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For a Closer Look (22) – PONR

November 29, 2014


Watch PONR unfold.

Yeah, I know, we can´t really watch PONR, „only“ the result of it. And that is ejaculation. The reflex that makes a guy rhythmically shoot his load follows inevitably a short while after he has passed his Point Of No Return.

Or in other words, PONR marks the moment (lasting about 1 to 3 seconds) in which a man knows that his system will perform ejaculation, in other words still: his system will run thru the sequence of muscular spasms that pumps out his stored cum from his glands (though there are guys who run the reflex but won´t spill semen).

PONR itself is not a physical movement, it is a neural happening, a threshold that is crossed, which triggers the ejaculatory reflex. So you can not watch it (PONR) happen, but you can feel it. And PONR (and the seconds before and after) offers you the sweetest and most delicious sensations your reproductive system can generate (i.e. your ejaculatory climax). You can sense and feel PONR, because the nerves in the many tissues of your system run thru a status-change making your plumbing react.

ejac graph

You could pretty exactly speak out at the moment PONR happens (however, I believe many of us misjudge that moment), typically murmured by many in this phrase: I´m cumming! A change in the moaning and/or breathing pattern also indicates that PONR is reached.

So, can´t we monitor it? Kind of. When we observe men who decide to approach PONR carefully for truly savoring this exquisite moment. And I found two clips which let us empathise with the ejaculators, thanks to our climactic experiences. We can clearly comprehend what the respective guy in the clip is sensing and going thru, just by how he triggers his release.

Before I introduce you to the clips I need to put PONR into a broader perspective.

It is just wonderful that this threshold exists! We can take advantage of this and follow the path of enhanced sexual fulfillment (in contrast to straight forwardly beating-off or fucking for orgasm, activities which bear their own values).

Edging – it´s in the name! – is the masturbatory mastering of avoiding the triggering of the reflex and – for most men – avoiding spilling semen at all.

Many edgers may enter an orgasmic state where PONR seems imminent, yet is (just) not reached, – quite a skill, pure bliss.

Other guys want to spill their milk, but not (only) by ejaculating. They play with approaching PONR to coax emissions, which is another skill that requires learning and experience. For an emission to occur, the internal valves open making your milk rinse from the glands and out of your cock without the ejaculatory reflex being triggered. This reaction is also referred to as Ruined Orgasm (or Ruined Ejaculation), but that´s in another psycho-sexual setting. Solosexual guys who are able to deliberately coax emissions are in high control of their edge (PONR) and want to cum this way.

Some men seek to extend their sensations of climaxing. They cultivate to consciously „edge-for-ejaculation“ in a stop-and-go fashion. This secures a big volume of semen and intense sensations while passing thru PONR and into ejaculation. These guys slow down their reactions. After edging for some time they carefully close in on PONR. First they try to consciously coax emission. If successful, the (out)flow of cum immediately triggers the reflex. I call this emisjaculation.

The first clip shows a young man experiencing such an extended climax. He stands before of a mirror (perfect view for us observers) with PONR looming, attempting to consciously pass over his edge. He is in good control of that by keeping his hand off his beautiful cock, applying just another hesitating, but decisively pull of his cock-skin at 17/18 secs into the clip.

ponr mirror

The sensations of this skin-pulling coax an emission with initial milk appearing at his cock-slit at second 21, spilling down for 2 seconds followed by the spasms of his reflex (all off-hands). You can count 12 spasms by the throbbing of his penis. His ejaculation produces three distinct spurts of his thick cream. The clip offers sound, but the guy remains silent unfortunately.

This is different in clip No. 2. You hear the guy moaning and breathing (although these allow no clues for when exactly he passes his edge(s)).

He as well applies a stop-and-go technique on his stunning, oiled cock (on/off hands), but is jerking his wand in full grip to push himself further towards release.

ponr emiss

He will have edged for some time and is close to his threshold, so that he needs to interrupt his jerking for an enhanced climaxing. Off-frame he may play with his nipples!

He continuously applies lighter stroking/touching of his cock, he works with his BC (voluntarily I assume) making his penis bounce and throb.

At about 1:43 min into the clip his valves open resulting in a solid cum-piss 2 seconds later. He deliberately contracts his muscles to pump out all the milk released from his glands (off-hands, and this is clearly not part of an ejaculatory reflex).

After the spill he continues to jerk his rod with a light grip until he passes PONR at about 1:57 min into the clip (listen to his sigh), when he enforces his jerking to experience his pumping on full penile impact. Despite his emission he produces 6 spurts and milks all of his juices out of his urethra.

These guys are in control of their PONRs and decide to climax in full awareness of the unique sensations close by the edge. Sensations that we can address as climax, which lasts from provoking and passing PONR via emission and on throughout ejaculation.

