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Edging/Gooning – Displayed

November 8, 2015

It´s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. But that just won´t work, when we deal with feelings – and don´t show a face. Now, sex is about feelings/sensations. And sophisticated sexual acts, like edging, are about intense internal sensations in particular! Sensations which a picture – without showing a face – can not reflect!

So, moving pictures have an advantage here, especially, when they go with sound. However, you got to hear sounds that could be interpreted as reactions to sensations! – Ever wondered why there is so much moaning and screaming heard in the porn flicks? Now we know.

Two sexual practises, that cross my mind at this point, are very difficult to visualize – again when we don´t see a face. It won´t work with photos at all! And even moving pictures (film) may not reveal too much about the intense sensations and pleasures the „masturbated“ is subject to, while no or little „action“ is taking place: e-stimulation and edging (both are closely related to one another).

When we browse e-stim clips we often encounter wired yet untouched, flaccid or semi-erect, maybe precum-oozing cocks; sometimes presented in a time-lapse to enhance shape-shifting changes of the genitals, the penises eventually ejaculating more or less cum. We just can assume what the guy on display must have felt and experienced in his session.

estim1 estim2

With edging clips it could be a bit more thrilling. We may see a guy slowly teasing his throbbing cock… and pausing. On and off, no ejaculation guaranteed (rather not wanted). While words are able to arousingly describe such situations (just search this blog with the tagedging“), the decoding of the accompanying visuals require knowledge and experience to have their hidden power unfold. Otherwise, and to profane eyes, it just may be boring what there is to be observed.

Time to introduce to you a brilliant, first-rate video from a guy going by the nick of Funky Jerker. He is an expert edger and he managed to edit a very hot clip on the topic – with no face in the frame, but a little help of explaining text!

The clip is titled Understanding Edging and Gooning. It runs an exciting 23 minutes and 18 secs and is a how-to and explaining-video on the basics of edging and the difference between edging and gooning (find more here and here).

Funky Jerker produced a superb video-lecture in good quality and with sound that vividly lets you witness his way of edging and gooning at the crest to the PONR. It is a must have for everyone interested in edging as well as adept performers. You can obtain it here from my video-library or watch right away here at XTube. 🙂

The Readiness States

October 1, 2015

Let´s analyse something that we take pretty much for granted every time we aim for a satisfactory climax. It´s about being ready, ready to be blessed with the most beautiful moment(s) our sexual organs can provide us with.

Men can be fast in making themselves cum, think of a sports-car accelerating from 0 to 65 mph within mere seconds. While a driver most certainly will be excited here, the quick-jerker may hardly encounter arousing fun or satisfactory cumming in his act.


The opposite of such a rushed jerking is edging, with which we deliberately postpone PONR until we feel poised to shoot. – Recently I discovered considerations on our body´s readyness states, neatly expressed by in his brilliant blog! Let me elaborate on´s observations.

There are few kinds of being ready or feeling ready for triggering sexual release (i.e. climax). When we choose to masturbate with the intention to finish with an ejaculation, we find ourselves in a (certain) readiness state, but we are still far from – what calls – being ripe.

This is the rule of thumb: the more ripe (the more ready) we are, the more blissful our climactic experience will be. But becoming ripe requires time! And even with time at hand, there are two properties of you, which don´t ripen with the same velocity: your body in opposition to your soul!

Your physical ripeness shall be always ahead of your emotional ripeness! Making both congruent is the key for climactic bliss and deep satisfaction! And edging is the method to achieve this congruence!

The body usually is ready much faster. Not only because you enter your masturbatory activity with a certain level of arousal to begin with. Many factors upfront determine how much loaded you are initially, not least the fact that nature equipped us with a (physical) system being ready on short notice (to secure procreation), if necessary within seconds (remember the race-car metaphor above). Thus your body feels ready shortly after you started masturbating.

Still, your body needs time too. At least if you want much from your ejaculation (a fulfilling one that is). If you want your system to feel ripe for a satisfactory release. Think of your cock getting hard, your balls swelling some and your Cowpers glands oozing precum. All the while your cum-factories secrete and store your juices until you make them flow. You are physically truly ripe when you feel vasocongested in your whole reproductive system. You really need to discharge at that point. puts it this way:

When you are physically ripe, your body becomes hypersensitive to the touch and you will feel fully pressurized and full of cum.

edge state

You may be ripe in a rational sense, just sensing that your system is ready for cumming and you don´t see a reason not to trigger PONR. But that is not the emotional ripeness is referring to when he says:

When you are emotionally ripe, everything inside you begins to demand ejaculation, and it soon becomes an obsession. I wanna cum will repeat itself unrelentingly in your mind. You’ll become oblivious to what’s going on around you: all you will lust and care about is to ejaculate…

Such a readiness state of your soul takes a lot of time (mostly) to be established. It is a more complex process of accumulating arousal and lust, it is a more holistic affaire, affecting your neural system, your mind and psyche, than having your cock ready to shoot.

You just can not short-cut your body into such a mental state, not least because distraction can easily happen for many reasons. You really have to ripen into it. By the way, a certain level of soul-ripeness is required for experiencing an orgasm (as opposed to ejaculation), look up the posts covering orgasm!

