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For a Closer Look (25) – Pulsing Pace

May 14, 2017


Do You Pump or Do You Fire?

It´s a single aspect of the ejaculatory process, and many of us know the figure: the repetition-pace of the muscular contractions of the ejaculatory reflex runs with a frequency of 0.8 seconds per pulse (initially). This is what´s written in the books – and it is wrong! Or in a more diplomatic lingo: there are exceptions to the rule, as always.

General information has it, that human males pump their semen at a tact of 0.8 sec per cycle, and slowing within the course of the reflex. This was noted down, probably because the majority of men features this speed.

Ejaculations run in a broad range of representational possibilities due to the many parameters involved. Most of these parameters are subject to change, not least because we can alter them, we all know that. However, this doesn´t apply to the pulsing-pace!

We can not alter the speed of the beat at will. The pace seems to be determined by our genes. Thus, any of us men features a fixed rhythm, or so it seems. Apparently the speed of the beat slows with age, – after all, this is my personal observation. (Any other factors in effect here? Comments that shed light on this are always welcome!)

Now for a fact: contrary to the purported data of the famous 0.8 seconds per pulse so generously proclaimed, we observe clear differences here in different men.

I like to show you two examples illustrating rapid and dilatory pumping. The animated gifs following give you a first impression. However, you ought to download the small clips to fully enjoy the complete ejaculation of each guy. Both clips feature sound so as to underline that what we witness is neither fast forwarded nor slowed down. In addition to that, each clip repeats the cumming-sequence slow-motioned!

This rapid pumper shoots his first five spurts within 1,5 seconds, which gives him a pulsing-pace of 0.3 secs per cycle!!

And this dilatory pumper shoots his first five spurts within 7 seconds, which gives him a pulsing-pace of 1.4 secs per cycle!

Needless to say that the given pumping speed marks the main parameter for the duration of the respective ejaculation!

Much like the force of the cum´s ejection, the number of spurts, the volume of semen produced and the duration of the reflex, so does the speed of the pulses alter our erotic perception when we watch a man cumming. As with any single aspect of ejaculation we shall carry a preference for the pulsing speed too.

Personally I prefer to watch dilatory pulsing with a high number of muscular contractions and a big volume of male milk. But you knew that already. 😉

What you didn´t know is that I used to feature a pulsing-pace of 0.9 secs per cycle, pumping slower in the meantime!

Clip one: See a guy pulsing rapidly (.flv, 44 secs, w/sound, 2 MB).

Clip two: See a guy pulsing dilatory (.flv, 138 secs, w/sound, 6 MB).

For a Closer Look (24) – Spraying Cum

December 26, 2015

Almost exactly two years ago I posted a defining text about spraying and/or roping semen, which turned out to become a much sought-after article. So much so, that it climbed to rank # 2 in the all time view stats!

I was running a poll (at the time of the posts publication) for checking with my readers to which of the two performer groups they belonged:

poll 32

Turned out that sprayers seem to account for the smaller group. However, it may be tough for oneself sometimes to discern between the two spectacular ways of ejecting the own milk. Not only because some guys are featuring both possibilities (6% in the poll), but because semen-ropes will eventually break up into droplets before hitting the ground (given enough distance between cock and floor), unless your produce is extremely cohesive.

While I explained the mechanics behind the two clearly different semen-in-flight performances in the mentioned post Do you rope or do you spray?, this entry offers you two clips that both perfectly display the characteristics of spraying cum. Let me also briefly point out how the spraying of your juices affects your sex-act.

First though I´d like to clearly demonstrate – once again – the different looks of a spray-ejaculation contrary to a rope-ejaculation, based on these easy to compare photos (the spraying samples are screens from one of the clips I present!):

compspray 1 compspray 2

comprope 1 comprope 2

Now, the first clip shows a guy spray-ejaculating (first set of sample-photos above). I´d consider him a perfect model of a thorough sprayer. Not only is his system pumping a big volume of milk (in 13 pulses!), he does so with apparently forceful contractions and in a quick pace. His milk most of the time disintegrates right (or very soon) after it leaves his meatus (cock-mouth). He must have splattered quite an area after this powerful ejaculation.

