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Amazingly Hung

January 12, 2019

When I was pondering over these photos of beautiful „hanging“ cocks (scroll down a bit) I began to ask myself: Wait a minute, what are they…?!! Sure, they are huge penisses, nothing else or less, but they certainly are unlike how we usually know penisses.

We learn, confirmed by general experience, that a penis, when flaccid, is hanging (pointing down); and standing up (more or less, at least standing say horizontally) when erect, displaying a change of size accordingly (from smaller to larger). A true shapeshifter!

This must be naturally so, because the erection-process does fill the penis with blood.

What then are penisses who are huge but hanging nonetheless?! They can not be fully erect, can they? They can not be flaccid, or are they? They can be semi-erect, but how huge would they grow until they reach their max. erectile state? On the other hand, would they substantially diminish in size if they further flabbiered? Think about it while enjoying this selection:

Truly astounding and beautiful!

To be clear what they are (in which state (of erection) they are depicted) we´d need to ask each owner of the given cock. My estimate is this: some men are indeed amazingly hung with a penis that will not become significantly smaller in their relaxed/flaccid state, while they will not grow significantly either when erection occurs!

Take a look at this beautiful specimen:

Now watch his erection-cycle (not complete):

This then will show his full erect state (associated muscles relaxed, penis bloodfilled):

This is what we call a shower when it comes to erectile performance. While such cocks offer a constant great image of themselves, they will not surprise with „hidden“ secrets such as -equally astounding- shapeshifting capability.

I believe that amazingly hung men (in the sense of my suggestion) are the exception from the rule. I guess there is no data allocated to allow for conclusions on ratio of distribution in the male population.

My own survey (poll) came along with these results:

The bias is clear and reflects what we learn and mostly experience. – Here we come full circle. Leaves me to say: please enjoy the penis you are endowed with, we´re all unique!

Penis Massage

December 12, 2018

It´s as if penis was designed for grasping, tugging, jerking, pulling, stroking, kneading, shaking, fondling, rubbing, palpating, gripping, plying, sliding, flipping – you name it. Yet we know that penis´s main purpose is penetrating fitting human orifices, a vagina being the top choice (and the true biologically counterpart) among the few possibilities.

Penis better be stiff and rigid for the penetration-job. This is not required for the hand-ling of cock, realizing that the initially mentioned treatments are in fact how we basically encounter penis. And we do so with our own hands (for ourselves), as well as letting someone else do the hand-job. So, while this is always a great, easy and immediate way of handling ones own cock:

some of us may prefer (their penis) being handled like so:

Yet this standard treatment is but one of all of the refined ways a penis can be caressed. And at this point we need to apprehend, that massaging a penis (primarily for the massaging sake) is a very different thing compared to working a cock to make it spill semen, although both aspects can be referred to as (penile) „masturbation“.

Since this post is about cock-massage it may not surprise you when I allege that being massaged is way better than doing it on your own. Or should I say: attempt to do it by yourself. Simply because you only have one angle on how your arms and hands have access to your penis, or as some guy put it:

“Much as I want to be able to do all of these to myself, I can’t. They require my thumb to be in a position that I can’t master.”

He is referring to what he has seen in a seminar on Male Manual Stimulation. You will agree when you take a look at this chart of randomly chosen examples for hand-jobbing moves other that the full-grip-stroking:

You can imagine that massaging a cock deprived from the notion of triggering ejaculation differs significantly from how we usually approach a penile handjob. There is a multitude of differences between the two qualities of handling a penis:

  • @attitude: slow & long shaft-treatment vs. jerkingly aiming for a timely triggering of ejaculation
  • @agenda: applying a variety caressing figures (see chart above) vs. a couple monotone gripping movements
  • @erection: treating a flaccid to semi-erect/erect penis vs. a throbbingly erect cock
  • @purpose: erotic well-being with optional aiming for sexual climaxing vs. pursuing the releasing sexual energy and the male produce.

Don´t get me wrong, penis massage is still male masturbation. And a highly sensual and erotic action may naturally evolve into a more passionate sexual encounter placed between male milking and penetrative immersion. Nonetheless, it´s different from the beginning and over a long course of the masturbatory act.

I believe that a semi-erect penis is quite ideal for a penis massage. Given the fact that the receiver is totally relaxed (being consensual), he shall most likely display his cock not fully erect. However, this (state) may change/vary over the course of the massage, quite naturally.