As I said, edging is the method! It´s the technique to establish ripeness of body & soul. You „just“ have to fight your increasing urge for triggering yourself. Edgers who edge for the sake of it, who don´t want to pump up their load but savor their state of ripeness on end, will be better off to reach the ultimate state of emotional ripeness (to feel as being one with ones cock), because that exactly is their aim (compare here for emotional stages while edging in this post).

Now such is beyond your state of ripeness and your concept for edging. Because you want to just cum and nothing but cum. You want to release, you want to shoot, you want to pump and nothing else. And because of being ever so close to fall over the edge you certainly need a lot of will-power not to trigger your reflex, yet. As long as you consider to trigger your ejaculation you may not have reached that ripeness state of your soul. That´s why being edged by a partner, who knows you and who can read your behavior, may be a great option for finding climactic bliss!


The man in the gif above appears to be ripe both physically and emotionally. His lover (whom he might be riding) just needs to stimulate his nipples to make the guy release his milk in what appears to be an overflow, a heavy emission!

As a solosexual it needs experience and will-power to synchronize your readiness states assuring you climactic bliss and deep satisfaction eventually. Just like mastered this:

…you will have to temper your stroke speed to sometimes ridiculously low rates as you keep nurturing your soul with all the pleasure it requires to quench its needs. …this is why I could only stroke once every 30 seconds or so. Physically, I was ripe : my cock was achingly overpressured, my balls were congested with cum. My body was ready and willing to spill the seeds. But my soul was not satiated yet: I felt I still needed to be edged. So I continued stroking at the very slow speed I required to keep both my body on its toes, eager and ready, and my soul edged until it reached the same level of readiness.

Being aware of the different and mostly not congruent readiness states of body and soul explains well why we see guys calmly watching themselves cum or chatter right before and after or thru their ejaculations (even producing big loads) as if nothing really special was happening, while other guys moan and totally surrender, moved by very intense sensations before and while shooting their milk, needing to regain their senses after their climaxes (nicely illustrated in part 3 of this story!). And if their bodies bucked and convulsed, most likely their ejaculations were embedded in orgasms, as their high-level arousal discharged all along.

Men have these options and a whole range of anything in between. And to be able to be in control of that, that is the real beauty of our sexuality!

Got Milk? – Capacity Check (4)

June 1, 2014

In the preceding post of this series I posed the question: „What would be the capacity limit concerning cum-volume?“ Well, I plan to answer this question eventually with this entry! 🙂

So far in this series I shed some light on the parameters which determine gland-secretion and ejaculation-performance explaining the broad range of the many different volumes and ejection-styles we witness in ejaculation (with ourselves and with other guys).


The volume-data we find nowadays is obviously old and outdated, and represents average levels anyway. There seems no current or recent scientific research out there (that I know of), which was trying to answer my question with definite figures in a milli- or centiliter scale unit. – By the way I did propose such a research-setting in the story I posted just before (see part one and part two).

Hence we rely on what we experience with our own reproductive systems and what we see with other guys. Yet we must bear in mind that the most correct answer to my question implies, that we need to obtain all the produced/stored semen from the glands under ideal circumstances (and at one occasion of collecting), which is only possible via multiple, successive ejaculations (as I also mention in my story). This whole setting reminds us pretty much of cum-harvesting or milking situations, both of them hot topics being covered in the blog like here, here or here.

A possible way to find an answer is to honestly document a performance trial and share it. This is exactly what a guy named Tom did, and I posted his findings quite early in my blogs life here and here. Tom tried to figure out how much milk his glands were able to produce at a given masturbatory session. Tom was 28 at the time of his personal research he described so vividly. If he only had set up a forum encouraging other men to execute the same trial and post their honest results… 😉 Now judged from my humble experience, I tend to say that Toms data mirror average results. It is a certain benchmark though to positively consider!


So, the most simple and reliable method to evaluate a mans glands capacity for semen-production is to multiple cum into a measure-cup until the glands are depleted – just as illustrated in my recent story (yes it´s hot). Problem is: not every guy can multiple-shoot and we still lack such results from many different men to evaluate and determine the upper range of the glands capacity.

volume multpl

Leaves me this way to find an answer: When we take a look at our main-producing glands, the prostate and the seminal vesicles:

prostate   seminal vesicles

and when we compare a great number of results of ejaculated semen by pics and clips from different guys, we can make a projection on the max capacity the human male is able to produce. There is so much material out there, that we can dare to estimate from quantity (both from the publicised material and the spurted cum we observe). We must assume that guys taped themselves for to show us what they´ve got (considering volume and pulses), but we never know how well they prepared themselves to achieve an extended volume and how saturated their glands were before PONR hit (unless indicated).


The pic above shows a volume from a single ejaculation (taken from a clip at xHamster) which depicts one of the most impressive catches I´ve seen.

