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Reel Fiction (10)

April 23, 2017

The other day I returned home early from a seminar, and yes – you guessed it – I caught my sweetheart in the act of masturbating with his tablet. I mean he was in bed with his tablet screening porn while edging, apparently. I know he loves to do that, he even likes to spray his gadget, doesn´t matter, easy to clean.

So, I arrived around noon without giving notice. After all those days doing nothing but theoretical brain work, I had been looking forward to be around my dearest and get laid in the evening as a matter of urgency.

Now, I was not surprised finding him masturbating, and I don´t mind, he´s free to keep his lovely gear in shape whenever he pleases. He knows that, but he also knows that I need to be served and he better cope with that.

So, after I sneaked into our apartment and found him working his cock slow and savoring I immediately intercepted:

Whoo…, hold it, hold it, don´t cum now! Off with you hands!

Geee…. fuck, what are you doin´ here?

Hello to you too, by the way! …As for your question: we were thru and they released us early. And all I need is a good fuck tonight! But when you get off now, you will be tired later! And that´s no option, not tonight, not with me!

You got to be kidding, I need to cum! I am loaded, what do you think?! And I can manage you anyway.

I doubt that. I want you loaded as you are, that´s how I like it! I want you to fuck me big time tonight. Man, after these shitty days all I can think of is being filled.

Why not now then? C´me on, get naked and let´s do it right here and now!

That´s so typical. – Switch on your brains! I need to get settled first, I´m worn, I want to fix my stuff first, …laundry, eat something, rest, then get into the mood – with your help – and then we take off. Do I really have to explain that to you?

You´re so cute when you get angry… But you need to also understand, I was edging for quite a while now and I really have to release some of the pressure – aka cumming! …Here´s what we can do: you lend me a hand real quick!?!

I could tell that he was loaded. Despite being „caught“ -and over the course of the argument- his cock was still fully erect and throbbing. I fancied his suggestion the longer I thought about it. Not least because a certain trick came to my mind:

Well, that might be a true option.

Good girl, I knew you´d love to make me cum.

Sure do, but I will just trigger you… for the pumping you´re on your own.

What!? You want to ruin my orgasm?

No, I neither want to ruin your orgasm, nor will your spurting be ruined. You will just cum no-hands!

But I want to be worked all the way thru!!

I know. I know it´s much nicer that way. But my method assures me that you regain a pressing urge in no time. At least until tonight. – This or nothing…

Ok, ok – you won. Go ahead whenever you are ready. I guess it´s a fair deal after all.

I placed myself next to him on the spot and began masturbating his beloved cock and balls. He must have had shaved his pubes and sack right before his session, really nice, so smooth!

I used some oil that he had taken with him, while his tablet was not needed no more, put that aside.

It didn´t take long until he suddenly exhaled and said: Oh yeah! in an upsurge of internal sensations – his PONR apparently. I let go of his sweet package, just in time to witness him living thru his intense climax which lasted quite a while and beyond the cum-producing spurts.

Wasn´t that nice!? I commented and began to utilize his load as lotion for further gentle cock and ball stroking while he still was answering this with convulsions in his ejaculatory aftermath.

[download “reel” here]

Later that night he had regained his sexual prowess and he fucked me hard, just like I had hoped he would. That no-hand spurting might have done the trick. I believe it did!


Reel Fiction (9)

May 30, 2016

I Wanted to Sprinkle!

Really? There was yet another way of climaxing for us men? Reading about this little known phenomenon was so fucking hot. I definitely wanted to experience this. If this was true, and I saw clips showing this was the case, I certainly needed to experience this!!

Everyone was referring to this as squirting, because it was similar to female ejaculation, which is known as female squirting. One site was calling it sprinkling, which I like better. Because us men do squirt cum, yet this massive ejection looks like sprinkling a fluid lastingly, just like a fountain does.

The masturbatory method to achieve this –so the writings tell- was simple and described alike by different sources, and it was visually confirmed in those clips. Or rather the technique is simple – making it happen is another story. The technique? Just rub your cockhead, only your cockhead, maybe the tip of it, your cockmouth, until you feel like you have to pee. Continue and let go, let it happen, let out what wants to get out. That shall be sprinkling in contrast to pissing.


