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Neglected Post (7) – Fucking To Bliss

June 12, 2016

Original post: Fucking To Bliss

Less than 185 views since August 21, 2012

Second headline: Orgasm As Spiritual Experience

I admit it, the original post is rather „high end“, and less juicy body-function describing which you encounter in the majority of my posts. However, you´d only know that after you have read it. Clicks count, yet you follow a link just in case a headline appeals to you

Seems as if the original headline was not attracting many visitors!? I have no clue for why, after almost four years now, this closing post on (the „chapter“ of) complete orgasm garnered not more than 180 clicks (other contributions addressing this topic are similarly unsuccessful, compare Neglected Post #6).

I further admit, that once you had clicked the original post I would understand a hesitation of reading onward. Because you discovered a lot of plain text and just a single pic towards the end of the post. Still, the clicking would have been counted, to say nothing of the fact that the content is as interesting as profound!

And the pic? It is truly special! Not only does it perfectly suit the presented information, it furthermore shows the one tattoo that is decorating the back of Nandisa! (But I didn´t mention that.)


Final touches of the inking.

I am a convinced solo-sexual and I love cock ´n glands-centric climaxing. But I keep in mind that there is a challenging kind of bliss out there. A climactic condition that is gained only by certain sexual circumstances (explained in that original post)! For achieving this scarce kind of bliss a sexual partner is needed to begin with, and then some more.

Now the drawing/tattoo I designed for my back symbolises basic dimensions of such a sophisticated climactic state:

  • the penetration as the beginning of sexual unity
  • the act of fucking (in the wake of penetration) as a longing for ultimate closeness
  • the duality within such sexual unity
  • the symmetry and equality within that unity
  • the neutralizing of the three-dimensional space in gravity, and with it…
  • the overcoming of the concept of time while being sexually one.

I believe that solo-sex is more predestined to be enjoyed physically, while partner-sex (in love) offers an additional spiritual level that relies on the particular partner-unity-aspect. It´s just that a partner, a loved one, is not always around. Your cock and balls (and glands) are!

By the way, if you want to check about this series on neglected posts read this intro here!

Intensity Story (2)

November 29, 2013

What I hadn´t done before was that I began to whisper to him that he ought not come yet, like „don´t cum yet baby“ and „stay relaxed, don´t let go“. While encouraging him to keep his muscles relaxed I very lightly touched his cock just beneath his coronal ridge with two fingertips.

And then it happened: after I heard him sigh he began to piss his warm semen for about 2 seconds, finishing his emission with a half and half voluntary contraction of his BC-muscle which resulted in a fat rope straight into the air which landed on his chest. While more cum was oozing out and he started to moan. I formed a ring with my index finger and thumb and stroked – lightly – his foreskin. I knew this was a sure trigger-move, yet I loudly ordered him to stay relaxed and not to cum now!

Immediately his moaning developed into a load crying-out. It was clear to me that his ejaculation was triggered. I just realized with amazement how long and how loud he was vocally reacting without his shooting setting in! He ardently groaned showing me how intense and deep his sensations must be running while I just waited for his cum to appear. Eventually, after long seconds (must have been astounding 5 or more, an eternity for a PONR) he pumped up his cum with a first very powerful shot, now howling away.

God this was one kind of ejaculation! He had spread his legs wide open and shot rope after rope of runny, quite clear semen while I was continuing stroking his pulsing spasming cock in a light fashion. He really had accumulated a fantastic volume of semen in his glands, I couldn´t believe how much of his sweet juices he had produced and stored this time. (It clearly was the most wonderful ejaculatory climax I had the honor to have generated and witness.)

He was still whining loud when his pulses waned. He was so lost in the sensations of his ejaculation, I was so touched of this sight, that I began to cry in an instant. I was so stunned in the same that I suddenly realized that I still was jerking his wonderful cock which remained to be stiff. And he was still heavily moaning. So I decided to just continue stroking him as the situation was indicating that he after all was experiencing sweet feelings in his genitals.


I put more pressure in my grip and used my full fist jacking him now. I also grabbed his tight ballsack. And suddenly his deep moaning changed into screams that I had not witnessed before with him. Simultaneously he lost total control of his body! He began to buck, shake and tremble all over, it was tough not to lose grip on his genitals. I was taken by surprise a second time (as was he), I almost could not believe what I witnessed now.

He screamed and gasped for air, he was flipping out, wildly, I had to let go of his cock and balls and just watched him being thrown around by his mega-orgasm. Then I noticed him cum again. His unleashed cock was shooting another big load and his now thicker cream splattered around in every direction. And then he passed out! He was just laying there, breathing like after having run a marathon, his cock still pumping up some last cum-swaps of this second ejaculation.

I began crying again, I was deeply moved for what I had experienced with him. I was not scared, because I knew that his system could not take the intensity of his sexual peak anymore so that he passed out. And I was blessed with taking part of his divine climax that may be a once in a lifetime experience.

