ArtVantage – Intro

July 22, 2017

I shall be featuring a new series, headlined ArtVantage. This word is a blend of art and advantage. Let me briefly tell you what it´s all about!

I hugely enjoy erotic art in general. Yet even more so its sub-genre pornographic art, because artists working in this field do create images inspired by carnal imagination. For this is stirring and arousing, I did place some of this kind of artwork already in my blog!

Such artists can provide settings and details which no camera is able to depict. I found a suiting statement in an essay (addressing Hentai): „…the mind´s eye is free to go where cameras cannot…“.

All an artist needs is a simple tool (pen, brush), a sheet of paper and the draftsmanship to create images probably unseen before and often enough nonexistent and/or impossible in the real world. – This sure is nothing new at all, to the contrary.

Since ages we know pen and paper. The camera is a late invention and a device of mere documentation (Photoshop aside). While covering the rendition aspect as well, classical artwork easily reaches far beyond reality, marking its unique characteristics.

For example take a look at one of the most renowned erotic art images from Japan by the famous artist Hokusai created in 1814:

A modern version of this pornographic thought may be this piece of work (from a series of illustrations, artist not stated by the source):

Both pictures also demonstrate a significant effect of the drawn or painted image: the diversity of styles, which add to the enjoyment of beholding such images.

However, the major benefit of pornographic artistry is that it can and does depict the ideal moment and the perfect angle for its narratives! After all the genre still mainly serves as a mirror for human sexuality showcasing all kinds of interactions, at least in graphic novels or comic strips.

This new series is ment to bring to you some neat artwork with hot scenes on display. To cater your appetite for arousing imagery and for providing some inspiration on the fantasy side of sex. That´s where art plays out its advantage!

4 Responses to “ArtVantage – Intro”

  1. Rok Says:

    An interesting post. I’m sure this will be a great series! I can’t wait what other pieces of art you will submit Nandisa in the future. Maybe there will also be some overlap in taste!

    • nandisa Says:

      Rok, thank you for commenting this (latest) post! I thought it is intriguing to select and present such images, – I still have to start collecting/deciding and it will take time until the first/next post for this series. But I needed to open up something new. It´s increasingly challenging to present novelties, I guess I covered a lot since 2010. 😉

  2. Tom Says:

    Love this. I also find erotic art incredibly arousing and stimulating to look at. There are so many variations here, including drawings, paintings, illustrations and animations. A friend of mine does illustrations which may be of interest to some Peaks-n-pulses readers. His Tumblr is here

    • nandisa Says:

      Thanks for your affirmation and the link to your friends art, Tom!! I like his style (like many others 😉 ) and very much appreciate this great share!!

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