I Swallow Cum, but…

May 11, 2018

I love semen, I love this nutritious male juice in its varying textures, volumes and tastes (I have my preferences though). I like to swallow, yet there is a but. Actually there are three „buts“.

I am not only just a girl who swallows, it´s not as simple as that. Swallowing cum is part of a complex lovemaking setting. By saying this I think my requirements are nothing less than honest, merely reflecting an applied reality.

You can not disjoin semen from cock and balls, these not disjoin from your man and your man not from the sex-act you share with him, at least I can´t.

So, the first but refers to the man I´m having sex with. I was in love with quite a number of men (i.e. all my boyfriends) and I consumed the produce of each and everyone ravenously. Along the way I collected profound knowledge about the varieties of the male produce. However, I would rather avoid to swallow jizz from a man I am not emotionally attached to (there have been but a very few). I found the more a particular infatuation grew, the more I craved his juices.

Highly related is this fact (second but): I need to be horny to develop a hunger for his semen. Thinking of swallowing when I am a civil person, like when being on my job or doing whatever chores, is rather outlandish. I need to be a sexual person, I need to be aroused and soon enough I think of his cock and his semen and that I want his stuff. The more horny I am, the more I want to taste his produce. Interestingly enough this rule applies also to men (wanting to eat their own cum) – I asked my boyfriends!

Actually, the pinnacle of taking him in, the complete swallowing of his sexual representation, is to deepthroat his cock and have him unload deep down into my gullet. I will miss taste and texture of his juices, but this total consumption is the most satisfactory and possible I can gain from my beloved.

By the way, I also preferred to have any of those boyfriends pump directly into my mouth who were cum-sprayers (opposed to ropers) for obvious reasons:

The third but refers to eating cum by means of food addition, like when your man frosts a cookie/cake, dresses a salad or creams a coffee.

I consider this a very particular sexual fetish – which is not for me. I want the warm load during sex right from the source, pure, without additives!

I am very happy with my current man! He produces a considerable volume of semen, especially when we aim for taste and volume thru preparations namely a particular diet and a solid build-up phase! He is a roper and, last not least, he shares my passion, in other words, he loves to feed me! It often looks like this:

There are occasions when our horny-timing is not in sync! I guess that is just natural, it happens. So when I crave his seed yet he is not truly in the mood for becoming the grand supplier he can be, he would still coax out a load for me. His cum in these cases will be of a lesser volume and its texture will be rather like thick cream. I sure love it nonetheless.

Now when he is horny and I´m definitly not, he uses to catch and collect his man-milk in a glas. He also does that while filming his ejaculation when I am away traveling, just to show me what I´ve missed.

When he performs this in my presence I sometimes may become aroused still, but always a bit too late. He sure offers me the glas with his output. But I prefer his semen warm and directly from his cock-eye into my mouth, as I mentioned before. – Wait, was this the fourth but right now? 😉

7 Responses to “I Swallow Cum, but…”

  1. Jay Says:

    I view semen as a sacred product. It is the essence of a man and during masturbation or lovemaking, it represents the ultimate outpouring of my maleness, often cultivated after hours of intense work. As a current solosexual, I do crave my own semen and relish my own produce. In other contexts, I can see how that exchange of vital essence and energy can help to seal a deep emotional bond between two people. Semen is powerful stuff.

    • nandisa Says:

      Thank you for your sincere opinion, Jay, much appreciated! Yours is like a knowledgeable and supporting male point of view. 🙂 🙂

  2. Will Says:

    I agree with Jay’s comment. I am an older male with considerable experience-both with my own cum and many others’. If a guy did not cum in my mouth I would not see him again (rare). While I love sucking a cock, I feel I have not satisfied my man if I don’t swallow a load.

  3. AJ Says:

    I love to edge, learned by mistake while I was very young as well. I’m 31, and it’s still heaven to me… Reading your articles has been awesome! I have videos and pictures up on xhamster that you might enjoy and could possibly incorporate into your articles: https://xhamster.com/users/gb1986

    My edging cumshot compilation fits right into this topic perfectly: https://xhamster.com/videos/edging-cumshot-cumpilation-6381059

    • nandisa Says:

      Welcome to my blog, AJ, and thank you for your addition by crosslinking to your vids (also here and here)! This makes the comment section(s) special and always worthwhile to explore!
      I´m also happy to learn that you enjoyed reading my posts! 🙂

      • AJ Says:

        No problem, feel free to use some of my videos as examples for what can be accomplished by edging. I definitely like to get to the point of basically being one with my penis. I’ve experienced some amazing orgasms through edging. I know I’m circumcised, but it is definitely possible to edge very well like this. Hopefully you enjoy my content, I also have my videos up on Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/on_the_edge 🙂

      • nandisa Says:

        AJ, thanks again! Your vids are a very good example for edging, then again the sensations can only be described in written text, which I more or less often did. However, my planning for future posts run ahead several months and as so far I have no edging articles planned, or more precisely, one is pinned down and ready for publishing including visuals. Still it will take a while until I post this. But thanks for your offer anyway!!

        And thanks for the link(s), I hope and believe that visitors will watch your material. Yet this particular post here is less about solo-edging and more about semen consumption! 😉

        I guess you noticed the drop down menu for categories!? Edging is featured in 26 posts in this blog! And I believe there are more where edging plays a part (you may want to check via the tag).

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