We know that we don´t require to massage our glans´ to make us urinate. So there must be a difference in those biological body-reactions (sprinkling vs pissing I mean). I guess after you experienced sprinkling you can tell. That´s what the accounts were about. It was so hot to read what and how guys had felt when they managed to sprinkle. And every one of those lucky chaps was dead sure it was not pissing! Even the ejected fluid was not urine!

After learning about this kind of climax I decided to go for it at every of my future masturbatory sessions until success. I read that sprinkling can be generated before ejaculation as well as after it. Naturally I chose to trigger sprinkling first, but I failed. I triggered ejaculation with the recommended technique…!

At my second attempt I wanted to reverse the order of the desired climaxes. However, I failed a second time. I got off quickly before I seriously started. Applying the suggested technique I eventually felt very close to sprinkling, it just did not happen!? Finally I decided to spare my cockhead after this extended and very intense rubbing impact.

With my third attempt I really wanted to make it happen. I was quite positive that this time I´d make myself sprinkle, not least because I would not empty my bladder right before my session.

I covered my bed (again) with large towels for soaking up my expected sprinkle-juice and hooked up my camera – I had to capture my first sprinkling-climax!

Once more I read about this experience, about what sensations to expect and how the reaction was supposed to proceed. This all got me hugely excited. I planned to jerk me into ejaculation and continue with cockhead-rubbing until sprinkling occurred. And so it happened.

All the preparations added to my intense excitement. I primed myself for about 20 minutes in which I solely teased my cockhead. I focused on sensations which indicated that I was going to leak urine, and these feelings were certainly developing. I had to think about the mechanism nature had planted into our [reproductive] systems, in that it was almost impossible to pee with a boner and even more so while aiming for ejaculation. And yet, this sprinkling-climax was real, at least for some men.

While manipulating my glans the feeling of needing to pee increased. It was outlandishly intense. I knew I was on the right track, but I still required to get off first to be sure that this time my further post-ejac-glans-rubbing would trigger sprinkling.

I decided it was time to trigger ejaculation. For that I jerked the shaft of my cock in full grip. My testicles were drawn up immediately, this I clearly sensed. I tried to avoid involving my helmet for keeping the different kinds of impact separated.

I really had to jerk me ever faster with a tight grip to have my system react in the common way, in reaching and passing PONR that is. Eventually my full penile impact did the trick (at 84 secs into the clip) and I spurted my modest load of cum.


After the reflex had subsided I continued stroking my glans only. I relaxed and focussed on giving in to any urge of needing to pee. Quickly these particular sensations returned and I only thought about letting it happen, not to hold back, just surrender to the biological force.

It didn´t take long at all when it happened! My cock had lost part of his rigidity, my head had become more sensitive after ejaculation and I was so excited to surrender into release. While I let go I kept on stroking – and boy did I sprinkle!!


I showered myself and it seemed my system couldn´t stop expelling my warm … water (?)! What an experience!! This was wild and awesome, relieving and pleasurable! I kept rubbing my helmet and I sprinkled until my reservoirs (which?) were empty. I felt totally satisfied, what a massive yet mild climax this was.

But was this real sprinkling? I found that my „water“ was in fact light urine and not the stuff described by guys as being something different from all we know: clear, thinner than precum, a bit slick and definitely no urine (neither smelling nor tasting like piss does).

On the other hand my system expelled my produce not in a slow ´n steady stream like when pissing, but in extended pumping pulses – I checked with the video I was very happy to having had taped.

I guess it was something like sprinkling after all. Due to the fact that I didn´t relieve myself prior to my masturbatory session there had to be urine in the sprinkling release. Now that my system managed to respond to the glans-teasing in the desired way I will attempt to make myself sprinkle after having emptied my bladder right before the session. I will also try to trigger sprinkling first and cum later. I´m looking forward to that, very much so!!

(Again, here is the reel!)