I had lain beside him while silently weeping in emotional joy when he regained consciousness. He was still breathing deep when he said: „Oh god, what happened right now!?“ I came up and kissed him. He didnt´t open his eyes when he whispered: „Thank you so much! This was not real anymore. I have been where I haven´t been before, there are no words to explain. I wish I can take you there as well sometime soon.“ Not too much later he fell asleep and didn´t wake up until the next day.

The following day he tried to analyse how and why he was able to experience this climactic intensity. He said that he felt loaded like never before to begin with. I was able to keep him very close to PONR for a sweet long time. He so badly wanted to cum but I just wouldn´t let him when he thought I would trigger him any moment. Oh what a sweet deep state of lust.

So when I started my active (spoken) encouragement, he was just obeying in agreement and concentrated on the relaxation of his muscles. However, when he sensed my light touch at his foreskin his system released a first portion of his semen. He could feel spilling it, which was a very good yet rather subtle sensation compared with what was to happen next.

The conflict of being asked, if not demanded, to stay relaxed while I applied the sure-trigger stroking of his foreskin resulted in the long built-up before his ejaculatory reflex set in. These seconds gave him the sweetest and most wonderful moments of any ejaculation so far. Because he was able to stay relaxed for these seconds, encouraged by my words, the sensations of melting and fluid-moving in his prostate, seminal vesicles and tubes were lasting and intensifying ever more. He himself could not believe that his reflex was not setting in within the usual timeframe. The sensations grew so strong that he felt truly exploding eventually!

ejac graph

And as much as the approaching of ejaculation was extended, the sweet sensations in his system never subsided, just changed from those defining the ejaculatory climax to wonderful feelings I was generating in his cock with my strokes. Now when I intensified my jerking he quickly realized that he had another climax in store, so to speak.

What took us both by surprise was the fact, that the now newly generated sensations did not seem to halt in intensity. The climax building up was no ejaculation. It was an orgasm that took over his whole body. It built up from very deep inside. He lost control, he did not know what was happening. His sexual energy was flowing like up and down and around his body. The feelings and sensations became so intense, showing themselves in the wild flipping and spasming, that he thought he will burst and die. That´s when he passed out. – By the way, he did not realize that he had begun to ejaculate a second time.

We sure tried to accomplish such an experience again. As I said, we weren´t able to generate  any, but came close a couple of times and those climaxes have been very blissful as well. I even cried again because my love did surrender to me so completely then, even he shed tears after he calmed down because I could give him these deep and intense experiences. But he yet never passed out as he did in my description above. Maybe he did then because it´s been a first? I almost believe so!

Story cumplete!

Intensity Story (1)

November 23, 2013

It´s been a perfect session and has not been matched ever since. How could it, as my love did pass out from the intensity of his orgasm! Actually what occurred was like a triple climax within few minutes. Hence his body and system were challenged to the max. It took us both by surprise, we had never accomplished such an intensity before, and just couldn´t repeat this so far.

My man and I are perfectly tuned into each others sexual demands. We know each other so well that we can supply the other with such quality climaxes we on our own would not be able to generate. We are lucky to have developed this skill, likewise. There are 4 quality-levels for climaxes in sexplay:

  1. basic: having sex with a partner like fucking or a usual handjob or blowjob, like when the couple doesn´t know each other well, but any couple can do that with basic knowledge; the climax can be intense but remains unrefined
  2. advanced couple sex: when the couple knows each others preferences and acts to please each other; the climax will be rewarding
  3. solosexual or masturbatory climaxes: can be very special and intense, because you know yourself best
  4. top-level partner induced climaxes, when you know your partners needs inside out and learned to generate climaxes which the partner could not apply to himself. That is because when it comes to climaxes everyone tends to lose control, which in the masturbatory act can make you do things (to yourself) you did not want to in the first place. For instance when you trigger your climax, but not yet wanted to do so. – Guess what, we reached this level!

Now, the highest level of intensity in a climax would be so overwhelming, that the one experiencing it would obviously lose any control over his behaviour, he would be swept away by otherwise unknown sensations possessing his body. As for the male these shall be concentrated in his reproductive system, penis and anal canal before spreading throughout his entire body once his accumulated sexual energy (his built-up arousal) is unleashed for release.

In men the production of seminal fluids wonderfully mirrors the accumulation of excitement and arousal! The best aspect of a males climax is the independency of his peak reactions: his orgasm and his ejaculation. This fact was (also) highly contributing to my mans exceptional response.

As usual he had brought himself into the mood with is favorite porn all day long. He was vasocongested already when we got down to the session together. He is a good precummer and was drooling all the time, a perfect indicator of his level of arousal.


So I took over masturbating him. We had found out that slow caressings worked best after he reached a certain plateau, which he already had reached when we commenced this hot phase of our act. Quickly he was in the zone, because when I took over it meant for him he just needed to lean back and relax and concentrate on the sensations in his genitals and deeper inside of him.

