September 12, 2018

I love the sensations of cum-saturated glands. The feeling of fullness within my secreting structures (i.e. seminal vesicles and prostate) and the heaviness of my balls to a level of aching is a condition that I and my lover seek to establish on a regular basis.

We always liked to experiment with the possibilities our anatomy offers us, especially in connection with sexual climax. When I first experienced such a state of being filled to overflowing after continued edging, I noticed something extraordinary. I could clearly feel my glands reacting when my juices commenced to flow! I don´t know why, probably because the reactions of emission and ejaculation were slowed down significantly?

Edging is the keyword here. But there are two levels coming into play. Edging is the external action posed/employed upon my genitals by my lover. Then there is this very important mental aspect. That what describes the sensations from changes inside of me.

Throughout the process I will stay relaxed and try to observe what happens with my glands and tubular connections when being slowly masturbated. It´s as if I monitor my body from a separated position. This way I sense the slightest changes in my reproductive system, I can feel the flow of secretions and the contractions of tissue!

Our goal is to extremely charge my glands over an extended period of edging-time and eventually achieve what we call „geysering“. This term stands for plainly pissing semen, aka emission (yet in a way „forceful“ and extended). To top it off we will try to mentally(!) induce my power-emission by avoiding any touch during this process, because touch would instantly trigger ejaculation. So, the mere pressure of my cum-filled glands is supposed to have me like piss a huge volume of my load at a certain threshold. This spectacular geysering shall be followed (sooner or later) by the triggering of my ejaculatory reflex, naturally. Needless to say that I prepare for this by a supporting diet and refraining from cumming for many days.

When we get down to edging I will constantly report back to my lover what I sense inside of me. Later my talking will rather be reduced to mumbling, groans and moans, but my partner knows perfectly well how to interpret these vocal bits and pieces.

It all begins with greater loin vasocongestion and sexual organ fluid fullness and readiness. My testicles begin to swell and I feel the tiny contractions of my spermatic cords to propel sperm towards my ampullae.

Parallel to that the secretion of fluid in my seminal vesicles has begun. This fluid will deliver at least 70% of the total volume of what I will expel as semen when I am geysering and ejaculating. The process of extreme charging will have me spill an outlandish huge amount of male milk. My lover will try to catch all of it so that we can measure the volume. Since we began practising this technique my glands even increased their production from session to session.

It is quite wonderful to sense how my ampullae are filling, how my seminal vesicles swell by the fluid it produces, same accounts for my prostate. There is a wonderful feedback-loop: the swell up of my internal system enhances the sensations of the caressings provided to my cock and scrotum by my lover and this in return grants the secretion of my glands.

At a certain level of congestion a particular penile stimulation will trigger the contraction of my seminal vesicles. The teasing is not sufficient enough (and not desired yet) to trigger the ejaculatory reflex. This vesicle contraction will push part of its contents down into the ejaculatory ducts reaching the prostate and make it feel bloat all of a sudden. The valve at the end of the ejaculatory duct, where it joins the urethra, shuts tight still, but a second contraction of the vesicles would result in emission. Yet this time emission is supposed to be triggered mentally only.

My seminal vesicles continue to produce fluid steadily. My prostate feels full already, but naturally continues to produce its juice. Penile stimulation is applied rarely and carefully. Eventually I reach a point where my whole internal system feels primed to overflow. I feel filled up to maximum capacity, I feel heavy, my glands ache. I badly need to discharge or else I burst!

My lover now whispers encouraging and arousing paroles into my ear, like: I love your throbbing cock, I love your swollen balls, I love your white juice, just let go of it, I know you are ready to discharge.

I begin to moan while deeply breathing. My body shivers due to the high level of arousal and in anticipation of violently overflowing with my warm semen. – The pressure still builds, my glands and my tubes are filled up with my produce, I sense that fluid is pushed back into the spermatic cords, – this is a first and it hurts.

I have my legs spread eagle and believe that if I would close them it would badly hurt because I am so tensely pressured, so I don´t dare to move, rather try to open even more, but I can´t.

We agreed on no touch at all, so my lover keeps on whispering encouragement. By all means we want to avoid triggering ejaculation at such a crucial point.

I am panting, I can´t bear it anymore! Then I hear the following and it does the trick:

I love your cock, you still leak precum, but do not release your sweet milk yet!

I feel the valves open and the internal pressure has my semen rush into my urethra and right out of my cockmouth constituting a significant lasting flow. I am eventually geysering!!

After the big cum-piss a smaller flow keeps up for a short while. I feel quite relieved, my glands shall be emptied by 30% to 50%, but I notice a strong urge for discharging my sexual energy and the remaining volume of my juices thru ejaculation. So I ask my lover to trigger my reflex!

I didn´t expect the rushed and yet so very intense build-up towards reaching PONR. My lover realized this and slowed his penile stimulation, it was a perfect timing because this way he was prolonging and even further intensifying my path over the edge. I was bearing down, tried to keep my BC relaxed, a well exercised behavior to stretch the time until the spasms set in.