Full frontal nudity delights our eyes with the second clip. We see a young guy jerking himself beyond PONR into spraying his milk onto himself (mainly his chest). Enjoy his nice cock, notice the movement of his balls during his climax, savor his moaning and finally regard the result of his ejaculation!

Cum-sprayers certainly know this: spraying jizz freely will result in a „mess“. While as a roper you are able to target a hitting spot for your semen, you just can not control well the splattering distribution of your produce when you do spray.

There will be (spraying) guys who dislike this fact. They could (e.g.) use a condom to catch their load or hold a hand in front of their cock-mouth at PONR to prevent their volume from gaining range.

Yet I do wish for all the sprayers out there, that most of them will be cum-lovers! Both aspects are a fortunate match, because only spraying guys are able to cover a larger area with their produce, either upon themselves or onto a partner. Being showered with fresh ´n warm semen is a blissful experience for anyone who loves man-milk!

Clip one: See a guy forcefully spray his milk in 13 pulses (.mov, 16 secs, w/sound, 1.5 MB).

Clip two: See a guy spraying himself (.mov, 35 secs, w/sound, 2.6 MB).

For a Closer Look (23) – Extended Slow Spurting

July 21, 2015

If you did read my ejaculation fantasy-story in the preceding post you may think „nice one, but a fantasy after all“. Well, take a close look at the evidence here, which appears to confirm what I had my hero wish for in the story (The Hypnotist).

We all know the basic „rules“ of a male´s ejaculation (at least you find the rules outlined in detail in this blog). But there are always exceptions to the rule! Some guys are showing performances that defy the generally valid parameters, and with it our understanding of the workings behind certain extraordinary accomplishments.

The clip I present today is a sample of an ejaculation featuring a high count of shots presented to us in a curious manner. While we are able to perfectly study what we observe, the scene demonstrates what our anatomy can be capable of. Although I can basically explain what is happening, I´m still left puzzled for at least one major, really uncommon aspect!

Here goes: An apparently young lad films himself ejaculating while being calmly positioned (floating it seems, all the way thru his climax) in his (private) pool! Sun is shining, view is clear (under water), his cock is pointed towards the cam.

With his left hand he probably does the filming, his right hand remains unengaged by his side, he is not touching himself (until later), it´s just his cock (and balls) and us standing-by to witness what he has in store (literally) and how he releases his produce(s). – What we see within 3 minutes leaves us flabbergasted!

The charts I put on display in the following are screenshots of the clip. Each pic stands for one ejection and we see 20 (!!) of them. You easily notice that each release looks different. Each pic shows the characteristics of the particular gush of semen, it is clipped right after the ejection.

shotchart 1

01First milk leaves his cumslit 2 secs into the clip. His first release is a slow emission of thick cum without force. It is a tiny portion of his supply, clotting in the water, quickly sinking down. This hints to an (ejaculatory) emission his system must have had.

02 – A light gush precedes a series of still thick cream leaving his urethra (sinking down in flakes), again with residues seeping out of his cockmouth.

03 – We observe a small cloud of thick cum ejected with noticeable force from his cocktip, quickly sinking as a big clotted flake. This may be his first/initial shot.

04 – He ejects a cohesive „spurt“ that describes an arced rope within the water! His cum is thick and heavy and sinks as clotted cloud right away.

shotchart 2

05 – His next gush appears to release cream less thick than with the preceding ones, the ejection being as powerful as the one before. His produce coagulates but sinks down slower, residues seeping from his meatus.

06 – This release resembles gush 04 with thick cream quickly sinking.

07 – The volume of his gushes seems to slightly decrease. This spurt appears as a „cloud“, which again quickly coagulates and sinks fast.

08 – This ejection even more appears as cloud with a tendency to coalesce with the water. The mix of is produce has changed (might have become more fluid). This portion of his supply now is less cohesive and the volume of this pulse is obviously smaller.

shotchart 3

09 – A release with some force, most parts of the volume clotting and building flakes sinking downwards.

10 – This gush of a small volume follows soon after the preceding release, quickly falling apart into coagulated flakes.

11 – This spurt brings up (out) again thick cream more cohesive than the semen spilled in the pulses right before. Ropey visuals are the result.