Clip one: See a guy experiencing emisjaculation in front of a mirror (mp4, 37 secs).

Clip two: See a guy coaxing emission and triggering ejaculation a while later (mov, 137 secs).

PONR = The Edge

March 27, 2010

This is an excerpt of a dialog within a Yahoo-Group about Edging. There is no say about emission (I will focus on that soon as I will on the very complex theme of edging later), but this guy is reflecting on the PONR with a clear insight. He is very conscious about the PONR indeed:

Did you see my other post about staying CLOSE on the edge?
As I said there, the body is fluid, the genitals especially, always in flux, always pulsating. The EDGE is a line (and a line has no width, remember!) which separates ejaculation from non-ejaculation (or almost-ejaculation). Given the pulsing fluidity of the body, it seems to me that the best you can do is to approach the edge very closely and back off a very short distance, and, as they say in the shampoo ads, “rinse and repeat.”
We speak in a kind of shorthand [
here]. We talk about “being on the edge” for X number of hours, days, or weeks. But really and logically, no one is ever exactly ON the Edge. You are always either approaching it and receding from it OR in a particular instance, going THROUGH it to complete ejaculation. By definition, you cannot embrace and rest ON the Edge. That would be like sitting on the point of an upright pin. It can’t be done. By definition, you have to “fall off” to one side or the other. Or to put it another way, the Edge is not a broad plateau, it’s a narrow fence. You can get REAL close to it. You can even press up against it with a great deal of force. But ultimately, you will always be on one side or the other.

Conscious Ejaculation – PONR

March 24, 2010

Continuing with a closer look at the experiences you read here, I want to briefly review what happens when men ejaculate in a relaxed mode. In my first regular entry (here) I was illustrating the feelings a man can experience when he reaches and surrenders to the pont-of-no-return. This is a very descriptive, very conscious description of what happens within the sexual plumbings. It is possible to observe yourself when you stay relaxed and approach the PONR carefully. Since the ejaculatory reflex is triggered neurologically you will eventually fall into that reflex, no matter how completely you are relaxed or how much you try to stay relaxed. If you play at the brink of PONR you will experience emissions, even repeatedly. After all you will be there with a clear mind, – quite conscious!

The PONR is the moment when the ejaculatory reflex almost takes off (time delay 2-3 seconds on average). This can´t be willingly altered. Read scientific explanations on how this works:

The neurophysiology of ejaculation is not completely understood. Evidence thus far indicates that the sympathetic nervous system is much more involved in ejaculation. There are two phases of orgasm or ejaculation in the male. The first is the emission phase and that is when the seminal fluid leaves the prostate and there is the contraction of the prostate gland that pushes the seminal fluid, that’s come up from the seminal vesicle, and the prostatic fluid into the posterior urethra. That sensation is the sensation that the man feels when he recognizes that he is about to climax. And when he experiences that sensation he is going to climax and nothing he does physically or mentally is going to stop that.
[This passage refers to the emission (phase). But then in the last sentence (about inevitability) the word „climax“ is not correct, unless in the sense of „seminal release“ (i.e. emission). I am living proof here!]
Ejaculation proper follows the emission phase and is the result of afferent input from the distended posterior urethra filled with seminal fluid reaching the spinal cord and causing a reflex-mediated ejaculatory response. The sense of pleasure usually associated with ejaculation is usually assumed to be a cortical response.
– Vinny Liu and Jerry Lin in Behavioral Science: 4/25/99 –

More science-talk from another source:

Ejaculation may occur with or without an orgasm and/or erection. Both erection and ejaculation are spinal reflexes that are dependent on the removal of supraspinal (cerebral) inhibition for their triggering.

Ejaculation occurs in two phases: seminal emission and propulsatile ejaculation. Seminal emission is the process of sperm transport from the epididymis to the prostatic urethra, followed by closure of the bladder neck, and is under sympathetic control. Promoted by high sexual arousal, this phase has an element of voluntary control by the man. The engorgement of the prostate from vasocongestion of arousal emits pleasant afferent signals leading to preorgasmic sensations. The seminal vesicles and the prostate contribute the bulk of the seminal fluid, and the seminal bolus is delivered to the ejaculatory ducts. With concomitant and intermittent closure of the external sphincter and entrapment of the seminal bolus in the prostatic urethra, increased intraprostatic pressure results. Men recognize this is as a feeling of ‘no return’, or ejaculatory inevitability. This point, assumed previously to be the result of distention of the posterior urethra by the seminal bolus, must have additional afferent triggers, as radical prostatectomy patients can attest. In any case, the second phase of ejaculation, propulsatile ejaculation, is triggered. Propulsatile ejaculation consists of seminal vesicle, prostatic, urethral and pelvic floor muscle contractions that propel the seminal bolus out the end of the urethral meatus with considerable force. This is mediated by both parasympathetic and somatic input, and there is virtually no voluntary control of this phase.

