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Annual Egg-Post

April 20, 2019

Yep, it became a tradition here not only to greet you for a New Year, but to annually place your focus at men’s precious gems: his testicles and scrotum.

The Christian holiday of Easter truly is THE occasion to do so, because an EGG is the emblem of this festivity. So once a year (at least) the male nuts/balls/testicles ought to be regarded as very special eggs, not least for the shape of each and every testicle resembles an egg (some languages take this into account!).

Just to remind you at this point never to neglect your personal pair of eggs and the versatile pouch they’re nested in. Testicles are a wonderful part of your genitals, not to mention their importance as sperm-producing glands. Value them regularly (especially these days!) or have them valued in all the many ways possible, e.g.:

Lastly let me point you to visit former Easter Greeting posts (like here or here or last year’s hoax-story) – always worth a peek. And Happy Easter! 🙂

A Milkmaids Diary (2)

April 10, 2019

„Ash explained further, that men have a small kind of udder and that they will give some milk when being milked like a cow! Some give more [milk], some less. Some give quickly, some last until the milking shows effect. Yet after they had delivered their milk they always were changed in their attitude, for a while at least. As if possession left their bodies with their produce.“

Naturally Ashley took Isabel to a session after she had told her about the secrets and minding her that punishment would be harsh if they got caught. Isabel had written:

„It was after our duties and supper that we sneaked away to the barn. The place was well hidden or rather harmless at first sight. There were five maids around, below a big shelf with a hole in the middle. There was just one lantern burning and I as the novice was chosen to stand guard – always the duty of the novice. So, it was pretty dim and no shimmer of light was supposed to betray our endeavor. We could not see the boys, but hear them whisper. Hard to tell how many were waiting in line.

One of the maids knocked on the shelf and soon after a kind of teat was lowered thru the hole. I also could realize the small udder, just like Ash had told me. Well, this limb looked different from a teat! It’s tip looked like a mushroom and it was larger too! – The maid that had knocked began to milk the limb. She used milking grease and was really good at it, I could tell. It did not take long and it happened, she milked out a few spurts of that man-milk which was much gooier than cow milk. It was all very exciting, especially because the limbs were all a bit different and the man-milk like-wise. One particular limb was large and grew even larger while being milked. It became really large and rigid, miraculously – what a sight! There had been 6 cowboys to be served (endcount), the girls took turns and enjoyed their night-shift.“

Holy cow! Now, Granny’s journal got me excited! I pictured this scene in my mind:

It seems that all but one cowboy exposed flaccid or semi-erect penisses, which would have been in an ideal state for being milked in the dairy fashion. Reason for being not fully erect can be explained with the fact that those men were fearing to be caught, as they must have been much more exposed to discovery above the shelf. However, this setting probably accounts as one of the earliest samples of glory holing in modern times!? But I´m no expert for that. 😉

After this inauguration report, my triple-great-Grandma did write about chores, rules and techniques concerning her work at the farm. Much later she noted brief remarks only, like: „Another nightshift yesterday. 6 boys again, one was moaning, we had to dismiss him!“ Or: „Lots of fun in the barn last night. Emily dared to taste the milk of one boy but didn´t like it.“ And eventually: „Last night I was allowed to milk a boy for the first time – stunning!!“ After that Isabel ceased noting about the night-shifts. In her final remark she revealed that she had begun dating a cowboy

Story cumplete!

A Milkmaids Diary (1)

April 5, 2019
A note upfront: When we speak of Male Milking we basically think of what I described in this post here. I was giving following conclusive definition at the end of my text:
Milking is the hands-on endeavor (by a milker to a milkee, or you on your own) to – for different reasons – extract secretions (of the reproductive system) out of a man’s body whether he likes it (approves it) or not.
This, I elaborated in my post, is to be achieved by either stimulating the cum-producing glands directly or by stroking the penis. But there shall be yet another meaning of the term Male Milking, a more literal one. It would simply refer to a masturbatory style, one that by its performance equals the milking of a cow´s teat!

Here´s a story by a young lady which perfectly illustrates this other meaning:

Recently I discovered a very old diary in the attic of our farm’s barn-raising. Turned out it was kept by my great-great-great-grandmother covering the summer of 1894 when she turned 16! That year she was leaving home for working at a dairy farm some 40 miles away of her parents’ premises. It was a big farm with many cows and many maids taking care of the animals, it certainly was manual-labor back then.

While browsing the old diary I stumbled upon what I thought was a description of her work, when in fact it revealed itself being nothing less than a minute report of a sex-education (of sorts) given by a fellow maid she had become friends with.

Her log began with some excitement about the behavior of the cowboys working at that farm, about their intrusiveness, especially towards young, pretty and new farmgirls after they had become acquainted with them. She was alerted by her new friend:

„Ashley said, that they always wanted more than exchange hugs and kisses, and I became curious in knowing why and what to do about it“.

Triple-great-Grandma, her name was Isabel, has then been inaugurated by her friend Ashley, revealing several secrets to her:

„[Ashley] said, that men can act like being possessed by a strong force once they had targeted a girl and wouldn´t give up until they found relief (how?!!). It´s called sexual urge!“

Isabel certainly wanted to know how to deal with it and Ashley continued:

„She said they found a cure, but it is very secret and I must never tell anyone a word about, unless to a new and innocent girl like myself right now. After I agreed Ash said, that there is a hidden place in one corner of the main barn where they treated the nasty boys with what we maids know to do best. They do it clandestine at night.“

Isabel didn´t quite understand, how could she. Ashley put it this way:

„You have seen your brother naked, have you. Well, they own what is called a penis between their legs and we girls don´t. When men grow, so do their limbs and then their members resemble a cow´s teat, she said. – I was as shocked as curiously excited.“

You may guess now what followed:

…to be continued!

Amazingly Hung

January 12, 2019

When I was pondering over these photos of beautiful „hanging“ cocks (scroll down a bit) I began to ask myself: Wait a minute, what are they…?!! Sure, they are huge penisses, nothing else or less, but they certainly are unlike how we usually know penisses.

We learn, confirmed by general experience, that a penis, when flaccid, is hanging (pointing down); and standing up (more or less, at least standing say horizontally) when erect, displaying a change of size accordingly (from smaller to larger). A true shapeshifter!

This must be naturally so, because the erection-process does fill the penis with blood.

What then are penisses who are huge but hanging nonetheless?! They can not be fully erect, can they? They can not be flaccid, or are they? They can be semi-erect, but how huge would they grow until they reach their max. erectile state? On the other hand, would they substantially diminish in size if they further flabbiered? Think about it while enjoying this selection:

Truly astounding and beautiful!

To be clear what they are (in which state (of erection) they are depicted) we´d need to ask each owner of the given cock. My estimate is this: some men are indeed amazingly hung with a penis that will not become significantly smaller in their relaxed/flaccid state, while they will not grow significantly either when erection occurs!

Take a look at this beautiful specimen:

Now watch his erection-cycle (not complete):

This then will show his full erect state (associated muscles relaxed, penis bloodfilled):

This is what we call a shower when it comes to erectile performance. While such cocks offer a constant great image of themselves, they will not surprise with „hidden“ secrets such as -equally astounding- shapeshifting capability.

I believe that amazingly hung men (in the sense of my suggestion) are the exception from the rule. I guess there is no data allocated to allow for conclusions on ratio of distribution in the male population.

My own survey (poll) came along with these results:

The bias is clear and reflects what we learn and mostly experience. – Here we come full circle. Leaves me to say: please enjoy the penis you are endowed with, we´re all unique!