Let me conclude with some very hot moving images illustrating the pleasurable fondling of the cock-shaft. It really is about enjoying penis, for both the massager and the receiver:

I found inspiration and imagery at this source.
The drawings of the chart I did find in a book (How to be a Great Lover), chapter six on Mastering Manual Stimulation.

For a Closer Look (26) – Geysering

November 11, 2018

I used this term recently in a story. It is describing the forceful discharge of semen, however, not ejected by ejaculatory pulsing (which is driven by a reflex), yet in a free and somewhat lasting outflow (lasting in comparison with a cum-shot). For its swelling jet and soon attenuation we are reminded of a natural geyser´s cycle. The term is already mentioned in this text.

Geysering is an extreme variant of emission when semen is released from the reproductive system with a certain force due to internal pressure by accumulated secretions. This may look as if a man is pissing his sexual produce in a brief stream.

While in a regular emission the cum is rather oozing out of a cock-mouth:

geysering definitely addresses the forceful discharge of male milk:

It´s best to gage when the penis stands upright while this forceful release takes place, this is a very hot visual indeed:

Geysering may be achieved as A) being part of an emisjaculation or as B) a stand-alone feature.

While with A the geysering is directly preceding the ejaculatory reflex and most likely marks PONR or will trigger the reflex:

option B can´t be achieved without a high level of control over your internal muscles and trigger mechanism:

Now, there are two prerequisites needed to be met for performing geysering (pissing semen):

  • a man needs to have accumulated a truly substantial amount of secretions in his glands
  • the pressure of his congested glands must have built to a level which allows the relaxed release of his secretions develop into a forceful stream from his meatus (both is mutually dependent).

Mind you that this can not be established easily and just like that/on short notice. In other words, it needs preparation to make geysering a reality. It may take days of following certain rules known for enhancing cum-production like (e.g.) keeping a special diet and abstaining from emission and/or ejaculation.

The order of the day would certainly mean to apply edging for an extended period of time. And it certainly helps when you are young and your genes are in favor of a significant production capacity of your sexual glands.

Geysering is supposedly a rare thing although the examples displayed in this post seem to suggest otherwise. Geysering is a truly wonderful way of discharging male milk, on par with ejaculating ones produce in a high number of pulses. The best about it: emission is always followed by ejaculation if we want to (and often enough if we don´t want to, yet). Plus we can and will repeat! 🙂

ArtVantage (5) – Ex-Libris

October 25, 2018

Ex-libris are bookplates for claiming ownership of a book. Read all about it here! They are interesting at this place, because often enough the orderer of such skillfully designed graphical miniatures chose an erotic content to be depicted by an artist!

Bookplates may be outdated in our times (well, there are still enough books around which would deserve an owners label, even if this may be old-fashioned), but the world of ex-libris is truly fascinating.

That is because every single bookplate generally either is a smart piece of design (as in a logo), a beautiful image of something (from persons, via animals to plants and way beyond) or the image even tells a „story“.

As for an erotic example of this art I chose an Austrian artist who – in the former century – was confident enough creating pornographic images, often in woodcut. Max Kislinger (born 1895) designed daring and rather unusual images for the erotic branch of bookplates:

The above image is certainly curious, but not what I meant. The artist was following a particular trait in his erotic art, take a look at this ex-libris:

Kislinger created a huge range of very peculiar scenes showing men and women in a straitjacket or straitsuit, the head often bagged and locked, yet with full access to the genitals (however, sometimes also locked with a chastity-device, see last image).

This shows us that BDSM sex-play is not a very recent invention. In Kislingers images both sexes seem to be entitled to equal rights, at least for sexual activity. Although the figures are not fully naked, often being inhibited of senses as well as total mobility, everyone is apparently enjoying their part, sure enough due to the fact they ARE inhibited! That´s what it´s about.

Kislinger is not strictly following BDSM rules though. And his scenes are more about „forced“ sex-acts than denial.

There are many ex-libris eroticis (erotic bookplates) out there, but few depicting the pornographic niche that Max Kislinger chose to explore creatively. Maybe you want to become an ex-libris collector now? At least the International Federation of Ex-libris Societies (FISAE) organizes worldwide congresses every two years.

Featured artist: Max Kislinger. Year of creation in order of displayed images: 1933, 1935, 1936, 1932.