12 – His system surprises us with a forceful, voluminous release forming a big milky cloud in the water! The cloud disintegrates into small flakes (almost like in fireworks) and a portion that rather mixes with the water all around.

shotchart 4

13 – This forceful spurt follows the preceding one right away. The semen expelled seems to be thinner, as the cloud coalesces with the water; just a smaller part of it clots into light flakes.

14 – His system pumps out a cloud of milk that again coagulates into smaller and bigger flakes for the bulk of this release.

15 – This gush shows a decreased volume with a cloud separating in a part that will dissolve in the water (which is literally milky from all his cum) and a portion drifting on as cream-flakes.

16 – A release that resembles the one before.

shotchart 5

The guy begins to stroke his cock at this point, triggering four more ejections!

17 – A forceful and voluminous spurt resembling release 12!

18 – Another forceful gush of a mix of seminal fluids which partly coagulates.

19 – This gush of a smaller volume seems to contain runny/thin semen ready to dissolve in the pools water which is filled now with drifting cum-flakes of many sizes!

20 – A last forceful ejection brings out a milky cloud of (thin) semen coalescing right away with the inseminated pool filling!

After this last release of a significant volume of his produce the lad keeps on stroking his cock until the clip stops. His glands must have been empty or rather his ejaculation is cumpleted at this point.

So, what are we dealing with?!

For starters:

How has he triggered his lasting release? He may have stroked his penis until just before he started recording (at least before the clip begins). Or he may be able to initiate his ejections by the power of his mind? His reaction appears truly puzzling until he begins stroking his dick later on to trigger a second ejaculatory climax.

The overall volume of semen which we observe being released into the pool-waters is astounding! No cheating here! We don´t know if the lad was edging before or if he is a natural (with the help of a supporting diet/supplements?).

As for the count of his cum-releases (gushes) he certainly is performing top-notch as well, yet well within the range of the parameters: in my understanding his system begins to spawn his cum with an emission (releases 01 thru 03) followed by ejaculation with gush 04 all the way thru to gush 16 (releasing 13 spurts total within the first ejaculatory reaction). He is able to trigger a second set of pulses after only 9 seconds of jerking, containing another four ejections (releases 17 thru 20) delivering still a considerable volume of his remaining produce.

The exceptional underwater-situation lets us perfectly observe and judge the different volumes per gush and the qualities/textures of his juices! An advantage a regular ejaculation out of the water could not offer us (instead we´d enjoy ropes or sprayshots 🙂 ).

Now recall the fact of the sequential release of seminal fluids within the ejaculatory reflex I described in this post. Well, the guy pumps so many „spurts“, and the textures obviously change, as so the basic order (roughly: viscous, inviscid, viscous) does not seem to apply with his releases (it seldomly does with heavy shooters).

Finally, the true enigma here is the pace of his pumping! The time between each spurt/spasm lasts almost 8 long seconds on average, compared to the 0.8 seconds a regular ejaculatory reflex features in its spasm-cycle! How is this possible? There is no slow motion running of this clip, obviously!

Is this still an ejaculation we are witnessing? I´d say yes! Just how can this lad´s reflex run so slow? Is this the way he always ejaculates, with so many spasms shooting such an extended volume of semen?

And how does such an ejaculation feel like? The single shots look just as spurts and gushes use to, he is not oozing or pissing his cum (while some men are capable of doing that). I wonder if this guy experiences the PONR and if so, how does he sense this sweetest of sensations (initially PONR seems to be missing, but later he seems to trigger more gushes (his final 4) by passing a threshold thru stroking). Only the lad himself is able to answer all these hot questions. He sure features an extraordinary ejaculatory reaction!

Clip: See a guy experiencing a stretched ejaculatory reaction in a pool (mp4, 182 secs).

For a Closer Look (22) – PONR

November 29, 2014


Watch PONR unfold.

Yeah, I know, we can´t really watch PONR, „only“ the result of it. And that is ejaculation. The reflex that makes a guy rhythmically shoot his load follows inevitably a short while after he has passed his Point Of No Return.

Or in other words, PONR marks the moment (lasting about 1 to 3 seconds) in which a man knows that his system will perform ejaculation, in other words still: his system will run thru the sequence of muscular spasms that pumps out his stored cum from his glands (though there are guys who run the reflex but won´t spill semen).

