounding) the cockmouth with a suitable device and manually stimulate the tip from inside the urethra. And as if nature had considered such a practice, it has provided us men with a small cavity right there at the very location, called the navicular fossa.

The effect of the direct tip-stimulation is nothing short than electrifying (given the penis is erect!) – think of a clitoris again. Nature had covered this erectile body´s end with a glans, because otherwise sexual intercourse was unbearable for the male. But masturbation sure gives men the chance to exploit the anatomical conditions.

I was stunned from what I just had learned! I could see myself trying this method despite my reluctance toward sounding. Yet I carried hope and anxiety after my friend´s closing remarks: that everyone is different! While some will love this technique others may not be able to cope with „sounding-light“ and the intense sensations this uncommon teasing is likely to induce (he compared it with the like/dislike disparity of direct prostate stimulation).

With a final word of caution about a clean and appropriate probe and sufficient lubrication (lucky are those who precum continually!) he released me into trying a new and very alluring path within my masturbatory realm. And he promised me to write about his finding in his blog.


Attention dear reader! The account above is a piece of fiction! I neither tried this masturbatory variant on myself, nor do I know if the effect described can be achieved, nor have I heard or read about this particular technique! You may try this for yourself (and are dearly invited to report back) always considering the recommended rules and suggestions in this bonus-file on penile sounding!

22 Responses to “Beneath The Helmet”

  1. festival42 Says:

    All I can say about this is that the leaking cock photo is immensely stimulating for me. Thanks for this great post, Nandisa.

    • nandisa Says:

      Raymond, thanks for a 1st comment on my latest post! I reused this photo because it perfectly fits the story in showing a cockmouth waiting to be penetrated. I am more than glad to learn that the intended effect came about, at least with you! 😉

  2. Rok Says:

    What an interesting post Nandisa! I’ve tried sounding years ago, and while I did find it ejoyable, it never really caught on.
    I do think this spot exists, at least I felt it so, when penetrating deep and going past it you feel electric jolts going up your spine, and it lies pretty much there, where the red spot is, at the end of corpora cavernosa.
    Just to end the comment, the bonus file is good, except the pH doesn’t drop to zero after sounding, that’s battery acid. It’s probably more like five or six.

    • nandisa Says:

      Rok, this is a very valuable feedback, just as I hoped for!

      Penile sounding is a masturbatory technique in its own right, which I hadn´t adressed before. With this post, plus the bonus-file, I catch up on that.

      Personally I lack experience while this technique is apparently not for me! But I hope I can lure interested readers into giving it a try, at least maybe in the way I described sounding-light in this story!

      Your comment confirms what I suspected, great to know! 🙂

      Also thank you for mentioning the detail in the bonus-file (pH-level inside the urethra) – everybody seriously interested in sounding ought to study this before springing into action with the technique!

      An advanced kind of penile sounding, by the way, would be electrical sounding which was mentioned by James in the comments discussing estim recently (look here)! You will remember that Rok.

      • Rok Says:

        Thank you for replying so quickly! I hope others will comment too.
        I would love to try electric sounding or just regular estim, but probably won’t since I don’t really feel like investing in the equipment. Fortunately others have and give their experiences.

  3. chas Says:

    Nice posting Nandisa!
    Very interesting read. Something new for us to read about and maybe experience for some of us?!

    Like Rok, I tried “lite” sounding years ago and it never really stuck as a way for me to enjoy another format of self pleasure..

    I have seen the estim sounds available and have thought about trying them out but haven’t yet..

    Great precum bulb in the picture too! 🙂

  4. james Says:

    Stimulating the tips of the two corpus cavernosums is highly pleasurable. And yes, I have done it with my electric sound which is electrified only at the very tip, what a jolt that is!

    There is another way that I have enjoyed having those tips stimulated but it is entirely manual and external. And it requires a partner. It is part (my favorite?) of a blowjob. I will always have my partner gently bite down just under the rim of my cockhead; this is where the corpus C’s narrow down to their tips and the cockhead starts. The bite has to be from side to side not top to bottom. A gental chewing motion as well as a grinding motion is intensely pleasurable and I also like to have my head pulled on with teeth locked in this spot. (I call it the ‘neck’ of my cock).