Summary and simply put:

Friction supplied to your favourite areas of your penis stimulates the nerve endings of the smooth muscle lining the male reproductive tract. When stimulation reaches a pre-ordained threshold, it triggers ejaculation. (This threshold differs from man to man, a result of inheritance, culture, taboos, training, etc.)

Ejaculation is a nervous reflex controlled by the spinal cord. It occurs in two parts:

  1. Emission – in which semen moves through the ejaculatory ducts (running through the prostate gland) and into the central tube of the penis – the urethra.
  2. Ejaculation proper – in which semen is propelled out of the urethra by contractions of pelvic muscles.

The most beautiful moment

March 19, 2010

Here goes. This is a story I wrote which illustrates very well what it´s all about. It sure is based on experience with the climactic experience idealized.

This time I masturbate myself already for a long time and I´ve tried to keep my body in relative relaxation since the beginning. This supports 3 things: (A) I am able to concentrate on the feelings right before and along the ejaculatory process; (B) thru the relaxation of my body and the slow-paced stimulation of my penis, I will pass the threshold of the point of no return quite unrushed and gentle, thus I extend the experience of the initiation of the ejaculatory reflex; and (C) a very long genital stimulation supports the build-up of cum, because my glands are triggered to keep producing secrete as long as sexual excitement continues. And I can definitely feel that a huge amount of juice is engorging my reproductive system. Thats why my ejaculation will bring up an extended volume of semen and why it will last longer than the average duration of spilling cum.

Here I am laying relaxed, stretched out on my back, legs spread eagle, stimulating my penis in a very gentle way. Since a couple of minutes I keep myself very close to the point of no return. This feels fucking wonderful! The anticipation of the unique feeling of ejaculation is immensely pleasurable. The best of it is the initiation of the ejaculatory reflex; it is the moment when the participating muscles (those of my prostate and at the base of my penis) begin to involuntarily contract for pumping out my milk all the way through the urethra. It´s the change of the muscle-tone from relaxation into the involuntarily rhythmic sequence of spasms, it´s this process I am not able to control nor stop, and which gives me the feeling that I can not bear my lust any longer.

Shortly I stop my self-love. I know, that I´d dive into this most lustful experience the next second, if I continued, I really am absolutely close to the point of no return. Just to think about it, the anticipation of soon stimulating myself over the edge and of spilling extendedly, is pushing my hornyness to absolute highs. Oh yes, how much I crave to feel my semen slowly rising up within me and eventually pulsing out of my penis. – I continue to slowly caress the area of my pulled back foreskin. I loudly moan. I need to loudly express my feelings. In very careful and tender movements I do stimulate my penis between the middle of the shaft and the corona of the glans, where the skin holds so many nerve-endings. Oh god, it feels so so so good! I hover at the threshold of bearable lust, deeply breathing. Any moment my lustful cumming will be initiated! The mere thought of it leads me inevitably onto the way. I can´t and I don´t want to stop stimulating my throbbing cock now. Immediately I sense myself right at the point of no return and do feel – clearly focussed – how I do…yaaahhh…noww!!…pass the threshold of it and how my ejaculation is initiated:

I feel the lustful pleasures of the movement of my inner secretions, and whilst my sperm mixes with the other fluids at the base of my penis, my inner muscular structures begin to contract a first time. With the second contraction less than a second later, the first longed for jet of warm milk is shooting out of my cock. And this first gush in a long series of thick pulsing ropes is especially rich. Loud I moan in pure bliss. My inner muscles contract and relax in an extended automated rhythm and with every single contraction they are pumping out more and more of my warm juices. What a wonderful state of being these moments supply, in which I am just left to spend the very essence of myself, literally! – Yet, eventually the reflex is calming down and with that my cumming decreases. What an experience! Every single time, over and over again, it is so absolutely mind-blowing to surrender to ejaculation. I love to ejaculate!


I wish it was possible to slowly cum, like in slow motion, to spurt like in slow motion and to experience every single phase explicitly and intensively: how my sperm wanders from my testicles via the vas deference towards my prostate, how my semen is released from the seminal vesicles into the urethra, how my prostate hardens and discharges its secrete into the base of my penis, how my cum gives me the feeling of congestion and how – as a reflex to that – my muscular structures begin their involuntarily rhythmic spasms, how my cum is shooting out of my penis, how ropes of my warm cream are pulsing out of me until most of the stored amount of my juices is spent and the contractions decline up to the point where my muscles return to relaxation. Yes, this is exactly what I love.