PONR itself is not a physical movement, it is a neural happening, a threshold that is crossed, which triggers the ejaculatory reflex. So you can not watch it (PONR) happen, but you can feel it. And PONR (and the seconds before and after) offers you the sweetest and most delicious sensations your reproductive system can generate (i.e. your ejaculatory climax). You can sense and feel PONR, because the nerves in the many tissues of your system run thru a status-change making your plumbing react.

ejac graph

You could pretty exactly speak out at the moment PONR happens (however, I believe many of us misjudge that moment), typically murmured by many in this phrase: I´m cumming! A change in the moaning and/or breathing pattern also indicates that PONR is reached.

So, can´t we monitor it? Kind of. When we observe men who decide to approach PONR carefully for truly savoring this exquisite moment. And I found two clips which let us empathise with the ejaculators, thanks to our climactic experiences. We can clearly comprehend what the respective guy in the clip is sensing and going thru, just by how he triggers his release.

Before I introduce you to the clips I need to put PONR into a broader perspective.

It is just wonderful that this threshold exists! We can take advantage of this and follow the path of enhanced sexual fulfillment (in contrast to straight forwardly beating-off or fucking for orgasm, activities which bear their own values).

Edging – it´s in the name! – is the masturbatory mastering of avoiding the triggering of the reflex and – for most men – avoiding spilling semen at all.

Many edgers may enter an orgasmic state where PONR seems imminent, yet is (just) not reached, – quite a skill, pure bliss.

Other guys want to spill their milk, but not (only) by ejaculating. They play with approaching PONR to coax emissions, which is another skill that requires learning and experience. For an emission to occur, the internal valves open making your milk rinse from the glands and out of your cock without the ejaculatory reflex being triggered. This reaction is also referred to as Ruined Orgasm (or Ruined Ejaculation), but that´s in another psycho-sexual setting. Solosexual guys who are able to deliberately coax emissions are in high control of their edge (PONR) and want to cum this way.

Some men seek to extend their sensations of climaxing. They cultivate to consciously „edge-for-ejaculation“ in a stop-and-go fashion. This secures a big volume of semen and intense sensations while passing thru PONR and into ejaculation. These guys slow down their reactions. After edging for some time they carefully close in on PONR. First they try to consciously coax emission. If successful, the (out)flow of cum immediately triggers the reflex. I call this emisjaculation.

The first clip shows a young man experiencing such an extended climax. He stands before of a mirror (perfect view for us observers) with PONR looming, attempting to consciously pass over his edge. He is in good control of that by keeping his hand off his beautiful cock, applying just another hesitating, but decisively pull of his cock-skin at 17/18 secs into the clip.

ponr mirror

The sensations of this skin-pulling coax an emission with initial milk appearing at his cock-slit at second 21, spilling down for 2 seconds followed by the spasms of his reflex (all off-hands). You can count 12 spasms by the throbbing of his penis. His ejaculation produces three distinct spurts of his thick cream. The clip offers sound, but the guy remains silent unfortunately.

This is different in clip No. 2. You hear the guy moaning and breathing (although these allow no clues for when exactly he passes his edge(s)).

He as well applies a stop-and-go technique on his stunning, oiled cock (on/off hands), but is jerking his wand in full grip to push himself further towards release.

ponr emiss

He will have edged for some time and is close to his threshold, so that he needs to interrupt his jerking for an enhanced climaxing. Off-frame he may play with his nipples!

He continuously applies lighter stroking/touching of his cock, he works with his BC (voluntarily I assume) making his penis bounce and throb.

At about 1:43 min into the clip his valves open resulting in a solid cum-piss 2 seconds later. He deliberately contracts his muscles to pump out all the milk released from his glands (off-hands, and this is clearly not part of an ejaculatory reflex).

After the spill he continues to jerk his rod with a light grip until he passes PONR at about 1:57 min into the clip (listen to his sigh), when he enforces his jerking to experience his pumping on full penile impact. Despite his emission he produces 6 spurts and milks all of his juices out of his urethra.

These guys are in control of their PONRs and decide to climax in full awareness of the unique sensations close by the edge. Sensations that we can address as climax, which lasts from provoking and passing PONR via emission and on throughout ejaculation.

Clip one: See a guy experiencing emisjaculation in front of a mirror (mp4, 37 secs).

Clip two: See a guy coaxing emission and triggering ejaculation a while later (mov, 137 secs).