As with multiples the problems seems to be, that those loads are rarely collected in a glas (and all being captured on film). When I look at my own tapings with multiples spurted into a glas (many of which are displayed throughout this place) I must say that what we see is rather average concerning volume and the number of successive ejaculations (recorded). I am able to cum more often than 3 times in a row, however, I notice I pretty much run dry after the 3rd ejaculation, – at least these days. This is an effect I believe holds true with most other guys under the same circumstances.

emission sequence

So here goes now: My conclusion for the maximum capacity of semen a healthy males glands can provide (under favourable circumstances in a set of ejaculations until depletion) may not much exceed a volume of 2.5 centiliters (= 25 millilitres) – again with exceptions to the rule as we will see. Such a volume features more content than you might think from the figure. Pour it (any substance) on a surface and you shall be impressed (compare the amount with that in scenes of ejected cum).

Before I close please check out this clip of a guy cumming 5 times in row, shooting 18 gushes of his milk all together (I mentioned before that I consider about 16 shots the maximum number within a single ejaculatory reflex). I assume that the volume this guy produces may surpass the mentioned capacity-limit! However, he shows an interesting pattern in his climaxes which defies the signature of the common ejaculatory reflex. He features 5 ejaculatory sets showing 3 to 4 ejections each with about equal volume in each shot. That is quite unusual. Still it seems his glands are fairly depleted after his multi-ejaculatory experience.

In my next post I plan to offer you some further examples of huge loads (in clips)!

Edging And Yohimbe (2)

May 16, 2011

Continued from the previous post:

Indeed, the engorgement of the penis that results from the ingestion of Yohimbe gives the cock noticeably extra heft: it feels heavier in the hand, and this also contributes to heightened masturbatory pleasure. The cock also becomes very hot. Every part of the surface of the penis and scrotum becomes super-sensitive to the touch, especially the head, the meatus (slit) and the frenulum, which I love to “strum” during edging sessions, producing a steady ooze of precum. In my case, with Yohimbe, my nipples also become instantaneously erect, and remain so for many hours. The herb contributes (even if it is only via suggestion) to a generally heightened state of sexual arousal, which, for me, means that solosex sessions can last even longer than usual – as much as 12 hours or more.

The effects of the herb seem to be felt in waves, which enhances the “peaks and valleys” effect of a good edging session, producing a delicious mix of erotic agony and ecstasy.

Yohimbe seems to produce a sense of constant pressure pushing on the base of the cock. Thus masturbation becomes a very intense experience, in which the physical feel of the cock, and the body generally, is at the center. The cock stays hard for hours and submits to every form of stimulation, including, in my case at least, sustained stroking, with a hard grip, without orgasm being induced. A buzzing, tingly feeling shoots through the body at intervals. The ears ring. It is a real high!


At the end of such sessions, my orgasms are invariably intense. Riding the “crest of the wave” to climax, I can feel as if I am close to blacking out. The climax itself is tantalizingly delayed: even once the orgasmic contractions have begun, there can be an ecstatic period of perhaps 15 or 20 seconds of “suspended animation” before the actual ejaculation of semen begins, during which one can undergo almost an out-of-body experience. When the actual ejaculation finally begins, a great wave of pleasure crashes over one, causing the knees to buckle and the back to contract.

The climax itself is usually spectacular: I generally ejaculate 6 to 8 (sometime more) streaming spurts of thick cum, which shoot out of my cock with explosive force, causing spontaneous contractions of the entire body. During ejaculation while on a Yohimbe high, I can often actually feel the cum surging through my reproductive system, along the entire length of its journey from prostate gland, through the pulsating cock, and out of the throbbing dickhead. It is as if the urethra has sensors, tracking each surge of cum as it travels along its journey to liberation. There is a palpable tingle when the thick spurts of jism finally emerge explosively from the slit of the cock (similar to a “painful” urination) – and a delicious pain it is! The aftermath is a feeling of total fulfillment and exhaustion. Usually, once the immediate effects of Yohimbe have worn off, I can very quickly resume masturbation, savouring my renewed tactile appreciation for every part of my body and usually cumming once again in an ecstatically “delayed”, drawn out and intense ejaculation.

The effects of a single day’s ingestion of Yohimbe (I usually can only take one capsule a day – it is a powerful dosage – augmented by sips of the liquid stuff at four- or five-hourly intervals) can continue to be felt for up to 24 hours. This is experienced mainly in a continued engorgement of the penis. In my case, this means that even the next day I will be walking around with a semi-tumescent penis. My cock will retain an odd appearance, too: enlarged at the base and sticking out and then bending downwards in an inverted ‘J’ shape. My balls will remain contracted in a tightened sack.

The herb does have other side effects, too. It tends to cause “gas” leading to flatulence. It can produce a dull pain at the base of the back. It makes the ears ring. But the sexual stimulation makes it worthwhile.

Willy [noted in 2002]

Mind you the text was written many years ago, and I don´t know if the references on the marketing and units (in the first part) are still valid. – By the way I never tried Yohimbe myself.

Well, it is time to move on, themewise that is. With this report I will leave the topic of edging. This post is ideal to span the bridge to my next focus, I want to take a look at the wonderful tools nature provided us with. It is these tools which primarily enable us to generate sexual bliss.