Closing Polls

November 2, 2017

I have a final poll for you, it is #60 (look further down).

I started polling back in February 2012 when I „discovered“ the easy way to enhance many different topics with these small questionnaires. And your feedback now and again revealed unexpected preferences next to validating presumed evaluation. Here´s results from poll #45 as an example:

However, like I wrote in the note at the left side-bar where the polls used to be placed, then freely accessible from any blog-page and instantly giving answers to the curious, that I will not implement further polls!

I not only close polling because I do not like the currently „hidden“ implementation, but because I am at a point where I run out of smart and valuable questions.

As I said, my polls mostly accompanied posts, running along with them, some for longer, some rather briefly. Now after feeding this blog for many years it is increasingly difficult to find aspects of the male sexuality (especially attractive new ones) which are not already addressed here.

As for poll #59 I sure was curious if and how the first-time implemented questionnaire (in this post) worked out? I was content to find just enough answers (28 to date) to discern a trend, almost like with the once more obvious display in the side-bar! Thanks to everyone partaking! After all it worked out with this new way of polling…


The last poll I´m delivering deals with the ability to achieve emission(s) prior to PONR. You will find a good number of posts concerning this hot way of spilling, look for the tags emission, edging, slowly, and milking. Also search for emisjaculation.

Here goes, this is the link to poll #60!

Again a big thank you to all taking part in the polling since 2012. I hope questions have been titillating and results exciting!!

8 Responses to “Closing Polls”

  1. chas Says:

    Sorry to hear about the end of the polls on your blog Nandisa!!
    It’s been an great extra to the blog!
    Thanks for taking the time to put all the polls and posts you do for this blog!
    Just hope you can continue with posts from time to time?! 🙂

    • nandisa Says:

      Thank you for your encouragement, Chas!

      The 60 polls (the current one in the making I hope) are an interesting resource of data to so many questions concerning human sexuality. It is such a pity that running polls are not obvious anymore!

      Furthermore the content-related issue…! – 60 questionnaires are enough to allow recycling! LOL So I positively will leave it at that now.

      One post per month (as a basic rule) works out well. I consider this one here an extra-publication (just admin-info, despite the active polling), so you will find another post later this month! 🙂

  2. Rok Says:

    Thank you for the final poll Nandisa! Who knows, maybe wordpress will get some community feedback and bring back the previous style polls.
    As for me, I voted with two spills, that’s all i can do 🙂

    • nandisa Says:

      Thanks for your thoughts, Rok. And for letting us know how you voted! 🙂
      Until now only 7 votes given and the results equally alloted, that is interesting!

      As for the poll-option: there has been a change in structure and organisation of the “holding” to which WordPress and Polldaddy belong (Polldaddy manages the polling for WordPress, it is fully implemented). For anyone who cares look this up here. I do not much care for these things, rather what this blog (in a technical sense) offers for publications (and there were improvements, additions and changes over the years) and that given features work for my pages according to my (modest) requirements.
      Polldaddy claims that everything is better now, but the change of the feature is – as said – a shortcoming in my eyes. :-/

  3. 15ml Says:

    It’s a shame to see the polls go and it’s disappointing WordPress changed the way polls are embedded! I don’t mind the repeat question so much but I’m a new reader.

    As to the poll I can milk as much as storage allows but it’s hard to stop ejaculation after 3 or so emissions. If you want a massive volume of cum fast (30ml+) milking is the quickest way. It still takes days of preparation to build up all that fluid of course.

    • nandisa Says:

      Good point you have there, 15ml, concerning your 2nd paragraph I mean – and welcome to the blog! I am always delighted when I discover new readers and/or visitors who come forward and share their say! 🙂

  4. Jnicky Says:

    Hey Nandisa, just wanted to know what you thought about this:

    Maybe an interesting addition to the testicular masturbation part of the blog?

    • nandisa Says:

      Honestly? For my personal taste it´s a bit too violent. I also reject (big) devices in sexplay, at least unless you don´t try it for yourself (like in solo-masturbation). Call me a romantic, but I prefer to stay with what nature equipped us with for sexplay (fingers, hands, mouth, tongue, teeth, feet – our body)!

      What we see in this Pornhub section is a very particular sexual practise among men, and it sometimes is difficult to tell if the act is consensual or not anymore. But even for the latter it can be a turn on for the spectator (if not for the acting partners), yet alltogether this is not my cup of tea.
      Still, thank you for the hint and link!

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