With lots of lube I caressed his cock, massaged his balls and even probed his anus to tease his prostate. He mentioned to me that he felt full, very congested. After about one hour of edging he was not sure if he was needing to urinate or if the sensations of fullness were generated by his cum-filled glandular reservoirs. This was not new to us and for such I have a jar at hand in which he could urinate. So he tried to relax a bit and piss what of urine he might have gathered in his bladder. He released some precum first, then some piss and he finished with some more precum. This meant that his sensations were in fact emanating from his filled reproductive glands.


It is not always easy to find the perfect moment for triggering the release. At some point my man sure longed for that. When I sense that he developes impatience I have good ways to continue to make sure he will lose his mind eventually. Little did I know what was going to happen to him this time!

We arrived at a point where he was pretty lost in his heat and state of arousal. He was breathing deeply, he was trembling all over and I needed to watch out for the ideal way to touch him – carefully and softly. He was continuously precumming, a wonderful sight. His cock was throbbing being rock hard. He really was so damn close to PONR for a long time now. He barely could take it anymore, I knew.

The key to make his climax intense was for him to stay relaxed in his pelvic muscles. I mean all the muscles down in his system that take part when his reaction runs its course. We had talked about this, he had found this confirmed after finding notes on the net speaking of „reverse kegels“. So, on the one side he was tense in his deep arousal, on the other side he tried to stay relaxed, to relax all his muscles in his pelvic region, not an easy feat, but he had gained some great results (i.e. intense reactions) with that technique.

The longer I edged him, the more difficult it became for him to stay relaxed, I knew this. I needed to be very careful touching him, only not touching him at all helped him best to maintain general relaxation. But eventually I wanted to experience him cum, maybe not much less as he wanted it himself.

… to be continued!

Climactic Intensity

November 9, 2013

I want to speak about climactic intensity. We well know other forms of intensities than the ones being generated by climaxing. Those are states of your body related to levels of arousal and excitement while sexually engaged. These states can be very intense and long-lasting, as with edging for example.

Climactic intensity is, as the term implies, bound to sexual climaxes and thus ephemeral. Any climax, mainly ejaculation and orgasm, is an affair measured in seconds, rather than minutes. That is because climaxes are reflexes represented by autonomous muscular contractions. They are answers of your body to a high level of sexual tension within you. Climaxes discharge this tension thru uncontrollable sets of muscular spasming.

When it comes to intensity, both the main male kinds of climaxes differ substantially!

Ejaculations become most intense before the reflex (pumping) sets in. In the rather brief time span from the onset of the point of no return (PONR) until the second or third cum-producing spasm the climactic sensation is felt most intense. The (further) cumming is experienced as a relief, a surrender, a liberation (exceptions to the rule).

intense jerk

Orgasm (which often includes ejaculation) holds a very different story. For the orgasmic triggering your body is building up excitement and arousal which is expressed thru the movement of your body (more and bigger muscles are involved), and at a point represented particularly by a pelvic thrusting, as when fucking someone (or something). This pelvic thrusting seems to be a deeply natural movement with most of the mammals on our planet, it is as if innate (think of humping dogs).

When orgasm is triggered your body-movements become uncontrollable. You buck and swing and spasm as a whole and this reflex gives you intense sensations until you regain control over your body (-movements).

Throughout our lives we are experiencing all kinds of intensity levels of arousal states as well as with our climaxes. Those levels are subject to many different parameters (of body and spirit) and are difficult to govern. That´s why you can be well surprised at times and also disappointed at others.

Now, what you do need for experiencing intense sensations is a certain level of sexual excitement. And the build-up of this excitement-level will always take a while (allow yourself the time to get loaded).

Intensity (of arousal) expresses itself not only in the muscular tone, but in other side-effects, mainly in the heart-beat rate and breathing pattern. And with deeper and accelerated breathing comes the natural tendency to create sound. The vocal expression of sensations and feelings is a very basic reaction and yet it does reflect a truly unique way of handling the overwhelming sensations within your body by anyones individual intonation.

Often the reaction to the intensity of lustful sensations is confused with that of dealing with pain, especially concerning the vocal manifestation. That is because we answer much alike to the experience of pain and lust: to cope with the unbearable (in a negative or positive sense) we can not other than to voice the sensory impact within our bodies (sooner or later).

There is just one way for the body to deal with extreme sensation (good or bad), and the similarities (concerning lust and pain) run all the way to the pinnacle of the sensory impact: when our biological system can´t bear intensity no more it shuts down. You faint or pass out. It´s a protection mechanism. I don´t need to elaborate on the pain-side of this homology.

As for sexual sensations: passing out while experiencing orgasm (as a massive discharge of accumulated energy and tension) would be the epitome of intensity gained thru sexual stimulation. This may be rare and most of the times not plannable. But it certainly does occur both in partnersexual and solosexual sessions. And it´s something you never will forget.