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Welcum 2019!

January 1, 2019

Another year has passed! The World seems to become more and more crazy in many aspects. I am convinced that my blog means a bit of a refuge with regard to the ever more demanding circumstances „out there“.

However, I notice a sharp decline of visitors and views since March 2018! I can´t explain that, I have no clue. Makes me worry a bit. And one always asks oneself: Did I do something „wrong“? Do I need to change/improve something? Or is it just that people lose interest in (male) sexuality, because the demands of their lives grow more serious and occupy more of their time and inclination to care for sexual matters?

Dear followers and readers/visitors, let´s look forward to a year with hopefully more time for sexual pleasures and satisfaction and less time to worry about mundane affairs!

Stay healthy and safe for being able to continue treating yourself with your most desired solo-sexual practices and/or consenting partner-sexual encounters throughout the next 12 months and beyond! Cum well and let us keep the World a peaceful and sex-positive place!

Happy New Year 2019!

Why Do You Love…/Intro

September 26, 2018

I plan to feature a new series. It will be a „new“ series, but it shall be based on the content you already find at this place. You could regard this endeavour as a way of up-cycling the good stuff that makes this blog.

My tagline (motto) reads:

This blog is about male sexual bliss with a focus on ejaculation, semen, the reproductive system and the love for it all.

Visitors and regular readers do know that the themes I present here reach beyond the focus addressed in the tagline. So far so good. However, it is ever more difficult to come up with something novel. In addition, older series are bound to fold eventually. After 304 posts (and some really good discussions in the comment sections) I have the feeling that I covered the realm of male sexuality in most of its realizations (while cutting out problems) pretty well.

With this series „Why do you love…?“ I want to maintain supplies for my blog. I will pick a male-sexual „theme“ randomly per post by completing the question, e.g.: Why do you love precum? or Why do you love multiples? as if asked by a reader who wants a compact answer on my fascination with a given topic.

To keep it straightforward and brief, I will report from a subjective point of view. The answers (meant as an op-ed) may contain generally and slightly exaggerated praise, not least because my fervor can not be based on my experience covering every sexual aspect a 100%. Or else I´d be a sexual superhero – wish that was the case! 😉

Penises And Us

May 27, 2018

We live in a world of double standards and parallel realms when it comes to sex. On one hand we lead relationships with one partner for an extended period of time (sometimes with a lover on the side) based on emotional affection, on the other hand our bodies and their sexual attributes are often highly objectified and we enjoy this purely physical approach!

Next to „tits and ass“ among other „parts“, literally from hair to feet (with the female), it also concerns penises and scrotums (the latter less so) with the male.

But how important are penises for men and women? How and why does a random person (no matter the sex) value and cherish a cock more or less?

I believe the parallel realms exist (always have been) because we (human individuals) either apply emotion (heart and soul) to the other (as a whole) prioritizingly, or just want pure sex to meet excitement, release and satisfaction without emotional bonding… and deliberately so.

But humans are always both: their bodies and parts of their bodies are tools and yet they own a heart and soul and thus develop emotional bonds towards other humans, sometimes unwillingly.

That´s why the attitude towards a penis can be very different, even in one and the same person. It depends upon whether the given penis is owned by the loved partner or whether a penis appears as an abstract, being a highly objectified tool then.

In the first case you may love that penis unconditionally, as is, no questions asked. That penis shall serve a double-function in the sex act, (A) for the owner being the gateway to his experiencing himself as sexual being in a satisfying manner, thus being more of a tool you use to please your lover. And yet sure enough (B) his beloved penis being the source of all the sensations it generates in you, the lover, physically and psychologically.

In the second case the penis remains a concept, a pure tool existent to please your urges (toward the concept). The penis is the object of desire, it needs to work properly, it ought to be spectacular, it ought to satisfy you, the owner is of less importance. You love cock for cocks sake and you are in power. Emotions may only arise towards the given penis if it touches your individual taste and preferences you developed for your image of an ideal penis. The utmost realisation of this kind of penislove in the real world is the practise of glory-holing.

Now, every man owns a penis that he (hopefully) loves unconditionally. Whether men want to experience other men´s cocks is a matter of open-mindedness and sexual orientation – still, the same rules for the parallel realms apply (being in love with the penis-owner vs craving cock for cocks sake).

Women only know penises thru encounters and images of whatever source (the internet is an eye-opener for sure). Whether they develop an urge for cock in pursuing penis encounters the objectified kind (keyword glory-hole) may be a matter of individual attitude (toward sexuality) and social situation. Then, yet not exclusively, „size likely matters“. However, ejaculatory performance may outweigh the size-question? Only remember, one can not have it all, such combinations (big cock + big cum) are rare and/or access is most probably limited:

Reminiscing Polls

March 10, 2018

This topic couldn´t be finished without closing the last open poll (#60) and telling you the results.

