Here´s to 2018!

January 1, 2018

Let us, my faithful readers, avid commenters and visitors from all over the globe, clink glasses to a Happy New Year!

Consuming male milk (of such volume, from a glas) is not for everyone. However, it´s this image that suits the occasion!

So, stay healthy and safe for being able to continue treating yourself with your most desired solo-sexual practices and/or consenting partner-sexual encounters throughout 2018 (and beyond). May each and every session result in the climaxes you aim for, granting you fulfillment and satisfaction!

Once again, let´s keep the World a peaceful and sex-positive place!


6 Responses to “Here´s to 2018!”

  1. Addicted_Masturbator Says:

    Hi Nandisa – thanks for the wise words and wishes – may this year 2018 fulfill all the wishes for you, too!
    I drink that glass of precious ejaculate – to another year of endless selfpleasure in masturbation…..

  2. chas Says:

    Happy new year to you Nandisa, and all fellow consumers of your great blog!!
    Hope the new year gives all the satisfaction it can give!

  3. Rok Says:

    Happy new year to you too Nandisa and all the readers and followers! Still learning how to do what you do in pic-related!

  4. Tom Says:

    Happy New Year to Nandisa and all his many followers. I’m glad to be part of the community.

    PS. Holy smokes that gif! What a mouthful that would be.

    • nandisa Says:

      Thanks guys for your greetings, you about build the core of the community here. The reliability of your commenting and discussing diverse posts is much, much appreciated!!

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