    My partners usually say they really like this-I have a nice big plump cockhead and there is something gratifying about chewing on it.

    When I masturbate I often dig my fingertips into the ‘neck’ and feel those tips.

    • nandisa Says:

      Great and hot comment, James!! I am happy to learn that you are familiar with the covered tip(s) of the corpora I dedicated my post to! 🙂
      And I had not heard about the techniques you describe here, much obliged!

      It only crossed my mind while reading your comment that penile anatomy varies, so that external stimulation of the spot may not work for everyone; internal always should. 😉 However, it is wonderful that you are able to enjoy this particular aspect of penile stimulation. Thanks again for sharing this important information!

  5. festival42 Says:

    Still thinking about that photo of the leaking cock. It is very exciting to see. Thank You, Nandisa for years of enjoyment after reading all of your posts.

    • nandisa Says:

      You are most welcome, Raymond! I wonder if other readers can claim what you do, that you have read all posts! After years of filling this blog I can say that I covered a broad range of topics. Something at least for any visiter, I hope!

  6. Tom Says:

    Nandisa: I always thought that our glans was comparable to a woman’s clitoris, and their hood similar to our foreskin. Is that not the case?

    • Rok Says:

      I think it is. The macroscopic appearance is quite different, but the nerve fibres going through them are the same.

    • nandisa Says:

      Nope, it´s different. I am not quite sure about the skin-question, I guess that´s different as well (I´d have to check the literature). As for the anatomical main-structures it is not as simple as you assumed. See this picture here after Dickinson (from 1949!). The clitoris is not covered by something comparable to the male glans. The female glans is situated a bit (appr. 2 cm) further down, surrounding the urethral opening (meatus), exactly as with the male. The female glans is very sensitive as well, affirmative to Roks statement.

      Concerning the human genitalia, this is indeed one of the major anatomical differences among the genders!

  7. Big D Says:

    Inspirational! I just recently discovered your blog. Each entry is a source of joy, sometimes I discover that I share a particular technique or particular interest with others, but often, wonderfully, giving me new ideas for personal exploration. This particular post not least.
    Many thanks!

    • nandisa Says:

      Big D, welcome to my blog! I am always very happy when my pages are discovered and its content is acknowledged to the degree of revelation! And I appreciate your comment letting me know of this fact. I dearly hope you will find further inspiration and arousing entertainment!

  8. James Says:

    Just had to come back to this topic to tell you what I saw. We are talking here about stimulating the tips of the corpus with a sound just inside the cockhead. What if you could actually reach in there and do that with a finger?

    Well I saw a vid of a guy who did exactly that! He is capable of taking a very large sound (obviously) and does so – all thick, heavy 14mm of it. And he is able to put in his little finger up to the 2nd knuckle! I would never be able to do that but I sure wonder what it would be like.

    • nandisa Says:

      James, nice that you add your observation in connection with this particular way of stimulation!

      I´ve seen such in a drastic comic recently (it was a scene of abuse if I recall correctly) and thought “ouch”!! Yet if you are into sounding it´s probably a hot “technique” to try, provided you own a cock-mouth wide enough to “swollow” your little finger. I am sure you need to own a large penis (containing a wide urethra) for being able to execute this.

  9. James Says:

    Well,his wasn’t small but certainly not what I call large. But boy, what a large urethra. I get the feeling he has been stretching it for quite some time. I do in fact have a large cock and a 14mm sound is unthinkable to me. This guy put the whole thing in rather effortlessly and I mean all the way; he pushed the end of it into his cockhead and you could no longer see it. Of course you could easily see the outline in his absolutely bulging tube. That was one stuffed cock.

    By the way, I think it is so hot to see the outline of a sound as it is moved in and out of a cock. When I do it, I angle the sound slightly to cause the end to stick way out and I will play with it and feel it.

    • nandisa Says:

      James, I appreciate your further detailing of what you observed. Turns out you are much more an expert than I and supposedly most of us followers, because you probe yourself!

      I wasn´t sure if the urethra could be stretched and widened at all!? I rather assumed this could not be the case. However, you seem to confirm the contrary. This is an important mentioning, thank you! We all the time learn more details about human and male sexuality. 🙂

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