The sensations in my system became ultra strong and caught my whole body. I was screaming inevitably expressing the intensity, I gasped for air, the pumping of my semen was overruled by encompassing sensations of my orgasm, I thought I was going to pass out. This climax lasted what felt like minutes not seconds. Fortunately my partner was able to catch virtually all of my milk, and he managed to count my pulses. Despite my geysering I was pumping 19 spurts! Altogether my glands had produced a stunning 0.1 liters of semen! However, it felt like there was still some more inside of my system.

20 Responses to “Supercharged”

  1. Jay Says:

    A story such as this reminds us of the tremendous untapped potential of the penis glands and organs. In the right hands and with the right techniques, it becomes possible to elevate the male sexual response above the usual subpar norms of society to a new ultra high level of pure male sexual hyperstimulation. Edging unlocks the true male potential. Continued best wishes for you and your readers in this regard.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I love to build semen engorgement and pressure to unreasonable levels. It is a challenge. I treat it like a game. How many times can I have emisions, orgasms and still keep from ejaculating. I also like to combine this with heavy testicle massage and stretching. This makes it even more of a challenge.

  3. chas Says:

    Wish I could “piss-cum” like the guy in the picture! 🙂
    I just recently did have an couple of emissions a whole 10 seconds before I had a full blown orgasm! So almost a “piss-cum” for me!!
    Didn’t think it would be such a turn on for me?! and I even filmed it (not knowing I would do it) ! 😉 I do give credit to the supplements I was on at the time! And edging for a few days too! 🙂
    Another great one Nandisa!

    • nandisa Says:

      Hey Chas, great to know you around and thanks for commenting, it became a bit calm in this respect recently. I miss Tom´s opinion(s) for a while now. But we all have to follow our regular lives in these troubled times.
      By the way, I just prepared a post on geysering. I guess I will publish that in a couple months as a closer look at “pissing cum”. Stay tuned!

      • chas Says:

        Nandisa, thanks for the kind words!
        And can’t wait to hear more about “piss-cum”!! Will stay tuned!

    • Tom Says:

      I agree, Chas. I’ve been super busy with a new job and haven’t had much free time, but I got to visit today and wow!
      Nandisa, you’ve outdone yourself with this post. Everything you bring to your writing is here-incredibly erotic, yet filled with details that are so specific and describe what happens inside us, all the deep rooted pleasure we can experience when we take our time. So many of us learn to cum furtively and quickly when we are adolescents, and we simply piston ourselves to reach the PONR.
      A post like this reminds us how much more awaits if we develop a knowledge about ourselves and our anatomy, and then pleasure ourselves like we are creating a symphony.

      • chas Says:

        Great to hear from you again Tom!! Good luck with the job!
        I totally agree, while younger we “think” we have to cum quick.. (afraid to get caught etc…) If only we knew then what we know now, we’d be a lot better trained to take our time!! I’m getting better but still need learn a few things..

      • Tom Says:

        So true. Unfortunately most of us don’t have someone talking to us about masturbation in a positive way, as something not to be ashamed about, as a way of learning about ourselves and our bodies in a healthy positive way. Can you imagine as an adolescent being encouraged by an appropriate adult (like one’s father) to masturbate, to even edge yourself in a celebratory way?

      • nandisa Says:

        Tom, you are back, that´s great. And yes, good luck with the new job! Also thank you for your eloquent statement! 🙂

  4. Tom Says:

    Nandisa: Just reread this post as it is a new favorite! I love the term geysering for that piss-cum type of emission that can only be achieved with prolonged edging. I am fortunate enough to produce a big volume of semen, so when I edge for a long time I will always have several emissions. If I haven’t cum in several days and spend some good time stimulating myself to engorge my glands I will usually have this kind of geysering emission, which is so hot to watch, and it feels truly incredible as I feel it flow up and out of me propelled mostly by the volume of it. I have to be very careful to stop touching myself as the ejaculatory trigger is so near at that moment. Then, after the geyser is complete there is that ample amount of cum to do all sorts of things with 😉

  5. AJ Says:

    Edging like this is incredible. I have had my best sexual releases from edging. A couple of great videos that highlight my experiences that you might enjoy:

  6. Morecum Says:

    One of the hottest posts you’ve written nand. I’ve experienced the same thing during slow edging in bed. You can physically feel the subtle contractions and twitches in your loins accompanied by surges of fluid. I love trying to get completely packed with cum, I want my seminal vesciles and prostate to be overloaded even after they have filled the ejaculatory ampulla. It’s frustrating not to be able to fit more in. Imagine feeling not only the bulk of thick semen building up but the sheer weight of all that cum as well. It’s too much to write about the huge orgasms and massive ejaculations but we all fantasize about filling a measuring flask to 100ml like at the end of your post.

    • nandisa Says:

      Yeah, everyone has his particular preferences in the sexual realm. I always try to express with words what moves me and did it here, again and again. So I am very pleased that you praise this try, since you share the described passion, Morecum! 🙂

  7. Morecumpls Says:

    Hey nandisa, is this story real? I guess no but it would be a dream come true to see anything like that. Who is the guy in the picture pissing cum?

    • nandisa Says:

      No, the story is not real. In the small-print under the post it says “fictitious” among other categories.
      I don’t know who that guy with this “emission-ability” is, truly extraordinary!! I created that gif which perfectly suits this story! 🙂

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