Reel Fiction (8)

August 11, 2014

I haven´t had posted a Reel Fiction Story for a long time. This one still suits the recently completed series headlined Got Milk?

I got it all wrong! When I think back I only shake my head while grinning. I truly believed that the male nuts produced semen, which was collected and stored in the scrotum until release. This concept seemed so obvious, it was so brilliant, so convincing! Well, I was barely a teen then and what did I know?

I was a girl of just 11 when I gained interest in boys. Generally so and soon enough my curiosity turned to their sexuality. This was before the internet existed and information of this kind was based on rumors and accounts of friends and classmates (books which could answer these questions were not easily accessible). Biology classes were not yet due to teach us the workings of the male (or female) reproductive system.

My best source of information was my best friend and it all made so much sense what she reported to me in her first-hand accounts. She was two years older than me, quite premature, and dating a 15-year-old boy. It didn´t take long they engaged in sexual activities.

This boy must have been well endowed (for sure no little boy no more). My friend´s reports on what he revealed to her, how he behaved and how my friend experienced his genital reactions, were the hottest news and of very particular interest.

Since the boy, I think his name was Robert, Bob, – since Bob soon was expressing his desire to cum in phrases like that he needed to empty his balls or bust a nut so badly, I (and my friend in the first place) was sure that his semen was produced and stored down there. In addition to that we had heard that the stuff with which men could make babies came from the testicles in their scrotums. Well, capital mistake, we confused sperm with semen to begin with.

The days came (soon enough) when my friend gave Bob handjobs and thus had the chance to take closer looks at his genitals. She noticed that his sack appeared to be larger, somewhat puffed out in comparison to its state of non-arousal (my friend had seen him naked once in the bathroom some time before a non planned sexual encounter).

Big Scrotum jerk

A second observation later on in their sexual relationship was the fact, that Bob was shooting more cum the longer she played with his cock and scrotum before triggering him. This correlated, apparently, with a significant swelling of Bobs nutbag the longer she took her time to release him.

I was tremendously intrigued! I liked the thought that guys were able to produce a higher volume over time and that – as a result – their scrotums were getting bloated from the semen they collected in it before ejaculating. It was all so obvious and logical. This sure was the way males were working. My friend confirmed my thesis with what she observed at Bobs anatomy.

Her stories were hot and I longed to have a boyfriend for myself to verify and enjoy what she was telling me. Since my friend had developed a taste for semen and kept on reporting favourably about Bobs produce, I started to fantasize of having a lover who was able to shoot huge loads and who would grow a big and filled scrotum prior to his enormous releases.

This sexual phantasy was so powerful, that one night I had the most vivid dream of a man offering what I so deeply craved for: I was watching my (not yet existing) lover sitting on a sofa opposite of me. He said he wanted to show me what to expect when a man collected a huge load of semen in his scrotum and how awesome he was cumming when he emptied his filled nutbag then.


So he began jerking his penis with his right hand while holding his scrotum with his left hand, presumably pressing on it. His scrotum had the size of a grapefruit! After a short while he started cumming. He released torrents of his produce, it was incredibly hot! I felt the urge of being covered, well showered with his semen – his ejaculation was unbelievably huge and didn´t seem to end.

Eventually I woke up from having an orgasm!

I´ll never forget this beautiful dream, – it never occurred again, unfortunately. I listened to the stories of my friend, but since she and Bob began to fuck each other, the whole scrotum and cum-volume issue got out of focus, despite her love for jizz.

When we learned about the true anatomical circumstances of the male reproductive system I was kind of shocked a bit and disappointed. My beautiful and logic concept of the male seminal production and storage was all wrong, it was much more complicated than expected. And in sexual encounters one couldn´t „see“ no more how much cum a man had produced until he was due to spill it. – Well, this was all before I got sexually involved with a guy eventually. But I still love swollen balls and huge cumloads, and I am glad that men are capable of both, even though it´s not as glorious as it was in my dream.


Compare with this story!

