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Saluting 2017!

January 1, 2017

Happy New Year to all followers, faithful readers, avid commenters and visitors from all over the globe!

Art by Christian Zanier

Stay healthy and safe for being able to continue treating yourself with uninhibited solo-sexual practices and respectful partner-sexual encounters throughout this year (and certainly beyond). May each and every session result in the climaxes you aim for, granting you fulfillment and satisfaction! – Let´s keep the World a peaceful and sex-positive place!


Poll No. 54 Results

October 3, 2016

This is about us. Yes, you and me! Poll No. 54 is giving us clarity about who is part of this blog´s community!

OK, I just can assume that the majority of all participants are returning visitors and loyal readers (I hope this is the case). I collected 370 votes in total while offering a 4-fold multiple choice. Let´s explore our community´s profile from the numbers:

114 readers revealed who they are (anonymously for sure), among them 105 men, 8 women and 1 transgender person.

  • Sexual orientation: 30 people checked gay, another 30 checked bisexual and 42 checked straight, leaving 12 participants without indication here.
  • Age: there are more younger than older people reading this blog! 38 are pretty young, 30 are middle-aged and 22 are older, leaving 24 participants without indication here.
  • Sexual preference: 36 prefer sex with a partner (or more) while 25 prefer sex with themselves, leaving 53 participants without indication here.

Check the graph:


There are three free votes („Other“): sucking dicks; I am sub; Virgin – (thank you for indicating this, because it shows us that you are probably quite young, yet not shy to learn about male sexuality in-depth. That´s great! 🙂 ).

All in all I am very content that the choices addressed are quite balanced but the gender disparity which I did expect. Still I am happy that 8 ladies answered this poll while I silently hope that some more read my blog with inquisitiveness and joy!

Concerning the sexual preference I was surprised to find a lead of partner-sex over solo-sex. For some reason I assumed it being vice versa to the given result. But this is great news and I see myself confirmed in having published a mix of content covering partner-sex issues next to pure male aspects of human sexuality.

Finally you may want to know my choices if I had voted:

I am male, I am straight, I am older, I prefer solo-sex. 🙂

Thanks to all participants!!

Just to let you know…

January 11, 2016

…that today in the early morning hours we passed the one-million-threshold for unique views! 🙂

This almost took six years, but I sure am proud and grateful about reaching this magical figure. Let´s check a few stat-details:


I started in March 2010, and with the growth of my blog the number of views were climbing, but in 2013!?


There are a handful of very popular posts, look what themes they cover:


With currently 256 posts, there is a lot to discover. Just take your time and explore. And if you read this, you are already part of this blogs humble success. I thank you for that! 🙂

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2016

…to all followers, faithful readers, avid commenters and visitors from all over the globe!

org as firework

Stay healthy and treat yourself with uninhibited solo-sexual practices and respectful partner-sexual encounters. I wish you the climaxes you aim for, may every single one of them be most fulfilling and satisfying throughout this year and beyond!