I closed this poll March 1. Only 25 readers participated over a stretch of four full months while the post itself was viewed 153 times. I admit that with the headline Closing Polls no one could assume an implemented poll on the ability of achieving emission(s) prior to PONR. So, here you see the results:

But now I want to make up a balance and recall those questions I posed.

Turns out that all the questions can be easily grouped thematically. Here is the scheme:


  • 1- Are you able to separate emission from ejaculation
  • 8- How often do you trigger an emission before triggering ejaculation?
  • 21- How many cum-producing pulses (thus how big a volume of milk) do you generate on average?
  • 28- In which fashion do you prefer to trigger your ejaculation?
  • 29- Do you favour the idea that sexual climax can be multifaceted?
  • 32- What do you feature [roping/spraying] and which do you favour?
  • 47- What do you want most from your ejaculation?
  • 51- Ejaculation is a reflex, which part of it do you enjoy the most?
  • 58- How about the initial pace of your ejaculatory reflex-sequence?
  • 59- What is your ejection take-off mode, and which do you favor?
  • 60- How many emissions are you able to generate until triggering the ejaculatory reflex?


  • 2- Did you videotape yourself while masturbating and cumming?
  • 5- Which of the following is your true field of solosexual expertise?
  • 17- When masturbating, I prefer my ejaculation to be triggered thru:
  • 26- When working your genitals, most likely you will use as lube:
  • 39- For me my anal opening is…
  • 43- (updated 5) Which of the following acts reflects your true solosexual vocation?

Multi Orgasmic

  • 3- Given you are MO, how many consecutive climaxes are you usually able to trigger in one session?
  • 37- Given you are MO, how much time usually passes between your climaxes (within one set of multiples)?

Semen, Precum

  • 4- What is the texture of your milk?
  • 20- Given you love your own semen, do you share your passion with a partner?
  • 22- What happens with your cum after it left you?
  • 33- Given you produce clear precum, what´s your profile?
  • 40- I love cum/jizz/milk for…
  • 41- Which texture of male milk do you just love?
  • 44- What is your precum-pattern?
  • 57- Do or did you consciously govern your masturbatory pattern so as to affect the texture of your semen?


  • 6- Given you are an edger, do you «finish» with a climax or not?
  • 9- While edging I am able to achieve this intensity of arousal:
  • 10- When you are into edging, for how long do you last on average?
  • 12- Given you are into edging, do you prefer it solo or with a partner?


  • 7- Are you a vocal person when aroused and cumming?
  • 13- While masturbating, do you enhance your experience…
  • 19- In your quest for sexual bliss, do you follow spiritual guidelines?
  • 25- How do you experience prostate-massage?
  • 30- Did you ever get emotional thru or after orgasm?
  • 31- Do you happen to experience „wet dreams“ throughout adulthood?
  • 38- How important is it for you to achieve intense sexual sensations in your act?
  • 53- Male Sprinkling is rather uncommon + not well understood. What is your take?
  • 55- If I could design myself I´d change…
  • 56- Your personal take on sex and emotion:


  • 11- When with a partner, how do you prefer your ejaculation to be triggered?
  • 27- Your motive to be milked by a partner:

Genitals and Reproductive System

  • 14- What part of the male genitals (external) do you love/enjoy the most?
  • 15- In which condition do you prefer your (or another mans) scrotum while in sexplay?
  • 16- What part of the penis do you love/enjoy the most?
  • 18- How important for you is the state of your (or another mans) cock when masturbating it?
  • 24- What part of the male reproductive-system (internal) do you cherish the most?
  • 46- Which three out of the 10 charts of the recent posts «Cockhead Galore» did you enjoy the most?
  • 48- My erection. I consider myself being [grower/shower]?
  • 52- Is your scrotum´s skin thick ´n hard towards PONR and at ejaculation?

Blog and Readers

  • 23- What feature of this blog do you like best?
  • 34- Why are you here?
  • 35- Which is your preferred general topic in this blog?
  • 36- Which is the topic you regard presented best in this blog?
  • 42- Despite being covered spot-on here, which topic could you still continue (re-)reading?
  • 45- While seeking satisfaction of your urges, in which way did the content of this blog serve your quest?
  • 49- Do you share this blogs info?
  • 50- Proposed by reader Tom: „Pick all of the things you have tried out as a result of reading this blog.“
  • 54- Who is reading this blog?

The numbers in front of the questions indicate the order of publication.

Themes appear well mixed over the course of time while I tried to complement topics being addressed in the posts. As you see (and this was quite informative for me) some themes had me come up with many more questions than others, for whatever reasons?

Certainly, the multiple-choice options (answers) and the ratings are at least as intriguing as the ideas formulated in the questions. Yet I didn´t want to mirror years of polling in many many posts. This one is already long enough, I think.

However, these sixty poll-questions may give you some inspirations and impulses to dig for a post or another! – Those were the days, or rather years…