The Most Beautiful Moment II – Part 2

December 30, 2012

Reel Fiction (7)

So I lean back, close my eyes, focussing on my wonderful penis and the sensations I evoke with my fingers touching it. I breathe deeply and regularly. Slowly I massage my cockhead. My goal is to trigger the inner free flow of my juices without yet triggering an ejaculation. This will result in an initial spilling release of a first portion of my cream. The valves keeping my milk inside are located within my prostate. When I coax them to open in a relaxed way, the juices from my seminal vesicles are able to flow out freely. Whenever this happens though I know that I may not be able to wait any much longer in my urge to experience my intense ejaculatory sensations. However, I shall try to trigger my first ejaculation in a slow and very conscious manner to drift thru a stretched reaction of the reflex and find the bliss I so passionately long for.

I sense that I am damn close to PONR now. My pulled back foreskin is a sure trigger-area, for it is enriched with nerves directly linked to my bliss-mechanism (that´s how it feels at least although the brain plays a part). I hold my lovely cock right-handed with my thumb placed on the upper side below the rim of my helmet while two fingers are placed midshaft on the underside. Slight changes of pressure from my fingertips will do the trick. Oh god, my system feels so fucking full and ready. I need to release so badly. For quite some time now I feel as if I need to burst into pissing out what fills me up, yet not being able to. I sense my penis throbbing. My heart increases its pace of beating. I am so fucking aroused and excited and full, I just can´t bear it anymore. I need to feel my milk rushing through my yearning cock, now! Let the world take what I have to offer, all of it!

I lightly press my thumb against my skin. Immediately I sense the tingling melting sensation deep within my system, indicating that my valves relax and fall open. Right away I do sense the flowing of my built-up juices, at first into the bulb of my penis. I can feel it raise inside my shaft before it reaches the little mouth of my cockhead. And there it is, reaching the day of light, building a puddle of cum on top of my helmet for a very brief moment. My warm milk gushes out of my cock, running down my shaft, wetting my fingertips, my scrotum, then dripping onto the towel beneath. Oh god what a wonderful little surrender to my strong urge with a first slight release of pressure taken from my glands.


I can´t keep me from slowly merging towards my ejaculatory reflex! My initial surrender, the visual of my warm milk spilling and the scent of it are powerful enough to not want to hold back any longer. I watch and listen to myself now. I involuntarily begin to cry out as I again feel the oh-so-sweet melting sensations inside my reproductive system, indicating that the reflex of my ejaculation is about to kick in. I still try very hard to relax my BC and PC to stretch the incomparable moment of inevitability, yet I sense myself falling prey to the ever so sweet sensations of PONR. While howling a highly pitched lasting tone my relaxation changes into a defenseless but deliberately strong hardening of my lust-muscles to further postpone the pulsing contractions. Eventually I observe my system surrender, making my lust-muscles relax briefly, before the so much desired first involuntary spasm occurs, itself marking the beginning of the automated muscular pumping routine.

Deeply moaning now, shivering from arousal spreading from between my legs, I look down at the watering little mouth of my deeply tinted, very plump mushroom-glans. And my system sure does pump up my accumulated reservoir of man-juices. A first solid shot of thin milk is expelled from the tip of my cock and splashes down in front of me, the second is even more forceful, making my warm cum fly in a high arch landing further down on the towel. The pumping reliably continues, blessing me with the feelings of surrender and release and a soothing of the heavy fluid-pressure I had managed to build in the preceding hour. The following spurts of creamy milk are decreasing in volume and force, the seventh thru ninth spasms make smaller pulses yet still feeling uniquely liberating, all awarding me with climactic bliss.

Slowly my ejaculation wanes. My system calms and I feel profoundly well and happy. I had covered the towel in front of me with streaks and puddles of my silky juice, totally aware of that my glands still hold enough produce for at least one further ejaculation. Although the inside pressure is relieved, my horniness is not, as I happily do realise a short while on. A second ejaculation always feels different. It may even feel more intense now as my muscles are challenged again after such a brief period of relaxation… – God, I just love cumming so much, I decide without hesitation to go for a second climax!


The same viewing-procedures as for For a Closer Look apply.

This post will the close my chapter on orgasm!